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As I mentioned in my earlier post, last night several very concerned residents stepped up and addressed the growing coyote threat in Costa Mesa.  This is no insignificant issue, but the solution so far has not materialized.

I thought I'd provide you with a link to the CMPD site that includes do's and don't's about coyotes plus a 3:43 minute video clip that instructs us on this problem.  You can view it HERE.

We've been told in recent months that coyotes have developed a "sweet tooth".  It seems that their normal fare tastes kind of bland when compared to our domestic pets, which are usually fed commercial food with significant amounts of sweeteners in it.  As a result, our pets taste sweeter, too.  So, the coyotes have learned where the sweets are kept - in our neighborhoods and yards.  Do your part - keep your pets and small children safe.
I'm following up with the CMPD to see if there is anything new on the "coyote control" horizon.  Until we know more, please do your part by removing enticements - food and water, for example - and keep your small pets inside at night.

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Blogger Joe said...

The Gehrt study:

2/06/2013 06:29:00 PM  
Anonymous James Rivera said...

I wish the real predators of our community were discussed more; the drug dealers that live near and supply our high schools.

2/07/2013 06:53:00 AM  
Blogger Gericault said...

This is a study written by the city of Calabasas, which you can imagine , probably has a few coyotes. The solutions aren't real clear cut.
When you kill known coyotes and take out the dens and litters, many times what you are doing is removing the Alpha Male and Female in an area. The result is that "transient" coyotes move in and fill the void, and in the ensuing "Alpha Vacuum", more pairs may become established, also Females will start producing larger litters of pups. Where as, an established Alpha pair might have a yearly litter of 6 pups, if you create a "vacuum" in an area, two new competing pairs might start having litters as large as thirteen pups.Do the math....
The best scenario is learning proper common sense behaviors in dealing with natural wildlife threats.
Unfortunately, trying to make sure you have no fruit trees dropping in your yard might not be a problem, but how do you make sure none of your neighbors do? Fruit trees bring rats and squirrels,..coyotes eat rats , squirrels, and dropped fruit.
Hazing is a good method and one which John Hawley failed to do and that was a missed opportunity. Coyotes are wicked smart. If John was to have yelled, sprayed a hose, or set out a large dog on that coyote in his yard, that coyote would have remembered his yard and not gone back to it.
I have always had really large dogs. My first was a 126lb Akita, and now I have a schutzen trained German Shepard. I have never had a problem with coyotes. My uber talented cat, named Hunter, has always taken care of any rodent , lizard, bird, bug, etc. etc. that has come anywhere near our house.... and yes she has trained the dog.
This "problem" isn't going away, and our environmentalist councilman can't hunt our way out of it. We must take corrective steps on our own, and not expect big government to solve it .

2/07/2013 08:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Nothing's Shocking said...

Let's just all go over to Skosh's for a few pops, then we can go a coyot huntin'!!! Who's with me? Line forms behind Mensinger

2/07/2013 08:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Tom Egan, crow whisperer said...

Might I be so bold as to suggest a ... ahem ... sling shot and some BBs? Works for crows who learn at least as fast as coyotes.

2/07/2013 09:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Airport Environmentalist said...

Nothing's Shocking said:
"Let's just all go over to Skosh's for a few pops, then we can go a coyote huntin'!!! Who's with me? Line forms behind Mensinger"

Yea! Don't forget Steve-O's a "hunter-environmentalist!"

When he allegedly went off on an airline clerk at JWA in 2006 he was coming back from a hunting expedition.

We need leaders like Steve-O who are not afraid to mark their turf!

Maybe he and some coyotes can literally have a pissing contest to find Costa Mesa's Alpha Male!

2/07/2013 09:52:00 AM  
Anonymous do the right thing said...

harvest them and stop them from harvesting your pets. easy. why should i give up my pets enjoyment of the backyard, my fruit trees, and my cantelope plants for killer coyotes who attack in daylight, people and dogs on leashes? remove, then remove the newbies. this coyote problem is recent here, never this degree of harvesting of our pets. just the last five years or so. they are everywhere now at all hours of the day. they cause much sadness and fear. why put up with them?

2/07/2013 09:57:00 AM  
Blogger Mike H. said...

Thanks to those above who cited scientific analysis and real world solutions. The anonymous screaming "harvest'em" is et another "Fire, Ready, Aim" option we cannot afford.

2/07/2013 10:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Nothing's Shocking said...

Let's really have some fun - substitute 'vampires' for 'coyotes' throughout the comments here.

2/07/2013 11:11:00 AM  
Blogger kwahlf said...

Thank you, Geoff, Joe,Gericault and Mike H. for good, common sense solutions.

2/07/2013 12:01:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Thank you, Geoff, Joe,Gericault and Mike H. for good, common sense solutions.

As someone already poinrted out, finding solutions starts with gathering data and studying the issues. I'm not sure what the answer is, but we definitely need to take a methodical approach.

2/07/2013 01:05:00 PM  
Blogger just wondering... said...

I like the BB gun idea. Its true that if you stress the pack by killing some, they breed more heavily and faster. We'd have to be killing them every few months for a couple years to make sure they are gone.

However...its true, the last few years have seen an increase, and it was due to the fires in the foothills burning the underbrush, the coyotes simply wander down the river trails all the way from IE. They go all over the LA Basin and Orange County. There is no city they can't get to by using these river channels as freeways. They get to the end of the river channel, and they have a nice large park, full of squirrels and water. What more could they want? Why would they leave?

2/07/2013 06:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Write a lie get a Commission Appt. said...

The Register printed an editorial probably written by Sessler or McCarthy or one of the other clueless council supporters. What is sad is these are the people they are appointing to Commissions in our city. Of course as we have seen the more you write in their favor the better positions they give you.

The judges dissolution of the injunction DOES NOT open the doors to outsourcing now. It's just ridiculous that any adult can read the lifting of the injunction and come to the conclusion that a General Law City can now break the General laws and start outsourcing. But what should we expect whne our own local newspaper can't even get it right. What a waste is the Daily Pilot.

When the city rescinded the layoff notices all sides agree there is no need for the injunction. My guess is if the city reissues lawoff notices due to outsourcing the employee group will slap them silly again and so will the judge.

Expect more misleading and false claims from the likes of Sesler, Lucas, de Arkal, McCarthy and any of the other falsifiers of facts lead by Mensinger and Righeimer.

2/07/2013 10:12:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Actually, that "editorial" was just that - and editorial. It was composed by a member of the Register editorial board and not by a member of the public, politican or sycophant.

2/07/2013 11:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Why try? said...

Geoff, Geoff, Geoff - you are addressing an irrational cadre convinced that the Register and the Pilot are tools of the Riggy establishment. Why waste the effort to point out facts?

2/08/2013 12:42:00 AM  

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