Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee Meets Again Tomorrow

The next meeting of the Costa Mesa Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Richard Mehren and Vice Chair Steve Smith, meets tomorrow, Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at the Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center from 6-8 p.m.  You can read the agenda HERE.
You may recall that the last meeting was heavily-attended and produced some probing, difficult questions from members of the public concerned about the apparent plan by some committee members to turn the Southeast Quadrant into playing fields.  Unfortunately, I missed the meeting because I spent that night enjoying Yellowstone National Park.  You can watch the YouTube video of the meeting by Barry Friedland on Costa Mesa Brief, HERE.

When you read the agenda you'll find that several items are scheduled for discussion by the committee.  Each will include opportunities for members of the public to comment in addition to the agendized Public Comment segment.  Here's a list of the dozen items scheduled for discussion for possible consideration in the Southeast Quadrant:
1 - Basketball/Handball Courts
2 - Trail Exercise Stations
3 - Dog Park
4 - Dry Land Wildlife Viewing Area
5 - Vernal Pools Preservation with Cables, Signage and Delineation
6 - Retain the elements of the Master Plan as it Reads Now
7 - Include a two-tier building that includes Interpretive Center and Terrace/Viewing Deck
8 - Improve Placentia Avenue with Cable and Post delineation
9 - Roller Hockey Surface
10 - Improve/Designate Bike Paths
11 - Concrete Path from NW Traffic Signal to SE Traffic Signal at Estancia High School
12 - Nature Center, Bird Watching Platforms

NOTE:  The following items were tabled at the August 6th meeting until a future date to be determined.  They WILL NOT be discussed tomorrow night:
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities 
  • Soccer/Football Fields
  • Multi-use Athletic Fields
  • Orange County Model Engineers Track Expansions/Improvements
In addition, under New Business, there are three items scheduled:
  • Native Plant Nursery
  • Field Trip to Riverside, CA - Riverside Live Steamers
  • Future Meeting Dates 
The next meeting is anticipated to be held October 1, 2014

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