Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Candidate Forums/Debate Play Schedules

As promised, each of the four Costa Mesa City Council candidate forums/debates are now available for viewing on streaming video and/or in the rotation on Costa Mesa Television.  Those may be seen on Channel 24 (Time Warner Cable) or Channel 99 (ATT U-Verse).  I think you'll find these programs valuable as you make your decisions on which candidates to choose on November 6th, and whether or not to vote in favor of Jim Righeimer's Charter scheme. (click on schedules to enlarge)

 Streaming Video HERE.

 Streaming Video HERE.

 Streaming Video HERE.

 Streaming Video HERE.

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Anonymous Create Hate Dickson and Fitzy said...

What makes me sick about Jim Fitzpatrick and now Rob Dickson is their deceit and misrepresentation of the facts to demonize city employees.

Yeah they'll sheepishly claim no they don't but they know they do.

If you take out all the safety salary and other compensation then the average salary and compensation of your city employee is probably cut in half.

It kills me that these 2 yahoos deceitfully try to make it look like the average maintenace guy, mailroom guy, IT guy etc. makes anything close to what they SPEW.

It's shameful and deceitful what they do.

When they make these lame-arse comparison to try and anger the residents against city employees they should seperate the public safety personnel from the general city employee. But deceit and trying to anger the residents against city employees is what they are both all about. Disgusting!

Let me also ask how many Fire and Police personnel are there out in the private sector to compare what our safty personnel do?

This generalization over-all is disgusting and how they deceitfully try to make it look like the general city employee makes this much on average makes me sick.

How about some honesty Rob and Jim? You know you are totally misleading people.

10/23/2012 11:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Create anger and hate Fitzy and Dicky said...

Those 2 slimeballs Fitzy and Dicky irk me. Yes one way is to, ignore contracts, dish on city employees, issue everyone lay-off notices and then when that doesn't work to well pass the charter. However another way is to sit down with your employees and negotiate in good faith. And this BS about contracts aren't open is more deceit because as we have seen with FACTS 2 of the groups reformed without their contracts being up.

Negotiating in good faith would have yielded great result 2 years ago like they just got with the Fire Department and like the General Evil City Employees did 2 years ago.

This is why I like Harold Weitzberg. He knows there is a problem and he knows how to get a solution without causing such divisiveness in our city and had Weitzberg been on the council already maybe we wouldnt' have had an employee committ suicide.

Watch the forums folks and pay close attention to Mr. Weitzberg. He is the best of the bunch with Stephens and Genis next!

And I loved the patronizing of Hank Panian. Who do these two clowns think they are fooling?

10/24/2012 12:10:00 AM  
Anonymous Create the Hate Fitzy and Dicky said...

Funny how Fitzy and Dicky don't mention the highest Non safety personnel salary and compensation of Tom Hatch at $272,400 per year.
Nor do they mention that council gets $10,000 a year for part time work (less hours if your absent often Bever and Monahan) plus they get a whopping $19,000 per year in health benefits each. That's nearly double their salaries. Righeimer it should be noted doesn't accept the health benfits.

And everyone knows Monahan is only running to keep that $19,000 in health benefits.

Dicky and Fitzy would never mention these things.

10/24/2012 12:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Create hate and anger said...

GO to the compensation report and scroll to page 14. That is where the start of the real general city employess begin.

Total comps there are about $94,000 for executive secretaries, master mechanics and code enforcement officers. Look at their actual base pay on that page. 60 - 73K. And they go down from there.

Page 12 has some engineers etc at around $118,000 and less. That need to be added in to the mix.

So Dickson and Fitzy want you to believe the Maintenance workers, and recreation staff etc make $144K per year.

Those 2 as I said disgust me. All they want to do is create hate and anger between the residents and city employees when it all could be avoided and reforms put in place 2 years ago.

Vote Weitzberg, Stephens and Genis. Bring truth and honesty back to the city along with the reforms we need.

10/24/2012 12:37:00 AM  

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