Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day - 2012

Today, Sunday November 11, 2012, again marks Veterans Day in the United States.  Many of you will celebrate this day as part of a long holiday weekend.  Others will simply ignore it.  Still others will attend one of the many services around our area that honors those men and women who have served our country proudly as members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.
I hope you will take a minute to honor my fellow veterans - those who served in the many military conflicts that have occurred in my lifetime - World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places throughout the world where our military presence has helped keep the peace.
It's been more than four decades since I served this country proudly during the time of the Vietnam conflict.  I remember with great fondness those folks with whom I served, several of which were among the more than 58,000 who gave their lives.  If you wish, you can read other remembrances I've written about this day, beginning with the one I wrote last year, HERE.  Follow the links on that one to previous entries.

Thanks for supporting all of us who served this country.  Hug a veteran today...  And now, Norah Jones will leave us with a little video clip to help mark this day.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Geoff and no disrespect to those who served since this doesnt really apply here, other than here is Monahan disparaging those in the CMPD who continue to try to serve...want to reply, but surely cannot on FB for obvious reasons...

This is Monahan's comment on the DP article where PI and woman try to dirty him up...

Gary Monahan ยท California State University, Fullerton
Wow...The guy who broke into the office was convicted...the death threat got me a restraining order... the brick and note was taken by cmpd for answer (imagine that)...the "Righeimer DUI" is still under investigation...the employee "On Video" is still under investigation...paint balls and banners...never caught anyone...???

The guy caught breaking into Monahans earlier this year was high as hell on Meth..he ran yard to yard roof to roof and was arrested for same not long before Gary's incident. This btw, was really the first realization of the virtually EMPTY upstairs being "rented" by Rohrbacher's wife and GOP HQ. Nothing at all to do with Gary or his position or the cops other than they did a great job.

The death threats/ restraining order involved a total nutbag not even from CM and no connection to any union or PD other than the PD investigating it as supposed to. These things happen to many in the public eye. Unfortunate yes, but again no conspiracy. Again handled by PD.

The brick/note...a who dun it, like most other non witnessed vandalism cases from what i've heard. Unlike the "Righeimer DUI" no video of this incident.

The paintball banners...again similar response as above incident. Maybe Mensy could ask around the HS or teams, seems more like a kids prank, but who knows.

"Righeimer DUI"...handled professionally by CMPD. Dispelled and Righeimer exonerated with one follow my pen with your eyes test (hardly traumatic) and with caller identified. Caller's motive unclear, DA is reviewing the case and his call to file charges or not. So again another one resolved by PD.

The city employee banner case. Handled thoroughly by PD, employee identified night of the incident. A misdemeanor crime, case resolved and submitted to DA's office for criminal charge filing consideration. Again resolved by PD.

So it appears to me the PD is 4 out of 6 on these issues that Monahan wants answers to. Pretty damn good response by our PD if you ask me...I doubt anyone else or anywhere else is batting that average. Maybe he just doesn't like the answers he's getting.

Gary better be careful, with these amount of issues (not to mention whatever other calls are natuarally generated from a bar)he may find the mayor declaring him a nuisance, or the other guys wanting to buy up his property like a hotel.

Just wanted to provide some insight since evidently Gary feels he wasn't getting answers.

11/11/2012 05:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

I didn't know you are a Viet Nam vet-so is Wayne. That was some nasty duty, and no one came home to a hero's welcome either. All five of the buddies he enlisted with came back alive, more or less.

His best friend was a delayed casualty-he lived on the streets, jumped at enemies only he could see, drank, drugged, anything to escape scenes replaying in his head. The doctors said liver failure, but he died of festering invisible wounds. Larry Mudd, Marine: 1947-2002.

Today and every day, Honor to all Veterans

Thank you for the memorial post, and the moving tune and video.

11/11/2012 11:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Friend of a Vet said...

I assume Wayne is your husband? Please extend my personal thanks to him for his service to our nation. My friend Bunny was mentioned here earlier and I know he was a Vietnam vet that spent 1 1/2 years over there in the late 60's. I was lucky to have had a high lottery number so I didn't have to go, but he was drafted before they came up with the lottery system. Anyway, my hat is off to our Vietnam veterans as they are all patriots that served their country and are only recently being recognized for their service.
God bless all our Veterans and God bless America!

11/12/2012 06:05:00 PM  

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