Friday, September 23, 2016

Good Turnout For CM4RG Town Hall

Somewhere around 100 people turned out for the Town Hall sponsored by Costa Mesans For Responsible Government (CM4RG) Thursday evening at the Neighborhood Community Center.
In addition to the presenters of information, city council candidates, representatives of certain initiatives and candidates for the Mesa Water District Board and the Costa Mesa Sanitary District Board were also present to answer questions and hand out literature.
 Costa Mesa Sanitary District Board Members 
Art Perry and Jim Ferryman, running for re-election.
Barry Friedland of Costa Mesa Brief was on hand to record the event, so look for his work product at his YouTube Channel in the next few days.
Alex Reich, candidate for the Mesa Water Board, acted as the Master of Ceremonies.  He kicked the meeting off at around 6:45 p.m., then handed it over to CM4RG President Robin Leffler, who led the pledge of alligience and then explained a little bit about the organization.

Former councilwoman Wendy Leece then stepped up to provide an update from the Orange County Vector Control Board, of which she was a member during her tour on the City Council.  She explained the need for resident diligence due to the growing problems with West Nile Virus and now the Zika Virus.  No standing water.  Contact Vector Control if you suspect a problem.
Next up was Ralph Taboada, Chairman of the Bikeway and Walkability Committee and member of the Pension Oversight Committee, to talk about the Costa Mesa Fire Department.  He explained that the department used to be one of the premiere departments in Orange County - a destination department.  He explained that the members of the CMFD are active in the community, including teaching CPR and making school presentations.  Members of the CMFD are usually pillars of their communities.  He explained the history - 5 Chiefs in six years - and used slides to enhance his presentation.  These are mostly self-explanatory.
Then came community activist Teresa Drain to speak about Sober Living issues.  She told us also on hand for questions was Robert Mann of the Sober Living Network.  She gave us some statistics that really made you think.  Speaking of heroin specifically, she told us that there have been 1800 deaths due to overdoses in the past five years and the Center for Disease Control estimates 70 lives a lost daily due to addiction.  There are 300,000 addicts in Orange County.  She told us Costa Mesa has 300 licensed liquor dispensaries.
She then described Addiction as a disease and Sobriety as addiction in remission.  Among the stats she told us was that there is a 86% failure rate with heroin addicts.  She spoke about the 12-step programs, first evolving from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and now used with Narcanon, too.

She spoke of the dual problem of alcohol and drugs and mentioned the Orange County Sober Living Coalition as an organization helping with the problems.  She told us that 80% of criminals have drug and or alcohol addiction issues.  She told us that 95% of those incarcerated for drug issues return to the drugs once released.  She told us that treatment and recovery is the solution, not incarceration, which is why so many petty criminals with drug issues are currently involved in Sober Living Homes.

Mary Spadoni, life long law enforcement officer - she was the first woman police officer to work in patrol many moons ago - next spoke about the Costa Mesa Police Department.  She spoke about the impact of AB 109 and Prop. 47, and told us to oppose Prop. 57 on the November ballot because it just goes one step further in the wrong direction than Prop. 47.  Because of those laws we have many more criminals on our streets.
She spoke about the decline in staffing of the CMPD - how the current council majority issued over 200 layoff notices to city employees in 2011, several of whom were civilian employees of the CMPD.  She spoke of how that act caused a lawsuit by the Orange County Employees Association, which represents the employees in question, and how the city lost that lawsuit and cost nearly $400,000 in legal fees.

Spadoni told us a little history of the staffing of the department, and mentioned that currently the authorized staffing level of the CMPD is 136, but that we actually have only 113 on the payroll, 10 of which are out on injuries.  We have only 52 officers available for patrol duty and many of the speciality assignments to which officers aspire - Gangs, Narcotics, K-9 - are no longer available, which hampers recruiting and retention of officers.

She mentioned the attrition report prepared by former Chief Tom Gazsi more than two years ago which outlined for CEO Tom Hatch the reasons for the departure of so many officers due to retirement and/or moving on to other venues.  That report was never acknowledged.  Much of that turnover was due to the toxic environment created by the current City Council majority.

Spadoni told us of a meeting in 2014 of representatives of the County Probation Department and State Parole organization in which Costa Mesa representatives at the meeting were told that parolees like to come to Costa Mesa because we're understaffed in the CMPD, so chances of them being picked up for crimes is small.  She described our situation as a perfect storm - fewer cops and greater demand.  She said we're "understaffed and overcrimed".

She praised Chief Rob Sharpnack for his energy and enthusiasm trying to get the CMPD back on track, but the process is taking a long time - despite what Mayor Mensinger told us earlier this year.  She cited the influx of sober living homes as part of our problem keeping crime down - it's up dramatically.  She said we're not "Costa Mayberry" anymore.  She told us that Costa Mesa has 3% of the county population but 27% of the sober living homes.  She said 63% of our residences are rentals.  She cited the unrealistic positions taken by candidates Mensinger, Mansoor and Ramos on public safety issues.

Q & A
Next came Questions and Answers presented by the audience via note cards.  The panel included retired CMPD Lieutenant Clay Epperson - a long-time Costa Mesa resident; Former man-of-many-hats, retired Interim Chief Fred Sequin and Robert Mann of Clear Path Recovery to answer Sober Living Questions.

In response to a question about police staffing, Epperson told the audience that we're 5 years behind.  That we have a hard time recruiting and retaining officers because of the atmosphere within City Management towards the CMPD.

Seguin was asked about work hours.  He explained that the CMFD works a 56 hour work week and that it's not at all unusual for firefighters to work hundreds and even thousands of overtime hours because of the depleted staffing.

