Monday, August 20, 2012

Local Media Hot Topics

It was an interesting few days in the local print media.  Both the Orange County Register and the Daily Pilot produced articles and columns that cry out for broader distribution.  With that in mind, and knowing that some of you out there only read one or the other, but not both, here are some things for you to review and ponder.

Daily Pilot reporters Mike Reicher and Joe Serna have produced the first of what we are told is a series of articles about the current conditions in Costa Mesa.  This first installment covered about 75% of the front page Sunday, plus an entire page inside and another dozen column-inches beyond that.  You can read it HERE.

This piece sets the tone for what we are led to believe will be a few more provocative installments to come over the next week or so.  I know this first one set the hook in my cheek, so I'm REALLY looking forward to what's coming. 

Columnist Jeffrey Harlan produced another excellent attempt to enlighten the populace with his views of the current political climate in Costa Mesa.  You can read it HERE.  I believe that, regardless which side of the political arguments you're on, you will find his "SHARP" column useful.  I smiled when I read his phrase, "city council union".

Conservative columnist Jack Wu, a Newport Beach resident and unapologetic rabid conservative, kept his promise and provided us with his view of Costa Mesa City Council candidates Harold Weitzberg and John Stephens, HERE.  Now, I like Jack and understand that, no matter how hard he might try, he is what he is - a young, enthusiastic Republican who has had more than a few sips from the Kool-Aid pitcher.  In his column he tries to hold Weitzberg responsible for not knowing a piece of municipal minutiae that, I venture to say, not one of the current council members could answer accurately.  Still, the column is worth reading.

The Orange County Register, through their Watchdog series, tossed some red meat into the cage with a couple provocative pieces this past weekend.  The first one, by reporter Teri Sforza, is titled "Who has O.C.'s most well-compensated police?"  You can read it HERE.  Unfortunately, it lists Costa Mesa as having the highest paid police in the county.  Equally unfortunate is the fact that her information is factually incorrect. The City is responding to her now and will expect a retraction/clarification soon.

The second one, written by Tony Saavedra, is titled "Public Safety disability system 'ripe for abuse'" paints a bleak picture of police and fire "abuses" of the system in Orange County.  You can read that one HERE.  Certainly, this is a difficult issue to ponder.  If you view the companion graphics, HERE, you'll see that Costa Mesa is way, way down the list for both police and fire.

Those articles/columns should keep your juices flowing until the council meeting tomorrow night.  Enjoy.

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Anonymous Jack Wu said...

I'm too old to be in the Orange County Young Republicans so can I still be considered young...and I'm certainly not soo enthusiastic anymore...but thanks anyways...;-)

8/20/2012 03:11:00 PM  
Anonymous SQUAD51 said...

It isn't a coincidence that the Register, and also in my opinion the Pilot, are running what the Watchdog presents as exposure pieces on police and fire in OC as the elections approach. The timing is pretty obvious if you think about it.
The OCGOP has bought and paid for the Register and is using it as a tool for casting a critical and many times misleading (another word would be dishonest) light on public safety.
We know what the OCGOP's position (and agenda) is concerning tax supported employees (particularly high paid ones like PS).
What's really disgusting is, the Register has done just about everything short of using the "PIG" word for cops.
If that right wing rag hasn't yet become a threat to OC's safety resources, they're doing their best.
When the sheeple have all voted to privatize police and fire, then your dumbass brother n law will finally get to be one and we'll all be real happy because then the tax dollars can be redirected to the developers.

8/20/2012 03:36:00 PM  
Anonymous This is exciting! said...

Foley accepts Righeimer's challenge to debate the charter. Excellent!
But what I liked even better is quoted below from her. Spot on Katrina. I often wondered why if this was about pension reforms hasn't the very generous Fire Dept. offer made in March been accepted? And why is the only group who has instituted a 2nd tier and offered to pay their full share 2 years ago vilified as greedy and tone deaf?

"Worse, unlike the council majority's claims, their charter does not solve pension issues. Any existing pension liability remains. The only way to reduce our pension liability is with direct negotiation with the employees. This group doesn't seem interested in negotiating or even talking."

8/20/2012 10:53:00 PM  
Anonymous oooh, so shiny! said...

area 51 must be hearing things. no one ever climed it solved past pension liabilities. it's part of EAGAN'S BIG LIE.

8/21/2012 08:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Sam Grady said...

Okay, here is a question that the council supporters will not answer. How come you vilify Leece when Monahan voted for the same contract conditions in October 2011? Monahan has voted for all all employee contracts presented to him when he has been on the city council. Not only that he also directly benefits from the change from 2% to 2.5%. As a matter of fact Bever is just as guilty as is the OCGOP darling Mansoor. Why the hypocrasy? Come on Dickson, Fitzpatrick, McCarthy expain why you blame Leece and past councils when Monahan, Bever and Mansoor were the past councils. They are just as culpable.

Mr. Wu, you claim you are a long time OCGOP supporter, but in 1998, you ran for Irvine City Council as a Democrat. What made you change your party affiliation and when did that occur? You have only been a a Republican for what 13 years. I hardly call that a long term affiliation.

I am just soo tired of the lying and spinning that is now being done by the male council members. Some of your proposals are sound, but your constant false accusations and putdowns of those who do not agree with you, just make you look like fools.

Just start telling the truth and listen to the residents of Costa Mesa. Quit spending money on frivolous lawsuits. Follow city policy and do the job you were elected to do.

8/22/2012 11:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Rootmeyer said...

It's obvious Sam that facts, rules and truths do not mean anything to these low IQ counsel men.

8/22/2012 04:11:00 PM  
Blogger Connected said...

...and Ronald Reagan changed from Democrat to Republican in 1962 and ran for Governor of CA in 1967. So what?

As Winston Churchill said, if you are not a liberal in your 20's, you have no heart and if you are not a conservative in your 30's, then you have no brain. Fortunately, I have neither...

8/23/2012 06:41:00 PM  

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