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Harlan and Genis Both Hit The Mark

These days, when all traditional media outlets are struggling to remain timely, relevant and solvent, we here in the Newport-Mesa are fortunate to have the Daily Pilot as our local newspaper of record.  The past decade has been very difficult for all local newspapers and the Daily Pilot is no exception.  That period  has seen tremendous pressure on the management of the Times Community Newspapers - the umbrella under which the Daily Pilot operates - by the parent, The Los Angeles Times and its parent, The Tribune Companies.  Management at the Daily Pilot has undergone frequent upheavals and reporters have moved on, being back-filled by others who must learn the turf to become proficient in providing us with the important news of our area.  Today it operates under the steady hand of John Canalis.

One constant during this time of transition, however, has been a cadre of local columnists, each of whom has had an up-close and personal perspective to their slice of our area and they reported on that slice with their own style and flair.  Names like Joe Bell, Peter Buffa, Fred Martin, Byron de Arakal, Steve Smith, the long-winded Judge Jim Gray and others have given us the value of their insights - some better than others.

This weekend one of the most recent of these local columnists, Jeffrey Harlan, presented to his readers what may be one of the most finely crafted essays on an important issue as any seen on those pages.  Those of you who do not read the Daily Pilot can find this essay, Process is king in city government, HERE

I'm not going to rehash Harlan's column - it really needs to be read start to finish for the full impact of it.  I must say, though, that this particular essay should be required reading as we head into this political campaign season, and particularly for those who have even the slightest interest in Jim Righeimer's Charter.

I will attempt to lure you into reading this column by giving you just a few phrases from it - to pique your interest.  These phrases may seem curt and crass out of context.  Trust me, you'll feel differently after you read the entire essay.  So, here are just three snippets from the essay to provoke you:

"First, the councilmen are afraid."
"Second, the councilmen are driven by control and ego."
"Third, the councilmen are just plain lazy."

OK, got the picture?  It sounds like something I would write, right?  Believe me when I tell you that it is MUCH better written than I could ever do.  Enjoy it.

The Daily Pilot also provides an excellent forum for community input in the form of their Mailbag and Commentary segments.  This weekend, former Mayor Sandra Genis presented a commentary on those pages that deals with the ill-advised agreement the council signed with the proposed developer of the Banning Ranch.  That essay is titled, Council sold Costa Mesa short on Banning Ranch project, and can be found HERE.

Genis, who recently announced her candidacy for a seat on the city council in November, served this city with distinction for two terms on the council - including a stint as mayor -  beginning in 1988 and has remained an activist in municipal affairs ever since.  A Stanford-educated land use planning consultant by profession, she may be the smartest person in the room when it comes to those kinds of issues and is certainly one of the hardest-working, most detail-oriented you'll find when it comes to issues involving this city.  She was, for example, the president of the Orange County Fairgrounds Preservation Society and a driving force behind getting the bogus sale of that property quashed.

Her essay this weekend asks some very thought-provoking questions - I'll let you read them in context.  She speaks of "an Orwellian twist", gag orders and such.  Take a few minutes and read her views.

These two essays by Harlan and Genis will give you a very good idea of what this council campaign may be like.  It's going to be the three lock-step lemmings, Steve Mensinger, Colin McCarthy and Gary Monahan, spouting the OC GOP party line versus those within the city - long-time residents with impeccable credentials - who don't want to see our community become a fiefdom controlled by a political ideology directed by others outside our city.

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Blogger Joe said...

The extremists have been bad-mouthing Genis pretty hard since she announced.

Translation: They are worried and she probably deserves our votes.

7/21/2012 03:20:00 PM  
Anonymous George Zipp said...

She is running because she is good for Costa Mesa and it's residents. The three M's better start figuring out which ones will drop out because the few votes that these A- HOLES are going to get are going to get split between them. Gary signed his "Don't vote for me" card with his little childish rant at the recent council meeting, McCarthy doesn't know which way is up, and the phone-dropping chest bumper isn't being appointed this time. Good luck boys, you'll need it.

