Monday, August 22, 2016

Mayor Mensinger Spews A Crock - Pays A Debt?

Buried deep in the bowels of a Mailbag section of the Daily Pilot on Friday, August 19th, HERE, is the following letter purportedly submitted by Costa Mesa Mayor Steve Mensinger:

Candidate showed leadership
I am very proud of those who celebrate our city and those who care enough to engage and step into the arena of leadership. A few weeks ago, Costa Mesa Parks Commissioner Julie Mercurio bowed out of the race for City Council. I believe Mercurio represents the silent majority of Costa Mesa. She has harnessed social media, to make their reasonable voices heard providing a platform for debate, civic information and the empowerment of the heretofore silent majority. The Facebook group, Costa Mesa Public Square, now has over 7,550 members.
Mercurio is the future of Costa Mesa. She's a single mom raising two children who wants a safe city they can grow up in. Mercurio is a long-time Costa Mesan who wants improvement and values civility over disparagement.
Possessing the rare combination of charisma, an ability to communicate effectively, thoughtfulness and the courage to articulate her positions on issues, Mercurio embodies the wind of change blowing through our city.
I hope Julie stays involved. So often we only hear from those that only care to criticize. Mercurio breaks that mold and let's hope she continues to add her brand to our city. Mercurio's infectious smile and positive message is contagious. I want to thank her and hope public service is in her future.
Mayor Steve Mensinger
Costa Mesa
Pardon me if I puke!
Mensinger praises Julie Mercurio for harnessing social media and the Costa Mesa Public Square, but conveniently neglects to mention that it is a closed site - available only to those who are blessed by Queen Julie herself!  If you are not among the anointed you may not participate on that site.  In fact, you cannot even read the content!  He touts more than 7,550 members, but neglects to mention that many, if not most, of those are not Costa Mesa residents.  In fact, many are from out of state!
Mensinger credits Mercurio for empowerment of the heretofore silent majority.  Hogwash!  What she moderates is an echo chamber for those who share Mensinger's views.  Remember "The Emperor has no clothes"?  That's what the Costa Mesa Public Square is all about.  It's populated by a cadre of true believers and a few others who participate out of curiousity - most of the rest are just numbers attracted by membership contests.  And, of no small concern is the fact that one of the major thought-drivers on the site is a local racist of international infamy who has found fertile ground for his own special brand of vile bilge.
I especially loved this paragraph:
"Possessing the rare combination of charisma, an ability to communicate effectively, thoughtfulness and the courage to articulate her positions on issues, Mercurio embodies the wind of change blowing through our city."  Well, answer me this, Mr. Mayor... just where has THAT Julie Mercurio been during the Parks and Recreation Commission meetings?  If we paid her a buck a word we'd be owing her about two dollars for her contributions the past couple meetings!  She has contributed nothing - ZERO, NADA, ZILCH - at  those meetings, probably because she has no clue about what's going on in those meetings - or anywhere else in the city, for that matter.  The only visible public pronouncement we've seen from her was when she first announced her candidacy - a pathetic piece in the Daily Pilot in which she rattled off a bunch of political prattle that meant absolutely nothing.
Mensinger complains that "So often we only hear from those that only care to criticize."  OK, so what?  If he and his cronies would quit doing boneheaded things maybe the criticism would stop.
From what I can tell, it's a good thing Julie Mercurio bailed out of the council race - most likely to make room for Allan Mansoor.  She has demonstrated no grasp of the many important issues that face the city and has apparently been struck dumb at Parks and Recreation Commission meetings since she was appointed to facilitate her public persona for her council run.  She was the least qualified person who applied for that opening - by far.
She may be a lovely person, but Mensinger's bit of literary drivel on her behalf looks very much like a little "payback" for her decision to drop out of the race.  Such is politics in Costa Mesa, and just one more reason to reject Mensinger's run for re-election.  He is unworthy of a seat on the City Council and this kind of bilge only further demonstrates that unworthiness.

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Blogger Honeyman said...

If Mensinger wrote that letter, than I am Mike Trout.

8/22/2016 07:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Arthur Nern said...

Interesting body language in the photo of Mercurio and Mensy.

8/22/2016 09:15:00 AM  
Blogger Honeyman said...

Ya' know, the more you read his "statement", the more ridiculous it becomes. Why? Just like you say Geoff, it seems like our shit-for-brains-mayor-in-name only feels like he owes this woman something. But why so publically? Not like the CMPS fools aren't gonna vote for him anyway. Strange that he would have this ghost writed in this manor. Strange.

8/22/2016 06:30:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Don't know about Mercurio's body language, but I'm pretty sure Mensinger was just shielding his eyes from the setting sun. I was there at the time this photo was taken, and the sun glare was brutal if you were looking toward the West (the compass direction West, that is..;>)

8/22/2016 09:08:00 PM  

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