Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Headmaster Sets The Curriculum

Well, I see our old buddy, Your Neighbor, is going to make it easy for the new majority. In his most recent post he sets out the curriculum for his "students" - the study guide he expects them to follow - or else. Or else they might suffer the fate of Chris Steel and not be re-elected.

In his manifesto, which he cobbled together from previous rants, The Headmaster lists eight items that he expects the council to address, and pronto. Otherwise, he'll give them a sharp swat across the knuckles with his ruler, or worse.

Here's his curriculum:

1 - 55 Freeway - He wants a tunnel so all that nasty beach traffic driving through "downtown" won't see the light of day until they pop out at the Newport Beach border. Funny, I'd have thought he might want to try to find a way to attract the drivers of those 100,000+ cars each day into Triangle Square and other businesses in downtown instead of hiding opportunities for commerce from potential customers. Nah, that makes too much sense.

2 - John Wayne Airport - Now he wants an alternative for John Wayne Airport! Sorry, pal, that flight has already departed. We basically told Newport Beach "You're on your own" when they wanted an airport at El Toro - the logical place. I agree that Costa Mesa is going to suffer greatly as John Wayne continues to grow - and it will.

3 - Ocean - He wants it! No, not all of it, just a little dribble to call his own so his "vision" of Costa Mesa becoming a "coastal city" can come true. I suppose he would be happy if the Santa Ana River is dredged out just a little so a bait barge could float adjacent to Costa Mesa.

4 - Pollution/Bluffs - He keeps on banging that "pollution" drum, even though the South Coast AQMD ran test on the Westside at his demand and found it clean. This, and his plan to scrape the industrial uses from the bluffs, is just another scheme to attack the immigrants among us.

5 - Slums
- Another part of that plan is to "thin out" the apartments. He means plow the earth they stand on and, bingo!, all those undesirable low wage earners who live there will disappear. Read that "immigrants".

6 - Sports Fields - Ah, yes, he wants more "neighborhood" sports fields, yet kind of rejects eminent domain as an option. He suggests the city use our tax dollars to pay residential real estate prices for playing fields. I'm wondering how one would convince folks in a residential neighborhood to sell their homes to make parks. Sure smells like eminent domain to me.

7 - Newport Beach - He says we should develop a better working relationship with Newport Beach. Well, duh! It's his chosen ones who have fought against that, virtually spitting in Newport's eye at every turn. How, exactly, would he rehabilitate that relationship - come bearing gifts (like the Santa Ana Country Club, for instance)?

8 - Non-Profits - Putting this one last was pretty slick. While on the 3R Committee he manipulated the method of funding non-profits and it caused such a ruckus that he quit (or was fired). He says he wants to "reform the way tax money is doled out to non-profits so that any hint of racial or ethnic discrimination is removed." That's "improver speak" for quit giving money to anybody and, if by chance, we happen to hit a charity that supports immigrants among us, so much the better. What a transparent, heartless buffoon!

I expect to see the new majority jump to his commands and move briskly to accomplish his goals. Don't get too comfortable in your warm little homes, my friends. Soon you may see bull dozers in your neighborhood, plowing down your home and those of your neighbors to make room for a playing field or two.

I told you this was going to happen...


Anonymous Westside said...

Pot Stirrer:
Give some credit to El Seis, Seis, Seis (666), and also give yourself a kick on the butt for not making [yet) the right predictions. It appears that El Seis's "A" student, El señor Mansoor, will not pursue such radical policies as that of last year's immigration ordinance. It doent's look like fining landlords for renting "undocumented immigrants" (not illegal aliens) is in his agenda today, nor other things you said in previous postings. Mansoor has turned into a legitimate politician this time, and doen't want to look so predictable and amateur. He wants to look somewhat conservative this time. That's why he isn't talking to his mentor, El Seis, lately, although he has been following his advise. In a recent interview with the DP, El Seis "A" student, Mansoor, said that he would like to expand the 55 Freeway, I guess, all the way to the ocean. Doesn't this sound like "your neighbor" 666? Also, I think Mansoor is counting that this next four years will help him get to his next goal: the U.S. Congress. Keep stirring the pot. Remember, I like a diverse soup con mucho chile.

12/21/2006 11:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Pot Stirrer,

Thanks for keeping us in touch with "Your Neighbor"! One comment, though, as you are starting to sound like various news outlets around Southern California with your "immigrants among us" characterization. Please make sure to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants, as that really is what separates us from Newport and Irvine. The last election shows that Costa Mesa does care about the legitimate and serious problem of illegal immigrants living in our community, even if you want to pretend it doesn't exist. You will greatly increase your credibility on this issue when you acknowledge that fact. No one gains from thousands of people living a shadow existence in our midst, stealing from legitimate businessmen and taxpayers, while driving down property values and increasing crime - including the illegal immigrants.

12/23/2006 06:55:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...


Thanks for writing. I appreciate you taking the opportunity to set me straight. Let me try to reciprocate.

1 - I fully intended to use that phrase because that's what I mean. Your Neighbor doesn't discriminate in his moves to expunge the Latinos from our midst. Those here illegally are an easy target, even though we really have no idea how many people that represents. No, his target is the entire Latino population, regardless their immigration status.

I agree that many voters in Costa Mesa are concerned about the issue of illegal immigration, as am I. However - one more time - until our southern border is fixed, nothing done at the local level will seriously impact that problem. As long as the border is a revolving door, undocumented folks will just keep on coming across. I have never said the presence of illegal immigrants is not a problem. That's a myth generated by Your Neighbor and his ilk. It's one of the lies that Mansoor and Leece shoved off on the voters, who bought it.

2 - As far as my credibility is concerned - it is what it is. I have been consistent in what I've written here, on my previous blog and in the local media. When you say "no one gains" you are incorrect. Lots of people gain from the presence of illegal immigrants in this country. If you take even the lowest number being bounced around and assume it is accurate, more than 10 million of them live and work in this country today - maybe as many as 30 million. That old "they are taking jobs from real Americans" saw is tiresome. When was the last time you saw "real Americans" demonstrating beside a strawberry field or a lettuce farm demanding those backbreaking jobs? That's right - never! How many "real Americans" have you seen at your neighborhood car wash, demanding those jobs? This country, with an unemployment rate of less than 5%, is at virtually full employment. Of course, you can find a person who needs a job, but how many would perform all those lower tier jobs presently being done in great part by immigrants, legal and otherwise? My guess is very few.

Crime exists everywhere, but the screamers like Your Neighbor aim their invective at the immigrant community exclusively. You'll note that he and our mayor have been invisible on the subject of the white supremacists arrested in our town recently. I venture to say that none of those 20 people arrested at 17 sites throughout our town were illegal immigrants. Where's the outrage about them? What a bunch of hypocrites!

I do appreciate your concern for my credibility and do appreciate your comments on the blog. As I've said many times, I'll print most of what is contributed.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

12/23/2006 09:49:00 PM  

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