Mann, didn't really answer many of the questions posed to him.  Most of the time he waltzed around and did a promotion for his industry and his business specifically.  He feigned ignorance of statistics when asked.  He was not the only Sober Living operator in the room.  He was asked, for example, why there was no mechanism to return failed "clients" to their homes instead of just turning them out onto our streets.  He didn't really answer that, except to say his organization sometimes turns those failures over to other organizations.  Kind of an incestuous situation.

Other questions were asked about  rising crime.  Epperson told us much was due to drug and alcohol users.

Seguin was asked about July 4th fireworks and how it is enforced.  He said with current staffing levels it's hard to catch perpetrators in the act.  One angry audience member demanded to know how many arrests were made this year - he had no answer.  He did say it's hard to catch those shooting off illegal fireworks because they are masked by legal fireworks.

He was also asked about the impact of overtime on the firefighters.  He responded that it was hard on the firefighters AND on their families due to the unanticipated demands for overtime.  He said it's not unusual for a firefighter to work several consecutive shifts without time off.

The meeting ended just after 8:30.  Find the Costa Mesa Brief recording, HERE.  It will be worth your time.

Thanks to the folks at CM4RG and all the volunteers who put this program together.  I think most who attended thought it was time well-spent.  Interestingly, despite some grumbling on certain social media sites, I saw no members of the opposition in the audience.   That wasn't all bad.  One particularly mouthy candidate for a Sanitary District Board seat kept yapping about attending all week, then did a no-show.  No loss.

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Anonymous Arthur Nern said...

To: Whom it May Concern
From: Staff, Hog Hospital

Boy Jimmy Ditz was unable to attend the town hall because he was in our emergency room. Apparently, he licked the boot of one of his bosses here in Newport right down to its steel toe, which ended up getting lodged in his throat.

We expect him to make a full recovery. He is cleared go back to his 90 hours per week work schedule.*

* Hours reported by patient

9/23/2016 08:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Robin Leffler said...

Thank you Geoff for covering the event. I learned a lot. That one chart of Ralph's that looks like a red and blue X laying on it's side tells the whole story about Fire Department Staffing going down while calls for service go up. I just shake my head at such disregard for the City's safety and the poor management practices of the current City Council majority.

9/23/2016 09:22:00 PM  
Anonymous CMTaxpayer said...

Disgusting how 3 incompetent councilmen waste taxpayer money and put us at risk. That sober-living ordinance they mocked up is a farce. They already got sued and settled once, handed solid landings a fat gift bag. -- that BS ordinance is like waving a red flag at a bull. How many times have I mentioned I used to be on their side.? Fool me once - that 's all you get. never again. Very proud of Sandy though. She is tough and smart.

9/23/2016 09:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

CMT, very true. Residents safety and residents in general are at risk and our council majority doesn't care whatsoever. They don't want to hear from residents at council meetings, and they don't care if we have addicts roaming our streets. Follow the $$$$.

Indeed, the settlement with Solid Landings handed them the key to the city. We're completely screwed now. Again, follow the $$$.

Our hope now is that residents wake up and are tired of the over abundance of sober living homes, non enforcement of ordinances regarding them, and the bulging homeless population, largely addicts booted from those sober living homes for failing the programs (if there are any). Many get kicked out as soon as their insurance runs out.

We do have over 300 licensed facilities to sell alcohol. Costa Mesa is only 15 square miles. (conservatively that's 20 per mile)

Finally, here is my opinion on the police and fire personnel. Yes, they make good money. What is the price of putting your lives on line every day? (2 firemen killed today in Delaware) Most of us go home every evening to our families. We spend Christmas, Thanksgiving and holidays with our families. We watch our kids' graduation, football games, and many benchmarks in our family life. Police and firemen do not. Some see their family less than 2 full days a week. Sometimes, with multiple shifts, its less than that. So, what is the price for that? They make money, but we get quality family time. And perhaps, some do retire early and can attempt to make up what they've lost in years gone. Many don't even get to enjoy retirement, such as our own Capt. McMinimy, who retired and passed away from related job illness. Illness causes many fire personnel early demise. So, which is more valuable? Money? Or time spend over the years with one's family? The enjoyment of family births, birthdays, watching tv at night with your kids in your laps? I know which is more valuable to me. This needs to be taken into consideration.

9/24/2016 09:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Muffin Top Bob said...

Gary will be gone and things couldn't be better, but I wonder what the over/under is how long before Riggy and Mensy move on and find another place to buy their"diet cokes". Bye Gary, have fun with your crappy dive bar.

9/25/2016 05:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Muffin Top Bob, Riggy and Mensy are hoping that the districting will result in 6 districts, rather than 5, and he will be appointed as permanent mayor, which can only happen with 6 districts. We need to vote this down, and let a judge decide, making it clear to the judge that we don't want 6 districts nor a permanent mayor. This is imperative. Righeimer will find a way to screw the residents every chance he gets. The 6 districts eliminates the very reason the districts were established in the first place. Everyone needs to get involved in this. Otherwise, Righeimer intends to be our permanent mayor.

9/25/2016 08:10:00 PM  
Anonymous breaking bad said...

The hypocrisy continues. Actually idiocy, fraud and lack morals is a better description by the private square snakes. They are not just questioning Sandy Genis's Form 700 disclosure of economic interest filing, they are despicably casting nasty aspersion regarding the filing. Laughingly they are using her Vector Control form 700. Because if they used her Council form they wouldn't be able to cast their innuendo about it because it has entries. Yet the Form 700 of Allan Mansoor, for the City Council race 2016, has no disclosed economic interest. And they certainly aren't asking what is Allan Mansoor hiding?

9/25/2016 08:54:00 PM  

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