7/21/2012 04:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Found a REAL LEADER said...

Part 1 because all she has done wont fit in one message on this blog.

From 1998....since then she has added many more but I think most people are grateful to Sandy regarding the work she did to save the Fair and Fairgrounds recently. That alone was an incredible task. I read where some clown actually asked what has she done for Costa Mesa and laughed my arse off. W

From her campaign effort,

As a City Councilmember and Mayor, Sandy Genis proved she could be trusted. She kept her commitment to saving our tax dollars and protecting our quality of life. She will exercise that same commitment as your new County Supervisor. Sandy Genis has demonstrated that she is:

"fiscally conservative" (Los Angeles Times)
"the taxpayers' best friend" (Daily Pilot)

As Costa Mesa's Mayor, Sandy sounded the alarm regarding the dangerous Orange County Investment Pool, persuading her council colleagues to withdraw city funds before the County bankruptcy, saving local taxpayers millions. When County power brokers and bureaucrats wanted ordinary citizens to clean up their mess with the Measure "R" Bankruptcy Tax, Sandy Genis said "No!". She joined with other conscientious citizens in the countywide campaign to defeat this unfair tax.
Sandy Genis demanded accountability in expenditure of public money. She targeted public dollars to improving our neighborhoods with better police protection, street repairs, and upgraded parks and programs for our children and senior citizens, not special interest subsidies. Sandy moved to reduce her own City Council salary.
"a lady who...has a will of steel when it comes to protecting ... [the]...suburban environment" (Costa Mesa Independent)

Our safety must be preserved through strong police enforcement and well-equipped fire and paramedic protection. Sandy was the only Council Member to oppose cutting the police budget while other, less essential programs were preserved.
Sandy Genis consistently voted to protect our residential neighborhoods from upzoning and intensified use. She worked to balance development against the ability of public services such as police and roads to handle growth and traffic. On the Board of Supervisors, Sandy will continue to work to maximize open space at Bolsa Chica and the Santa Ana River mouth and eliminate the Nineteenth Street/Banning Bridge and the Gisler/Garfield Bridge from County master plans.
"sincere about...the responsibility of government to the people"

To be cont...

7/21/2012 04:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Found a REAL LEADER said...

Part 2,

(Daily Pilot)
For too long, a back room political machine has controlled Orange County government. After the recent restructuring, it's even worse, with the same County insiders more entrenched than ever. Decision making has been relegated to unelected bureaucrats acting behind closed doors, out of public view.
Sandy Genis believes government exists to serve the citizens and must answer for its actions. To the extent feasible, decisions must be made at the local level, so voters can control their own futures. Residents deserve a voice in deliberations on the Katella Avenue Superstreet and reorganization of special districts. Sandy successfully worked for expanded flow of public information so all affected parties, property owners as well as tenants, are now informed of pending City actions nearby.
Sandy Genis fought to protect the "little guy" and opposed condemning small businessmen's property to sell to a large, tax-subsidized developer. Sandy blocked a move to force small businesses into a City mandated trash monopoly.
"Councilwoman Genis is to be congratulated for her innovative approach to government"

(Orange County Register)
Sandy Genis took the initiative to work for change. On City Council, Sandy spearheaded formation of a Parks, Recreation and Parkways Commission; adoption of a reasonable, resident oriented General Plan; strict conflict of interest laws; control of impacts of fairground expansion; and development of a master plan of parks and recreation.
"dedicated...better informed than almost anyone else about the details of city government"

(Daily Pilot)
Sandy Genis has earned a reputation for hard work and thoroughness. She was first elected to the Costa Mesa City Council in 1988 and served as Mayor from 1992 through 1994. As a measure of the respect in which she is held, her City Council peers throughout Orange County selected Sandy to serve on the Orange County Housing Commission, Southern California Association of Governments Executive Committee, and the Special Commission on Air Quality and the Economy (region wide group of business and community leaders convened to investigate and develop solutions to the impact of air quality regulations on the Southern California economy). Her other activities include:
Orange County Regional Advisory and Planning Council
Orange County Affordable Housing Task Force
Orange County Single Room Occupancy Housing Task Force
Costa Mesa Residents for Responsible Growth, co-founder
Costa Mesa Library Foundation Formation Committee
Bolsa Chica Land Trust Board
Orange County Friends of Harbors Beaches and Parks Board
Sandy has lived in Orange County since 1960 and is a graduate of Stanford University. She is a land use planner with twenty years experience.

