Friday, June 20, 2014

Costa Mesa Police Seize Illegal Fireworks

The following is the text of a press release issued by the Costa Mesa Police Department about the seizure of a trailer full of illegal fireworks in our city.  Great job to all involved, especially to the person who reported this activity.  The first week of July may be just a little less like a war zone this year.

Police seized a U-Haul trailer filled with illegal fireworks; Orange County Bomb Squad to examine explosives today at 3 p.m.
Posted Date: 6/20/2014
From Costa Mesa Police Lt. Greg Scott:
Shortly before 8 p.m. last night, police officers responded to the parking lot behind Newport Liquor at 2200 Newport Blvd. regarding the report of a male selling fireworks out of a red pick-up truck with a U-Haul trailer attached to it.
antonio-arellanoOfficers met with 51-year-old Antonio Arellano near his red Dodge Durango with its attached trailer. Officers learned Arellano was selling illegal fireworks to local minors. Officers located over 500 pounds of illegal fireworks inside Arellano’s trailer. Arellano had paid $2,000 for the fireworks in Pahrump, Nevada prior to transporting them into California to sell. Arellano was arrested for sales of dangerous fireworks to minors, and later booked at Orange County Jail in Santa Ana.

Costa Mesa fire investigators confiscated Arellano’s truck and the attached trailer containing the fireworks. An inventory showed the trailer contained over 500 pounds of dangerous fireworks, which included approximately 300 mortars, 300 aerial fireworks, 300 Roman candles, 3,600 bottle rockets, 40 large sky rockets, over 600 M-150 type explosives, and over 11,000 firecrackers.
Disposal of the explosives is scheduled for today at 3 p.m. at Costa Mesa Fire Station No. 4 at 2300 Placentia Ave.
For further information, contact Battalion Chief Tim Vasin at 714-754-5204 or Communications Director Bill Lobdell at 949-887-2541.

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Anonymous CM Resident said...

Excellent, that buys me 30 seconds of quiet. Too bad CMPD won't arrest any Costa Mesa residents blatantly setting off illegal fireworks. This coming 4th will be a doozy, if the last few nights are any indication.

The new strict enforcement sign on Victoria is pretty funny, I always knew those guys at CMPD had a sense of humor!

If you think I'm kidding, look at the stats on enforcement last year. 438 calls for service with 38 citations issued. From July 1-5, they only wrote 38 citations city-wide for fireworks. Wow, that is pretty strict...

There were 38 illegal mortars going off per hour in my neighborhood.

6/20/2014 04:21:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

One possible solution is to ban ALL fireworks within the city. I know that won't fly. Another is to go back to just permitting fireworks on the evening of the 4th, instead of nearly a week before. That won't fly because "it's all about the kids"... Your Mayor Pro Tem's mantra when it comes to fireworks. I just sincerely hope we don't see a tragedy this year.

6/20/2014 04:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Muffin Top Bob said...

The chest bumping, bully, Jr. mayor is so blinded by dollar signs for himself and his Polk High football team, he'll never think about anything but adding more days to the firework fiasco in the City.

6/20/2014 06:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Arthur Nern said...

Selling fireworks right on Newport Boulevard?? Is Arellano a dunce or what?!

When they popped him, did he tell police his "brand is strong," and that he was just "moving forward" toward Fourth of July?

Next thing you know he'll sue the cops; isn't that what a dunce does?

6/20/2014 08:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Terry Koken said...

So, it's all about the kids.

At the fish fry, one of them sold me a pair of raffle tickets which were to support Pop Warner Football. He told me he had to sell a hundred, I believe it was, to pay his "tuition". I asked him how much the "tuition" was, and he told me it was five hundred bucks per year.

I paid him for the tickets, and said, "Be careful, and don't get concussed." He replied that he'd had four concussions, none of them serious.

Concussions do not guarantee any diminution in ability; I've suffered some five of them myself, all fairly serious, but the long-term consequences do not seem to have affected my ability to think, walk, see, or write snarky songs. But a concussion is not a laughing matter.

So, it's all about the kids -- as long as they pay their half-a-grand per year, and don't raise any fuss about brain concussions...

Interesting fact about Pop Warner, don't you think? Does it have anything to do with the financial support of anyone we know? I wonder how much?

6/21/2014 12:44:00 PM  
Blogger kwahlf said...

Five hundred dollars a year for Pop Warner Football?
That sounds very steep, too steep imo.
Yes, where is all that money going to?

6/21/2014 04:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Skeptical in Costa Mesa said...

Just a small drop in the bucket! The war zone has already started here in CM. I've called PD x 3 so far. I know they are over worked and understaffed (thank you gary, jim and steve). But the officer told me he could do nothing more than make contact unless he actually saw the guy set them (bottle rockets and M-80's)off. I could do a citizens arrest he suggested. Ok the guys already a drunk jerk and I'm going pop over the fence and tell him he's under arrest? Yes, have medical insurance but I prefer to use for minor stuff like cancer as opposed getting the crap beat out of me!

6/22/2014 07:58:00 AM  

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