Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tomorrow, Thursday, June 27th, there will be three meetings at Costa Mesa City Hall in the evenings.  They are:

60th Anniversary Committee Meeting at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 5:30

Community Meeting in Conference Room 1A to discuss a pending development at 5:30

Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting in Council Chambers at 6:00

Each of these meetings will be impacted by the closure tomorrow afternoon of the visitor parking lot in front of City Hall in preparation for the 60th Anniversary Celebration that begins on Friday, June 28th.

HERE is a link to the map of road closures for the 60th Anniversary event.  Attendees of the three meetings mentioned above will have to find their way to the employee parking lot behind City Hall, or use part of the Vanguard University parking lot, adjacent to the City Hall parking lot.  Check it out and plan to give yourself a few minutes longer to make the meetings tonight as you maneuver around Vanguard Way.

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Anonymous Disgusted Republican said...

I know that a lot of people have spent and volunteered considerable time, effort, and hard work to put together this 60th anniversary celebration for CM, and it's a nice thing to acknowledge that the city is now 60 years old, but....Has anyone ever wondered why we need to have this costly, not to mention traffic clogging, THREE day celebration for a non-milestone year (60th) anniversary - not the 25th, 50th, 75th, or even 100th anniversary, but the 60th (not insignificant, but certainly not warranting this huge of a celebration)??? When the money spent for this (what? up close to $200,000.00 now? more?) could be much better spent, any number of ways, in our city (in tandem with the $650,000.00 to unnecessarily light the dawn to dusk use Fairview Park parking lot) and a smaller, less expensive, anniversary celebration planned (was the 50th anniversary celebration this big/expensive? wasn't it just incorporated into the fair that year?), why is this necessary? The answer is very simple...This THREE day SIXTIETH anniversary "celebration of CM" is nothing but a Tony Villar grandious style vehicle for, and by, the RIGmeister to promote himself and further his personal political agenda and career. He is using this opportunity to be able to plant his mug in front of every tv camera and radio microphone he possibly can to say "look at me; I'm the "mayor"; aren't I wonderful; look at all I'VE done for this city!" The city of CM is actually, and unwittingly, paying for his campaign attempt at his politcal furtherment - don't forget the 2014 election (for him) is really right around corner; this is a great kickoff opportunity for the RIGmeister in a manipulative and underhanded manner - which is what he is all about. His sidekick, Baby Hugie, might be the obvious bully to distract attention away from his master as far as trying to push unwanted plans on CM, but understand that the RIGmeister is the man behind the curtain pulling all the puppet strings of his cc majority followers, as well as all of his hand picked ocgop $ contributing /developer buddy puppets on the Planning and P&R committees, and all other various pseudo-committees he has put together since becoming "mayor". This supposed celebration for CM is just another example of his manipulative string pulling, motivated solely by his own self-interests. There is honestly no good reason that this should be a THREE day affair, nor, given the current dire financial circumstances of our city constantly painted by the RIGmeister, should we really be spending this kind of money on such a thing now. I hope that someone completely impartial conducts a statistical poll, while this is going on, to determine the actual percentage of the total number of people who attend that are CM residents! I think the numbers would be telling - and not in favor of large numbers of CM residences in attendance. I have not volunteered, nor will, nor plan to even attend this event because of what it is really about, and I know I am not alone. Actually, the one thing I will do this weekend to help out is to avoid the whole area to not add to the traffic burdens caused by this RIGmeister promotion event!

6/28/2013 02:58:00 PM  

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