7/21/2012 04:33:00 PM  
Anonymous GWest for Council said...

So - Found a RL - has Sandra's recent election results shown her popularity?

Didn't she run and lose a couple recent elections?

There must be more to her story if she has trouble getting elected to lesser public positions in Costa Mesa.

7/21/2012 05:57:00 PM  
Anonymous A vote for Sandy said...

GWest for Council
You should be afraid of that list. And there's more as that appears to be from long ago.

As you probably are aware Jim Righeimer lost 2 times for school board and at least one council run before being elected. So anything is possible. There are a lot of people upset with this current council. Is it enough to throw the bums out. Not sure.

Are there any debates coming up? Those would be something to watch.

7/21/2012 07:16:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

I've heard of three so far. One in late August, another in September and another in October. Yes, that should be VERY interesting.

7/21/2012 07:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Bever says Go Home said...

Term Limit proponent Gary Monahan. "I think some people get entrenched in these positions. It's important to have fresh blood."

Term Limits Will Be on November Ballot

COSTA MESA | Community News Focus

January 05, 1996

Councilman Gary Monahan, who has been the major proponent of the idea, said: "I think some people get entrenched in these positions. It's important to have fresh blood."

But Councilwoman Sandra L. Genis and Councilwoman Mary Hornbuckle oppose the measure.

"I sort of believe that when it comes to elected officials . . . if you don't like them, you vote them out," Genis said.

7/21/2012 07:54:00 PM  
Anonymous mmmgood said...

Genis is the taxpayer's best friend? Why is she posing with the union leader in the flyer we are preparing? This is not photo shopped, it is real. Same thing for the photo with the adulterer cop. Geoff, you think Sandy is correct and Peter Naghavi is wrong? It's one or the other.
Harlan's article is a hit piece. He lists the "only 3" reasons a charter committee wasn't used. There is no other reason? I would think there would be a few more. One that pops right out is that it is imperative we vote on this soon, not waste a year with a charter committee. Didn't Genis spend a year on one that produced nothing for the County of Orange? This council is fully capable of writing the charter itself, a process most recent charter cities used. Clean it up with a committee later if you like but let the voters decide how well written it is. That's fair isn't it?
There are only two reasons Harlan writes his crap: he is vindictive because he never gets appointed to planning commission or he is extremely biased. Last article on Senior Housing left out two huge senior projects that, if included, would have made his points void, so he conveniently left them out. Why? No knowledge of them? It would make the council and staff looks good? cm4rg always touts his columns on their website but they left that one off, the only one so far they decided to bury. Even they know how bad it was and they have pretty low standards.
Glad to see Sandy being quoted as being for "local control" in an above post. That is what a charter does Sandy.

7/22/2012 07:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Marshall Krupp said...

George Washington stated “Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains taken to bring it to light.” One needs not to speak the words of criticism of the current City Council majority of Bever, Mensinger Monahan and Righeimer. You only have to listen to their words, watch there actions, and see how they react when challenged, to understand what is unfolding.

Lao Tzu said “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

The character of the majority on the City Council is showing up and their destiny will be exposed in November. These men are not lazy (Harlan’s third choice). They are working very hard on a personal and political path that they are fighting to complete. Their political futures are being challenged and the ideology of the OC GOP that they have been chosen to bring to Coast Mesa is at stake. And, to complete that path, they can only do so through the power and privilege, control, and egocentric character (Harlan’s second choice) that can come from an abuse and misuse of the seat of a City Council Member. And, yes they are afraid (Harlan’s first choice). My observation of them is that their decisions are “fear based”, their words are “fear based”, their actions and reactions are “fear based”.

