Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Claire Flynn Named Asst. Director of Development Services

In an email today Peter Naghavi, Deputy CEO and Director of Economic and Development for the City of Costa Mesa, announced that Claire Flynn has been appointed to the position of Assistant Director of Development Services.  I agree with Naghavi that this is an excellent move for the City and wish Claire well in this new assignment.

The text of Naghavi's announcement follows:

It is with my honor that I announce the appointment of Claire Flynn to the position of Assistant Director of Development Services effective immediately.

Claire is a graduate of Costa Mesa High, and received her Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UCI. She has 18 year of professional planning experience, and has been with the City of Costa Mesa since Aug. 2001.

Considering her professional qualifications, as well as her personal attributes, I am positive that Claire's appointment to this position will go a long way in making this department specifically, and the City organization in general, very successful in providing a high quality service to our residents and the development community.

Please join me in congratulating Claire on her new appointment, and wishing her the best for years to come.
Peter Naghavi,  Deputy CEO
Director of Economic and Development
City of Costa Mesa, CA

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Anonymous Just Wondering said...

ANOTHER executive on the 5TH floor of city hall.


5/29/2012 07:42:00 PM  
Blogger valan2 said...

Stop wondering,
Claire is on the 2nd floor, where she has worked for about 10 years and has proved to be an asset to the City. She will now be paid for the job she's been doing for the past year or so. Congratulations, Claire!

5/29/2012 10:19:00 PM  
Anonymous lets clean house said...

As an insider, I can tell you how much of a joke the planning department really is. Geoff, what someone should be asking is how many supervisors they have and how many real workers they have. Tell me who Claire has been supervising. could it be another supervisor? And who does that supervisor supervise? Another supervisor?

Claire will fit in just fine in management. A little bit of "work" with a whole lot of real money. and lets not forget the power trip of being able to give poor evals to the real workers like the jr planners who do all the work without the recognition.

Tell me, with the economy the way it is, who in the world is submitting plans to the planners? Why do we even have an in-house planning department when they send everything out anyways? Hmm...

5/30/2012 07:06:00 PM  

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