Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Your Neighbor" Keeps On Shoveling It

A guy who resembles my theoretical character, Your Neighbor, continues to flog the Costa Mesa Police Department in his blog. In his most recent entry today he speculates that the new police chief, Chris Shawkey, will probably not choose to live in Costa Mesa when he relocates from Arizona. He implies that if the new chief chooses to live in a neighboring city that somehow taints his authority and automatically renders him a less effective leader. What a steaming pile of manure!

This guy wouldn't be happy unless the chief decided to move his family into one of the apartments in what he refers to as the "Mendoza Slum", or somewhere deep in the bowels of the Westside. Only then, if you follow this guy's twisted logic, would our new chief be really qualified to lead his troops. More manure!

The way Your Neighbor shovels this stuff, I imagine his yard is a real garden spot. I sure wouldn't want to live downwind of him, though.

If Shawkey finds a home in Costa Mesa that he likes and can afford, that would be just dandy. If he chooses to look elsewhere, that's fine with me, too. Quite frankly, the nature of the job being what it is, I'd recommend that the chief find a place where he can relax and find some peace and quiet at the end of the day. Just because his job is virtually a 24/7 gig doesn't mean he has to sleep on a cot in the police building, for goodness sake!

I mean, can you imagine living next door to Your Neighbor, for example? In the past he's complained about some of his neighbors moving out of town. Well, can you blame them? Who would want to live next door to this guy who, apparently, spends much of his time tuned into his police scanner, listening for reports of marauding illegal aliens. When he's not busy composing one of his racist essays for publication on any number of internet sites he apparently spends much of his spare time on patrol in neighborhood parks, on the lookout for renegade soccer players.

No, I wouldn't blame Chief Shawkey if he looks for a home outside our city limits. Every person should have that right - to choose to live where they please. Except, according to Your Neighbor, people with brown skin and Hispanic surnames.

I wonder just how smart it is to keep poking the local cops with a stick the way Your Neighbor has been doing. For an alleged Mensa member, sometimes he just doesn't seem very smart.


Anonymous Westside said...

Your Neighboor --whatever the identity of this nut is-- is out of touch with reality. Most of us work some place outside Costa Mesa; and sometimes we even spend more money in other cities than in this one. Does it make me a bad resident? Well, I don't think so. Now, if the police chief decides to live somewhere else, then it is his choice to do that, not your Neighbor's. If this guy writes for racist blogs, then who would like to live in Costa Mesa. Question? Is your "Neighbor" at a meeting in Iran, where some Holocaust deniers, such as former KKK member David Duke, are getting together?

12/12/2006 10:31:00 AM  
Anonymous DVS said...

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?pid=621) "Millard, who refused to be interviewed, is a Costa Mesa, Calif., real estate agent whose full name is Martin H. Millard." Maybe "Your Neighbor" is trying to do some practice development by brow beating the new Chief into buying property from him.

12/12/2006 01:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

I guess I would like to see the Chief and most of our cops reside in the city they work in. Many municipalities demand this of their officers. If the new Chief chooses Newport or Irvine as a place residency, I could not blame him, especially if he has children. Why would you want to send your kids to the public schools in CM? I don’t. In addition, all things being equal with housing prices that is a big incentive to NOT live in Costa Mesa. As a resident next to the “Mendoza slums” its not joke. SWAT was there last week jamming up a felony gang member for brandishing and other offenses. That was a real treat for my kids to see on their way to school. But wait, if Sonora School was not over run with illegal’s I would never have had to drive past the school that morning to take my kids to a private school because they could have gone there….

Geoff I don’t understand why you blog and speak in favor of keeping illegal’s here. Our city feels its impacts in so many negative ways; crime, schools, housing, trash, etc… As an American first and (Hispanic – Eastern European – Irish – French man second) I just want a safe, clean place to raise my children.

12/12/2006 01:15:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...


Interesting question at the end of your comment. Wouldn't surprise me at all.



That identity is your assumption, not necessarily mine. If the person you mentioned is, in fact, interested in the new chief living in our city, maybe he could work on a reduced commission to find him suitable digs.



I have never spoken out in favor of illegal aliens in Costa Mesa - never. That's yet another myth generated by Your Neighbor and his sycophants. I have, and do, readily acknowledge the impact of probable illegal aliens within our city. It's an unquantified reality and one, as you said, that impacts us all in many ways. We can speculate, as many have, about the actual numbers in our midst, but no one really knows.

I have not been a supporter of our young jailer/mayor's plan, proposed last year, to train every Costa Mesa officer as an immigration screener. That was, and is, the wrong way to go in my view. It would turn the CMPD into a de facto gestapo organization, charges with sweeping our streets clean of anyone with a brown skin and/or Hispanic surname. Until the federal government turns over the authority to enforce federal immigration laws to local jurisdictions, it's their responsibility to do that job.