The question that no one has really asked them is “What is the fear all about”. Is it about the Community, or is it about them? Is it about an ideology, or the difficulty in finding the answers to the problems which may go against their ideology? Is it about the lack of City financial resources, or is it about them not having the true answers to the problems the City faces? I believe that the real answer to the question “What is the fear all about?” comes down to their fear about being exposed. You, see a small group of citizens who in the past have appeared to be the minority have stood up and are challenging the path that they are on… they are exposing the majority for who they really are. Yes, the Council decisions are fear based. Not the fear for the future of the Community, but the fear for their personal and political ideology that is potentially at stake.

This November’s election must focus on the character of the candidates, the sincerity to be a representative of the people, the commitment to maintain core values that are the essence of leadership. It is not about Republican or Democrat ideology. It is not about the specifics of reducing costs or increasing revenues in the City Budget. It is not about the future of our City employees or the service and facilities that the Community needs and deserves. These will come with the good decisions of a leadership that is committed to the Community and not to outside influences. The question that the Community will need to answer in the next three months is simple. “IS THE CHARACTER AND VALUES OF MENSINGER, MONAHAN, RIGHEIMER AND BEVER (AND MCCARTHY) WHAT THE COMMUNITY WANTS FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS” As Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Marshall Krupp
Candidate for Coast Mesa City Council

7/22/2012 07:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Crybaby alert. said...

mmmgood, dishonesty at its worst. You aren't even good at your dishonesty. You admit you and or your cohorts are working on a hit piece against Ms. Genis and then start crying like a little baby about what you call a hit piece by Mr. Harlan. So you are also a hypocrite.

I certainly hope all the little mmm boys act like crybabies during the campaign. Toughen up mmm or get out of the race.

Wow and staff previously reported the impacts to our streets would cost 8 million and Naghavi recommended them take the 4 million when Newport would have required the developer to pay the full cost.

Who's brother or cousin is part of the the developement company or affiliate. You don't settle for half unless something is up.

7/22/2012 01:03:00 PM  
Anonymous toallyourudepeople said...

If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship he would keep it in port forever.
these councilmen have the taxpayer in mind and risk endless union attacks for the good of the community. For people to come on here and assasinate the character of good family men who do a lot for the community, especially Mensinger, is a sign of desperation. It is one thing to disagree with someone's politics. If you do you should offer a competing vision and tell where you stand on the issues. All the name calling, the PIG badges from Kroken, talk of bribes and payoffs may win a few votes and lose many more. The ocgop and council have their agenda laid out. It is similar. So what? There is a union agenda also. May we see yours?

7/22/2012 02:51:00 PM  
Anonymous oinga said...

A picture of Sandy and union guy is at least truthful isn't it? As the poster said, no photoshop, real pic. I have seen it before too on a westside facebook page. they are proud of it! So how is that a "hit" by them? That is straight reporting, not made up lies. There will probably be mail that is hit mail though. Unfortunate. You would have to ask staff,especially Mr.Naghavi why he recommended taking the $$ and what in his 32 years of doing this kind of work made him come to that conclusion. I watched the meeting, glad someone noticed Naghavi said to take it. Seemed to get lost in all the other "expert" testimony from speakers. He said we stood a chance of getting far less on Monday. This is about expert recommendation, not bribes or payoffs. What does this blog owner think? Naghavi correct? Let's hope so.BOO!

7/22/2012 04:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike O'Reilly said...

I couldn't agree more with your opinion about the Pilot. The duty of a local paper is, mostly, to report local news, and the pilot does an excellent job of it. Sponsoring and encouraging comment from readers, as you note, is also commendable (and good for circulation!). I've been reading the pilot for more than 30 years. And I still read it online even though I moved out of Costa Mesa last year. (Sob! I can't vote against the Gang of Three!) The Los Angeles Times and the Pilot should be commended. And yourself as well, sir.

