Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday Election Update

After another long, hard day of counting ballots, at 5:00 p.m. Thursday the Orange County Registrar of Voters updated the numbers on the General Election.  The next update will be at 5:00 Friday evening.  You can visit the Registrar of Voters site HERE to view other races of interest.

Each Costa Mesa council candidate picked up a few votes since yesterday. 
  • Sandra Genis gained 99 votes.  
  • Steve Mensinger gained 101 votes and trails Genis by1,113 votes.  
  • Gary Monahan gained 87 votes and trails Mensinger by 199 votes.  
  • John Stephens gained 89 votes and now trails Monahan by 317 in the race for the 3rd seat.  
  • Colin McCarthy gained 100 votes and trails Stephens by 177 votes.  
  • Harold Weitzberg gained 70 votes. 
  • Al Melone gained 27 votes.
  • James Rader - who didn't run at all - gained 26 votes and looks like he will end up with more than 2, 000 vote after mounting NO campaign at all.  Astounding! 
Estimate of Ballots Left To Count: 213,257
Estimated Vote-by-Mail ballots left to count: 6,513
Estimated Vote-by-Mail ballots returned at the polls left to count: 111,350
Estimated Provisionals left to count: 78,394
Estimated Election Day Paper ballots left to count: 17,000

 Vote-by-Mail, 33,628 + Provisionals, 18,525 = 52,153 left to count
 Vote-by-Mail, 23,447 + Provisionals, 14,180 = 37,627 left to count
 4,458 Vote-by-Mails +2,556 Provisionals = 7,014 votes remaining

 Vote-by-Mail, 4.953 + Provisionals, 2,659 = 7,612 left to count

 4,206 Vote-byMails, 2,288 Provisionals = 6,494 ballots remaining to be counted



Anonymous Terry Koken said...

Still a crapshoot as far down as Harold Weitzburg... If I read your numbers correctly, those 7014 ballots could increase the total vote tally by 21,042, since it's a "vote for three" election; am I mistaken in this? If that's the way it is, the final sum of all votes would be 92288. Thus even Mensinger's tally could be insufficient (not likely, I think). So it's something of a cliffhanger at this juncture.

Did the registrar give you any idea of how long it'll take to tally those 7014 ballots?

11/08/2012 08:14:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Latest estimates are next week... they "only" did around 50,000 today! Amazing! I think they work Saturday, take Sunday off and then keep on chuggin' until they finish every single ballot. I'm not going to try to project or even speculate... too many variables... just wait for the final numbers...

11/08/2012 08:24:00 PM  
Anonymous What are we doing? said...

This comment probably belongs in your last blog post of "You Can't Make This Stuff Up!"... because it is so outrageous!

See the article in the OC Register.

"Mickadeit: P.I. had woman try to trap Costa Mesa official".

I hope to see your comments on the facts reported in the article and the implications that follow this and the reports on the actions of the same PI that reported a DUI on Righeimer.

Just more lies and dirty tricks by our council members?

Speaking of our city unions and associations - what about the city employee destroying opposition signs that were recorded on a video. What is happening to our fair city?

Read the Register article here:

The local unions spend 1/2 million dollars to elect their candidates -- this is terrible!

11/08/2012 11:52:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Actually, it belongs on the next one...

11/09/2012 12:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

"What are we doing," check this out: The Yes on V people easily spent a similar amount to those opposed to their version of a charter. A whole lot of money went to try to pass this piece of work. All you need are eyes in your head and and be able to add.

My house got 12 glossy “Yes on V” mailers and 9 “No on V” mailers. Some Yes on V mailers are from the Republican Party (who no longer represent a significant number of disaffected Republicans). They are sent as “member communications”. As such they are exempt from the same reporting requirements as other campaign expenditures; we cannot find out where the money is coming from or how much is being spent! You won’t find any data on those expenditures at the City Clerk’s but you can see the evidence in your mailbox (or trash by now).

Then add in signs, big expensive 3-color plastic ones, not the cheap small 2-color paper ones ‘No on V’ groups used. Add robo-calls and expensive push-polls from people with Indian accents. A push-poll is as ad disguised to make you think you are taking a poll but the aim is to manipulate your opinion. We are a Republican household and received those calls that seemed targeted to Republicans, yet we received none opposing V. The push-poll had a wide distribution across party lines, and someone spent a big chunk of change on that. Don’t forget to add all the internet ads! Oh, yeah, and a few bucks for gas for the golf cart.

CM4RG sent two mailers that were No on V on one side and our candidates on the other, plus one that we mailed to about 1/3 of the voters and walked the rest. We are not funded by even one penny of association or union money.

I don’t know what some of those things cost, but based on what CM4RG paid for our flyers I’m looking at a pile of glossy Yes on V mailers that cost $100,000- $144,000 alone, depending on how many houses they went to.

Make no mistake, the campaign to try to pass Measure V was a very expensive one. The attempt to persuade the public only one side spent a bundle but the other didn’t insults our inteligence, defies the evidence before out eyes and is blatanlty misleading.

11/09/2012 11:24:00 AM  

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