Friday, November 14, 2014

Righeimer Still Leads Humphrey by 47 votes...

Well, it's not over, but it's very close.  Below you will find the results of the Costa Mesa City Council election as of 5:00, Friday, November 14, 2014.  This is the date when Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley hoped to have all votes counted and expected to be able to certify them early next week.  You can view the "Results" page for the entire Orange County ballot HERE.  The counter at the top of the page is ticking off to 5:00 p.m. Saturday.  Nobody answered the Registrar's phone, so we'll have to assume they'll be counting again tomorrow.

School Board Trustee and former council woman Katrina Foley is the clear winner in this race, gained 8 more votes today and holds a commanding lead with more than 26.5% of the votes tallied.  Mayor Jim Righeimer gained 7 votes today and continues to hold second place.  Former councilman Jay Humphrey, who gained another votes 8 today, still trails Righeimer by 47 votes.  It's unlikely Humphrey can recover from that deficit, although a time-consuming and costly recount is not out of the question.

Righeimer supporter and de facto running mate Lee Ramos and his supporters spent a lot of cash to have him finish 4th.  He gained 1 more vote today.  Promising young Tony Capitelli picked up another 2 votes.  One-note-samba "Dog Park" Al Melone gained no votes today.  Rita Louise Simpson, described by one wag in town as "Ma Bee", gained another 3 votes and will finish ahead of Chris Bunyan, who gained 1 vote today.

According to the information displayed on the Registrar's site, HERE, there are only 5,963 ballots left to count county-wide.  Included in those numbers are 5,307 provisional ballots;  342 Election Day Paper ballots remain; Only 50 Vote-By-Mail Ballots Returned At the Polls remain.  264 Vote-By-Mail Ballots remain.  You can read the description of the Final Ballots To Count HERE.

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