I do not disagree with the mayor that removing repeat felons, illegal or otherwise, from our streets is a good goal. I agree that deporting illegal repeat felons is a good idea, but until our borders are secure it's a act of pure futility. Right now a deported felon can be be back on our streets in a day. The borders must be made secure, period.

I firmly believe that the mayor's plan and the one that was actually passed has contributed to the rise in violent crime in our city during 2006. His proposal froze the Latino community, drying up sources of intelligence that had enabled our police to head-off such crimes in the past. Now, with the very real specter of being stopped for minor infractions and being processed for deportation, victims of crimes and witnesses to the same will be reluctant to come forward. I lay that directly at Mansoor's feet. That's my opinion, and that of many law enforcement officers in our area. Mansoor has made it much more difficult for them to do their jobs.

I appreciate your concern and viewpoints. Thanks to each of you for reading and writing.

12/12/2006 02:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a good call by our new police chief to live in Costa Mesa Like our council and city manager does. I believe you should own what you sell and the chief is selling safety.
Although, I would explain to the chief before he bought his home in Mesa del Mar that the cut through traffic drives through at 45 MPH, Sonora school just doesn’t feel right and I have to pay 10,000 a year for private school, there is no true neighborhood for my son to play in and ride his bike, there are always strange cars parking in front of my house. We have drive by shooting and gangs. That’s All!
I for one am very grateful to “Our Neighbor” yourself and the other bloggers of our city for providing more information to the powers to be. Bottom line, information is good.

Len Bose

12/13/2006 08:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Jeff - Thanks for the response to my posting and allowing posting. Your words in the past do not lend themselves to interrupting what you just wrote in your reply. Having strict policies on criminals in general, legal or otherwise, in Costa Mesa will improve our quality of life. In addition, police officers need uphold all laws, not the ones they so choose. If that law, ordinance, or policies make illegal is felons unwelcome that to me is a positive thing. If all illegal’s or “Hispanics” feel unwelcome so be it, they should learn to integrate into Americas society. Having a Hispanic background and being married to a Hispanic I do not feel threatened by the police; especially by this make believe “Gestapo” policy you think would exist should screening be done by CMPD. In addition, trusting the Feds to commit to doing a job, well you stated the obvious; border security does not exist. What is wrong with local cities, counties and states doing their part to curb illegal immigration, its all government’s responsibilities to provide for the citizenries safety.

Like it or not Costa Mesa is a sanctuary city. It affects our schools, infrastructures and safety negatively. I trust our mayors stance to have our cops do a job that the Feds should have been doing. Let think why the Fed did not jump into having a staffer in our jail before the election. They waited to see what the citizens of CM voted for and did not want to be embarrassed by having the local PD do their job. So I don’t trust the Fed to keep up the policy.

Again thanks for hosting this blog and allowing divers opinions.


12/13/2006 10:04:00 AM  
Anonymous DVS said...

I would like to address Andrew’s comment “Like it or not Costa Mesa is a sanctuary city.” In fact, there are no known agreements between Costa Mesa and any illegal immigrants, or their agents offering sanctuary from federal prosecution.

I have also read many statements from ‘improvers’ that by providing a job center or other services to members of our community we are sending the signal that “illegal immigrants are welcome.” There is also some suggestion that the number of charitable organizations in our city is an open invitation for illegal immigrants to move into our neighborhoods.

All of these concerns are nothing but NIMBYism. Sure, I would rather that all of my neighbors be gainfully employed. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The real issue is that the cost of housing and land in Costa Mesa is more affordable than Newport Beach. This provides economic opportunities for those that provide services and require services.

To the Andrews of Costs Mesa: If you can’t afford to live in Newport Beach, then why are you begrudging others who can not either? Don’t you really believe that someone would much rather spend their day at a job center in the bay than on 18th Street?

Andrew, here are some specific recommendations:

1) If you don’t like your neighborhood, then do what you want the less fortunate around you to do; get a better paying job and move someplace nicer.

2) Put your kids in Sonora (even though it doesn’t “feel right” whatever that means), join the PTA or dad support group or create a foundation to raise money to improve the school and work at becoming a part of your neighborhood school’s solution.

3) Create or join your neighborhood watch and get to know your neighbors. It is well documented that the more eyes there are in a neighborhood, the lower the crime and nuisance rates are. This is also true in Newport Beach by the way!

4) Quit your whining; it is just annoying.

12/13/2006 01:00:00 PM  

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