7/22/2012 05:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

mmmgood - how's that senior housing project over on Mesa Verde on the old Kona Lanes lot coming along again? Those guys can take some credit the day I see a single person behind that fence with a shovel, because all I see you doing here is shoveling a lot of horsesh*t.

7/22/2012 07:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Ed Hunter said...

The clever sell-outs in Righeimer's gang knew Naghavi would use standard calculations to come up with the 4 mill figure. But this project isn't standard- it calls for adding on amounts far above what they knew Naghavi would say.

They used Naghavi as a front to do their sell-out, and continue to hide behind him. The fix was in folks! Napoleon's business office is in Newport, he'll probably be moving to Newport with Mensy after they decimate Costa Mesa.

7/22/2012 07:47:00 PM  
Anonymous OCGOP Pampers said...

Colon's already whining. The big overfed baby can't take it without Daddy Riggy feeding and protecting him. True intellects like Stephens and Weitzberg will make this Baby Huey look even more childish as the campaign gets going.

7/22/2012 07:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Good question said...

Mensy needs to give us the full story about why he was a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

7/22/2012 07:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Watchman said...

Fitzy needs to come clean about what's said in the little room above Monasham's bar.. Baby Ethan- Will you be disclosing everything you've been up to? You didn't think we weren't watching, did you?

7/22/2012 08:00:00 PM  
Anonymous babyethan said...

good question is ridge everyone.

7/23/2012 07:13:00 AM  
Anonymous The Twinkie Defense said...

Watchman--the truth of the matter regarding Fitzy up in Gary's very little room, is how are the dirty council-boys going to import more Twinkies into the City to feed Fitzys' ever-growing addiction.

On a related note,I don'tknow if this is true or not, but I heard that Fitzy is banned from the Fair because he was harassing the people working the stand that deep fries the Twinkies, because he thought is was cruel and unusual punishment for his cream-filled, spongy Angels to endure.

7/23/2012 09:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Newsman said...

Watchman, Fitzy will use that resource to crush Jim Ferryman and Art "$108,000 Pension" Perry.

Even though the trash company is funding a PAC to fund their week election efforts.

That same resource will be used to get the M's elected and laser the Charter. Complain all you want.

Here's another fact that will drive you and others nuts, or more nuts.

The unions polled and chose not to recall. They have polled again and it is interesting to see the union buying up all the slates for the no on Charter. But are not doing anything to support Council Haters.

Why you might ask. Because the polling says they can't win.

Do you really think Fitzy cares you think he is fat? He knows it. And attempts at hurtful comments only motivate him.

Like the Council Members (not Leece) , he and they are battle hardened.

Riggy, keep going, do not stop.

7/23/2012 12:38:00 PM  
Anonymous psssst..pass it on said...

Watchman, since no one knows what you are talking about why don't YOU just lay it out for all to read? Sounds really dark and deadly. Tell us please. We know there are moles around, ones with gapped teeth, unkempt appearance,plaid flannel shirts, and/or bow ties are immediate suspects we give false info or shiny objects to. LOL.

7/23/2012 01:52:00 PM  
Anonymous The Twinkie Defense said...

I never said Fitzy was fat, I just comment on the fact that this guy LOVES his cream-filled, spongy cake best friend--The Twinkie. He is a big guy, some might say a husky fellow, but fat he is not. He is just weak to that little golden devil--The Twinkie.

7/23/2012 08:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Grow up said...

What up Fitzy? Sounds like you are pretty jealous of Perry's pension? Well dude, he has worked his ass off to EARN that pension. What the heck do you have to look forward to in retirement? Nothing, nada, zilch, no bueno! Please allow me to enlighten have to have a JOB and go to work every single day for 40 years. Then and only then will you have earned the right to make fun of a pension, you unemployed, spoiled little brat. What a complete ass you are.

7/23/2012 10:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

I wish the BC had a 'like' button...good one, Grow up!

7/24/2012 07:22:00 AM  

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