Monday, January 31, 2011

Short, But Not So Sweet, Council Meeting

Tuesday's Costa Mesa City Council meeting should be short - interesting, but short. In fact, I suspect their "7:00" rule for public hearings is going to bite them again. If the meeting starts promptly at 6:00 as scheduled they should be ready for the first public hearing by 6:15. Even if they slip the only public hearing scheduled - a request to extend the closure date of Garcia Recycling - there are only two items of New Business to consider and those could go quickly. It is our suggestion to the council that they abandon the requirement to begin public hearings at 7:00 and just let the agenda flow as written.

In any event, the first and only public hearing is from Garcia Recycling, who is supposed to close it's recycling business they've operated on West 19th Street for 20
years. Apparently they are close to acquiring a new location nearby and have asked for an extension of their closure order to finalize the deal.


The first item o
f new business is an interesting issue. You may recall that recently the council decided to require masonry walls in locations where wood fences were previously authorized. Now comes the other shoe - the requirement for a permit, which may cost at least $350, for each such wall over 3 feet in height. You can read the staff report HERE. So, first they demand that you use masonry and now they hit you with a new permit fee. Remember when I told you to watch this crew... this is how it's going to be in our fair city as long as this mob is in power.

The final item on the agenda deals with a new council policy for community event street-
wide banners. The staff is recommending such installations be permitted in only a few spots around town. I read the staff report, HERE, and don't see the need for such signs. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that they will be visual blight in the areas identified. This is a bad idea looking for validation by the same guys who generated it while on the Planning Commission.

Finally, you will recall that the council has moved their "comments" section to the end of the meeting. Several years ago this was where those comments were made, usually to a virtually empty auditorium. It's possible now that our council members will use this lightly-attended segment of the meetings to plant the kernels of new, bad ideas - just as Gary Monahan did when he dropped the "let's see how much it would cost to close the job center" question late one evening. You can't take your eyes off these folks for a single minute.

And, as it turns out, the "closed session" segment will actually have an item for discussion - dea
ling with the City Manager. Wonder what that's all about? I hope it's deciding where to place Allan Roeder's statue on the City Hall grounds - he sure does deserve one!

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Anonymous Mike S said...

Geoff, banners might serve to help non profits looking to help others. In years past the Lions Club put up banners to promote the Fish Fry. I am sure they would love to get that promotion back. After all your photo shows a Lions Club logo....from Pinedorado I assume?

2/01/2011 09:22:00 AM  
Blogger antoine said...

Yup this council is soooo pro-business, since they are "successful" businessmen themselves, that they will get on their knees for any two-bit scheme to make business in Costa Mesa cheaper which means passing the buck to the residents through various new fees (taxes).
I wonder what will qualify for these street wide banners? A pop warner fundraiser at Skosh's perhaps? Maybe an avoid the DUI checkpoint "awareness" party at Skosh's? But to be honest, I really hope the soup kitchen applies for these banners to promote the public service they perform (or do they not qualify because the council doesn't like that public service?)
Here is a real idea for you council members... Why don't you approve banners honoring Costa Mesa service members along the light poles on Harbor Blvd.? That way the people of Costa Mesa can actually have something to be proud of for once, because we sure aren't proud of the elected baffoons.

2/01/2011 01:18:00 PM  

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