Monday, December 20, 2010

Pre-holiday Potpourri

As we enter the far turn and head for Christmas on Saturday about the only thing pending now is the supposed appeal of Judge Brenner's ruling against the opponents of the Orange County Fair and Event Center sale last week. Sandra Genis, Jeff Teller, Katrina Foley and the others involved in the opposition have until tomorrow afternoon to get the appeal filed and heard or the Temporary Restraining Order that's currently blocking the completion of the sale will be lifted. It's my understanding that the State is ready to close the deal as soon as the TRO is lifted.


And, since they have absolutely nothing else to do between now and January 4th, the Costa Mesa City Council can take a few hours from their holiday celebrations and give serious consideration to the candidates who applied to replace Foley on the council, and to those many others who applied to fill vacancies on the Planning and Parks and Recreation commissions. I'd like to think that politics will play no part in their decisions but I couldn't write it and keep a straight face. Of course, there's always hope. This time around there are many excellent candidates from which to select - a great thing for our city, in my view.

Before I close this brief entry, let me refer you to the latest contribution to our enlightenment by my friend, Chuck Cassity, on his Chuckmeister Unleashed blog. This time Chuck addresses the "death tax" - the estate tax that has the potential to rob our children of their future. Some of you will enjoy it - others will hate it. All of you will be provoked by it. You can read it HERE.

As you brave the storms to finish your holiday shopping please drive carefully and keep your hands off those cell phones! Santa knows who's been naughty...

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Anonymous Peter said...

I saw the applicant list and the applications on the City's website. Mensinger is clearly the most qualified and deserves the appointment. He has the best mix of business, development and community experience to lead the City.

12/20/2010 02:07:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Peter, it looks to me that there are several good choices. Clearly, Mensinger has the political edge. Guess you're OK with a bully representing you on the dais, huh? Don't complain about future lawsuits...

12/20/2010 02:23:00 PM  

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