Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year - Same Old "Neighbor"

So, while we're all sitting around, waiting for some word from Sacramento, I offer you a couple random observations about one of Costa Mesa's "mos
t influential" persons - Your Neighbor (The Mouth From Mesa North).

As tho
se few of you who read both my blog and his on a regular basis certainly know, The Mouth has recently been exposing the real HIM a little more. No, I don't mean he's been dropping his drawers or anything like that. Nope, it's just that he's been much more overt in his selection of topics he chooses to address.

Yep, our community racist laureate has become a news aggregator over the past several months, choosing to link to national and intern
ational news items rather than offer his normal pithy prejudiced comments on local items. I guess he fancies himself a Matt Drudge wannabe - or maybe his model is the Huffington Post - who knows?


Regardless, he's taken to linking to even more articles with a definite racist bent - linking to articles about crimes committed by blacks or other minoritie
s and NEVER linking to stories about crimes by whites, for example. Of course, I know those of you who read both our blogs are smart enough to see through his not-very-subtle attempts to manipulate your views and to salt your psyche with his racist drivel.

And his const
ant mantra about DNA - it's like a broken record, for goodness sake - it getting mighty old, too. The longer he keeps ranting about purity of races, "blending" and the inferiority of non-whites the more it makes we want to examine HIS family tree. I sure wouldn't be surprised to find a few "twisted branches" on it...

The man's a hypocrite, too. He makes
claims of having been a Marine, a lawyer, an actor, a Realtor and a writer - even going so far to stand before the City Council and waving his three pathetic books around - yet complains when he gets notoriety. And notorious he is! He's been under scrutiny by the Southern Poverty Law Center for more than a decade when incendiary comments in one of his essays received national attention.

Over the years I've written about my observations of his actions and his essays. If you go to the New Nation News website you'll find a listing of hundreds of essa
ys he's written for that publication over the past dozen years or so. You can reach that page HERE. Simply scrolling down that index will give your gag reflex a good test. His most recent contribution to the enlightenment of our society is a little ditty entitled "A New Christmas Dawns". For some historical perspective, try this one - "Ding Dong The Whites Are Dead". He wrote that one way back in 2000 and has kept that drum beat going ever since.


You don't s
ee as much of his tripe in the Daily Pilot these days as once was the case. I don't know why that is, except to observe that every time there is a change in leadership over at the Pilot his stuff pops up again, then we no longer hear from him. One can always speculate about why, but I sure wouldn't be surprised if the leaders of that fine local newspaper figure him out pretty darn quickly and decide that he's not worth the grief. The threats of legal action he's thrown at them in the past are probably pretty off-putting, don't you think?


After three years running, the editors of the Daily Pilot had the wisdom to no longer show him in their roster of the 103 most influential people/things - the DP 103. When I nominated him for consideration before his first selection I did
so with strong mixed feelings. He certainly did fit their definition - influential - and there was no proviso for negative influence being excluded. I've regretted my nomination ever since because it only emboldened him.


And, I've noticed that, despite his claims of Mensa membership, large numbers seem to cause him a problem. He ended the year by publishing #1007 in his series of CM Press posts, which is actually a little misleading, because he goes back during the day and adds comments frequently. Anyhow, earlier this year he kept getting confused and used the same numbers a couple of times. So, beginning the first of this year he, literally, went back to square one and began numbering his posts with #1. I think he's good-to-go until later this month, when he will run out of fingers and toes to count. If he makes it through that milestone, the first of February is certainly going to give him trouble. And, my goodne
ss, what will he do in 2012, when we have a leap year? Quick, somebody send him an abacus, please!


Why do I bother commenting on this guy, you ask? Well, I've written about that many times in the past. I think he is an insidious influence on our city - a man who tries to infect our society locally and nationally with his own particular brand of racism. I think he's influenced many people in our city, including a flock of our most recent elected leaders, and I don't think that's good for our city. I think he's like a virus in our community that has taken hold in the malleable skulls of some local residents and, for more than a decade, has been chewing away at the very soul of our city.


So, as Your Neighbor continues his campaign to spread intolerance in our little part of the worl
d I'll continue to observe and comment on it - to offer a counterpoint to his views.

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Blogger Humberto said...

I think Millard used to be influential. He no longer is. Mansoor and his former allies in the CM City Council no longer need him. Millard (the mouth) realizes this, and he understands that CM voters are aware of his racist philosophical views. That explains why he's showing his true self in the CMPress. Many people and media contributed to get this guy out "naked". The Daily Pilot, OCWeekly, CMTruth, Arellano, You, and I might have done something as well.

1/05/2010 09:34:00 AM  

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