Tuesday, March 19, 2013

City Needs Three Dozen Volunteers

A reminder for you again that the City of Costa Mesa is actively recruiting community volunteers to serve on six (6) committees covering a variety of interests.

The page on the city website, HERE, that announced this recruitment says 33 positions are available, but that was before they added three positions on the Costa Mesa Senior Center Corporation Board.

The positions available, by committee, are as follows:

  • Cultural Arts Committee - 6

  • Historical Preservation Committee - 5

  • Housing and Public Service Grant Committee - 6

  • Pension Oversight Committee - 9

  • Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee - 7

  • Costa Mesa Senior Center Corporation Board - 3
The page on the web site has contact numbers and application information.  The deadline for submission is 5:00 p.m., Thursday, March 28th.



Blogger Flo Martin said...

Over the past two years, I've submitted TWO applications to serve on the Cultural Arts Committee. Both times, I received a "thanks, but no thanks" letter in return. Flo Martin is una persona non grata with the Righeimer council.

3/19/2013 09:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Tom Egan said...

It looks to be a waste of a citizen’s time to be on one of these Council-appointed committees. Unless, that is, you are a Council insider who wants to rack up brownie points.

Judging from their 27-month track record, the Righeimer-Mensinger-Monahan oligarchy will appoint their cronies to be a majority of each committee; the last thing they want is deviation from their agenda.

Actually, they aren’t going to lose any sleep, because they know they can ignore or reverse anything coming out of a committee whose members they’ve appointed. Consequently, they might even appoint a “show” committee with their cronies in the minority. Then they can say, “Hey, look. Here’s a committee that’s got a majority the girlz nominated. This proves we’re evenhanded.”

This is what passes for “democracy” in Costa Mesa nowadays.

3/19/2013 11:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Luke Johnson said...

Tom, I agree with what you said except the part about Monahan being involved in the oligarchy. We all can see that he doesn't have the heart for his position anymore. He doesn't show up to meetings, community events or anything of importance to the City.

3/19/2013 11:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

I'm sure if you hang out over at Skosh's you might get the fist bump of acceptance and be anointed as one of kool kids.

3/19/2013 01:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Tad Bradley said...

Monahan needs to leave the council, but he can't because he needs those medical benefits for his family. The bar alone isn't going to be able to cover the cost,so we get a part time council member drawing full time benefits.

3/19/2013 03:47:00 PM  
Anonymous puppettrollbootlicker sycophant said...

i would say Martin, egan, johnson, mcniff, and bradley should not bother applying for any committees. why would they appoint these guys who write this stuff? would make no sense. appoint your supporters and friends first boyz. we stuck by you, did not denigrate you and for the most part are more dedicated and smarter. no frogs on committees

3/20/2013 07:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

Hey puppettrollbootlicker sycophant, I guess sarcasm is a little hard for you to grasp, so please pay close attention to the following: I REALLY don't really want to join ANY group that has ANY connection to these guys.

But thanks for thinking of me and already ruling me out.

3/20/2013 11:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

One other thing - your forgot to include 'anonymous coward' in your name.

3/20/2013 11:51:00 AM  

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