Friday, November 02, 2012

Last Minute Avalanche Of Commentaries

Today the Daily Pilot - our newspaper of record for more than a century - offered to us a deluge of political commentaries to digest before the election on Tuesday.  It's kind of a good news/bad news kind of thing, too, because NONE of the commentaries that were published online - and a couple before them - will appear in print, either before the election or after.  Yep, that's right - if you don't read these digitally you won't read them AT ALL!

So, your friendly little helper here at A Bubbling Cauldron will provide you some links so you can occupy your weekend reading - and commenting - on these most recent in the blizzard of information and opinion stacking up around your chairs at home and in your hard drive, too.  I'm also going to include some links to things that may have already appeared in print because they provide you with some context.  Just click on the link to be transported to the site - unless the Pilot has another round of glitches, that is.  Keep your fingers crossed.


First (since it's my blog and I make the rules) we have the entire commentary I submitted to the Pilot earlier this week on my choice of Bob Rush for the 74th Assembly seat, HERE.

Earlier this week candidate John Stephens published a commentary criticizing language on a Steve Mensinger/Colin McCarthy-sponsored political flier, HERE.

Colin McCarthy published a rebuttal to Stephens' commentary, HERE.

3M sycophant Howard Hull published a lie-filled commentary HERE.


The Daily Pilot published a compendium of snippets from many letters submitted to them in recent days - space restraints prohibited them to publish them entirely - including mine!  Read those snippets HERE.

Then today the avalanche began...

Lame Duck Mayor Eric Bever published an attack on former Mayor Sandra Genis for her views on the Banning Ranch deal, HERE.


Steve Mensinger published a piece on how he supports the police that spins the issue so fast your heads will swim, HERE.

Gary Monahan dons his OC GOP lackey suit and tries to convince us that a vote for him and the other 2 M's is a vote against unions, HERE.


Resident James Bridges tells us that the supporters of Measure V are getting desperate, HERE.


Former Vice Mayor Jay Humphrey tells us that 'out-of-town-money supports Measure V, HERE.


And, as if almost on cue, Dave Everett - representing the Associated Building Contractors (ABC) chimes in with a commentary that pretends to tell us that 'Measure V would level the playing field', HERE.

Again, a reminder, none of those which have not already appeared in print will EVER appear on the ink-smeared pages of the Daily Pilot - online is your only shot at them.

And, for those of you who are not football fans, the City web site has the replay schedule for all of the candidate forums and the charter debate between Jim Righeimer and Katrina Foley so you can view any or all of them before Tuesday's election.

Have a great weekend.... I'm going to watch A LOT of football...

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Anonymous SleepingintheGolfcart said...

Does Mensy have HS kids writing his stuff? He sounds like someone running for student council instead of city council.

The laugh of the day was getting a mailer naming Fitzy and Mora as "city leaders." Of what- The Middle-Aged Underemployed Bootlickers??

V is done. The 3 stooges will lose. We hear Riggy's in trouble with the party bosses.

11/02/2012 07:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Monascam has to go. said...

Monahan's piece is so pathetic. The guy whom voted to approve right before the last election the employees contracts or MOUs. The guy elected to the council more than probably anyone is now crying Union elected councils.

Monahan has to go. Everyone and I mean even his supporters know he is at this point only in it for the $19,000 a year healthcare benefits he gets. He doesn't even really care about the $900 per month although it helps. Let me repeat that $19,000 per year for health care for a part time position that pays $10,000 a year. That's a nearly 200% healthcare benefit package. The city pays the general full time city employee about $7,000 per year for full time work.

11/03/2012 11:06:00 AM  

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