Friday, December 17, 2010

Candidates For Foley's Seat And Others Announced

Following the deadline for submissions at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, the Costa Mesa City Manager's office announced the names of the candidates to replace former council woman Katrina Foley on the City Council. Applicants for vacancies on the Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission were also announced.

There are eight (8) candidates for Foley's seat. The names of those individuals are previously announced Planning Commissioners Steve Mensinger and Sam Clark; Parks & Recreation Commissioners Mike Brumbaugh and Jeff Mathews; recent council candidate Chris McEvoy; attorney Timothy W. Sesler; property manager Margaret Shillington and former council member Heather Somers.

There are sixteen (16) applicants for the Planning Commission. Those individuals are: Former Parks and Recreation Commissioner Byron de Arakal; Parks and Recreations commissioners Mike Brumbaugh and Jeff R. Mathews; businessman and former council candidate Christopher Bunyan; incumbents Sam Clark and Jim Fitzpatrick; contractor Tim Clark; community activist and paralegal Robert L. Dickson, Jr.; land planner Jeffrey T. Harlan; resident Frederick (Rick) Hohenstein; recent council candidate Sue Lester; Real Estate Salesman Brian Pharris; business consultant Edward Salcedo; Jim Righeimer's right-hand campaign aide, Ethan Temianka; project manager Dan Vozenilek and retired engineer Gary Parkin.


There are eleven (11) applicants for the Parks and Recreation Commission. Those individuals are: OCC architecture professor Dean L. Abernathy; incumbents Mike Brumbaugh and Terry Shaw; land planner Jeffrey T. Harlan; resident Frederick (Rick) Hohenstein; CPA Gary R. Peacock; Real Estate Salesman Brian Pharris; landscape architect R. Travis Rice; Jim Righeimer's right-hand campaign aide, Ethan Temianka; retired engineer Gary Parkin and project manager Dan Vozenilek;


Applications are available on the City website, HERE, for your viewing pleasure. It looks to me as though there is an excellent selection from which to choose for all open, and/or potentially open, positions. Council members may choose to interview applicants between now and the first meeting in January - or not.


The City Council will choose a replacement for Foley at their first meeting in January, on the 4th. They will also choose a replacement for Jim Righeimer on the Planning Commission and may choose others as well, depending on who is chosen to replace Foley. Same with the Parks and Recreation Commission. By the end of the night on the 4th we should have an idea of just who is going to be guiding our city for the next couple years.



Anonymous PBR said...

I was surprised to see so many people apply. Mathews and Somers sound like pretty good choices if Gary is right about McEvoy not getting it. Arakal and Harlan sound great for planning commission. It's so nice to see competent people apply that have deep roots in our city.

12/17/2010 07:19:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

To those who follow Costa Mesa politics and planning - what is going to be paramount is the budget and planning for our future. The Council needs people with vision AND experience to guide us through some extremely difficult times with new leadership in Police, Fire and Finance. I am happy to hear that Tom Hatch is moving into the leadership for the management as he has the most recent experience of events with our city. Those who wish to take our city into the next decade with success need to have knowledge, skills and accomplishments to address Costa Mesa's needs and continue being the successful and endearing city it has been for decades. Compromise and Balance are going to have to be our main objectives in the days ahead - and working together is of utmost importance. The word compromise means co -promise - let's work together for the good of all.

12/17/2010 08:12:00 PM  

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