Monday, December 13, 2010

Applicants & Moorlach, The Bellwether?

As of mid-day today, Monday, the count for applicants for positions in Costa Mesa city government stands as follows:

City Council applicants - 2

Planning Commission applicants - 7

Parks & Recreation Commission applicants - 5

No names are yet available and won't be until the deadline, 5:00 Friday, December 17th, passes. At that time the city will promptly scan them and enter them on the city web site and issue a press release announcing those
applicants that have made the deadline. I'm assured there will be no "Righeimerization" this time - acceptance of applications after the deadline.


As a reminder, the terms of Planning Commissioners Jim Fitzpatrick and Sam Clark expire in February, 2011 and those of Colin McCarthy and Steve Mensinger expire in February, 2013. Still no word on whether Fitzpatrick will be permitted to sit on the Planning Commission and the Sanitary District Board. We've been advised that the city has a legal opinion that his participation does not jeopardize the validity of actions taken by the Planning Commission.

Parks & Recreations Commissioners Kurt Galitski, Mike Brumbaugh and Terry Shaw expire in February 2011 and th
ose of Jeff Mathews and Kim Pederson expire in February, 2013.


Orange County Supervisor, and Costa Mesa resident, John Moorlach has provided us with his view of the current pension crisis in a op/ed piece in the Orange County Register. You can read it HERE. Is Moorlach a bellwether on this issue? I think you'll find his treatise fascinating and may, as I did, wonder how in the heck we could pull off such draconian reductions in municipal government and still remain viable as an entity.


I particularly enjoyed his little after dinner game, Hare and Tortoise, in which the strategy is to go backward to move forward.

Friends, this is how it begins. Once the new council member to replace Katrina Foley is hand-picked and seated early in January and the council hears the mid-year budget update on January 11th, you can fully expect Righeimer and his crew begin their move to dismantle employee contracts under the threat of layoffs and/or bankruptcy. The worst part of this may be the fact that the steady hand of Allan Roeder will not be around.

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Anonymous Pension realist said...

The current pension formula is unsustainable, it is just that simple. Honor existing pensions, change the formulas going forward. The current trend started in 1999, with SB 400, which was passed on the last day of the legislative session with very little debate. It was for state employees only, but it set off a competetive flurry of similar measures statewide. Rolling it back is not as draconian as you make it seem. Our employees are well compensated, often better than the private sector, and they can afford to participate in 401(k)-type plans, just like the private sector. Moorlach is 100% correct, defined benefit pensions must go away.

12/13/2010 04:25:00 PM  
Anonymous AAA said...

Wow, talk about suspense. Let's hope we get some good applicants across the board. It's too bad there isn't a public applicant forum where we can get an idea of what the applicants are like.

12/13/2010 05:27:00 PM  
Anonymous OCLonghair said...

After spending time reflecting on what has happened in and to Costa Mesa these past few months I feel I need to recant on one point I thought a detriment to our fair city.
In this blog post the mention of using bankruptcy as a tool to force renegotiation of the now passed employee's contact makes total since; now I see why placing Reeeemer on the council was a perfect choice.
Yes, I said perfect. As Jimmy's main reason for nominating Monahan for Mayor is the same reason his supporters thought him the perfect replacement for Mansoor, no other candidate had first hand experience with bankruptcy; this experience alone should had won him thousands more votes.
Sorry I questioned my fellow Republicans... who knew?

12/13/2010 06:09:00 PM  
Anonymous BryTanner said...

all of the applicants shouldn't bother. Based on the shennagins demonstrated last week during the selection of the mayor and pro tem, I think it's safe to assume that "our" council have already made their choices.

12/13/2010 07:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Rob Dimel said...

Realist, the problem is that there is no defined contribution plan provision through PERS. It will take a legislative change to make that happen. My guess is that is coming.

Frankly, at this point, I would like to see it happen and just get it over with.

12/15/2010 10:21:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Rob Dimel, you might just get your wish. According to the Daily Pilot today, Allan Mansoor was just appointed the Vice Chair of the CalPers committee in the Assembly! Now, if only he had some leadership skills...

12/16/2010 12:21:00 AM  

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