Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Righeimer's Charter Is Back!


Now that you're off the couch and headed out to vote, don't forget the City Council meeting tonight at 6:00 at City Hall.  Today you not only get to exercise your right to vote, but you also get to exercise your right of free speech and to address your grievances before your city council.

Tonight, among other things, we will see the resurrection of Jim Righeimer's Charter - that ill-conceived attempt to completely re-vamp city government.  Tonight is the first of the required Public Hearings on this debacle.  Under the guise of "saving money", this poorly-crafted document will place the City on the threshold of corruption.  The nine page document - cut and pasted together by one man to advance his personal political agenda - doesn't contain sufficient safeguards to protect the residents of this city from mischief.

So, spend a lovely evening with your friends who actually care about this and other issues.  Come to City Hall, snuggle into one of those comfy chairs and watch the show.  Watch your elected leaders as they either ignore those who speak to them or - if you're really lucky - watch them chide and denegrate those same speakers.  Come see how many potential city council candidates step to the podium for some free face time with the voters.  It's always fun.

If you can't be bothered after a strenuous day in the voting booth, then grab a brew, turn on CMTV - Channel 24 on Time Warner Cable and 99 on ATT U-Verse) and watch the festivities live and in living color.  I'd suggest you watch it while eating dinner, but there's always a chance that someone on the dais will say something that will make you choke...

Tomorrow I'll tell you what I saw and heard - it may or may not be what you saw and heard.. we'll just have to sort it out between us.

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Anonymous magnacharter said...

Sacramento is grabbing more power (and dollars) from the cities. The State is in a fiscal mess, controlled by unions who could care less. Cities should do all they can do to protect themselves and also bring government closer to the people. We can vote in or vote out local policy makers. We have no control over a bunch of lefties from other cities putting mandates on us. A charter is a great tool (note: word "tool" purposely used for Gericault's excitement and chance for funny comeback from Joe)for Costa Mesa. Heck, even the City of Sacramento wants to distance itself from "Sacramento"-it is a charter city itself.

6/05/2012 01:46:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

magnacharter wrote:
"Sacramento is grabbing more power (and dollars) from the cities..."


Dear Jimmy,

Most people who read BC, and in the City at large, are wise to your propaganda and goofy agenda. Your charter is a bad idea for Costa Mesa and will be defeated in November.

There are good reasons why 75% of California's cities are not charter, and they don't revolve around imaginary "thugs" and "lefties."

6/05/2012 04:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Sedei Knight said...

Once again you miss the point.
Most people do not oppose becoming a charter city. What most people seem to oppose is the way our dimwitted big bellied protem is going about it.
The copy & paste factor alone shows his lack of creativity. The man has done nothing positive for Costa Mesa since he arrived to complete the Mansoor/Dana favor.
Bufoons, the lot of them!

6/05/2012 04:36:00 PM  
Anonymous magnacharter said...

I don't miss the point Sedei . I MADE the point, not missed. You read something else in it I think. However, you are great at the putdowns on Mr. Righeimer, Mr. Mansoor, and Mr. Rohrabacher. You mommy raised you well on how to deal with disagreements. Would be proud of you.

6/05/2012 06:08:00 PM  
Anonymous i din't sign up for this said...

Speaking of Dana, I wonder if he held a release shin dig for his buddy
Jeffrey Ray Nielsen at Skosh's. Hmmm

6/06/2012 01:15:00 AM  
Blogger CM Resident said...

@ Margnacharter (per your original post): I think the correct phrase is that they “could NOT care less”. (Saying someone “could care less” implies they DO care.) None-the-less, I disagree with the point I think you’re trying to make.

MANY Costa Mesans (regardless of political party) would consider a Charter if it was fully vetted, represented and considered all parts/residents of the city, and was well written with careful consideration for the possible (if not likely) consequences it would bring. Many in CM do not trust this Council (for good reason) and most residents (again, Union, non-Union, Dem or Rep) agree that we need to be fiscally conservative, and ensure that our CC (current and future) cannot run amok without accountability, spend wildly, and pad their pockets or the pockets of “outside interests”, etc.

Unfortunately the current Councilmen have lost the trust of many in this City and have proven they are willing to make decisions that only benefit themselves and/or their developer friends at great cost to the residents. I’m all for revamping pension plans. I think it must be done. But… if our CC and the OCGOP is so hell bent on that, why aren’t they LEADING by offering to change their own pension and benefits? The numerous examples of hypocrisy and self serving actions by the CouncilMEN and Planning Commissioners are blatantly obvious!

6/06/2012 09:12:00 AM  
Anonymous magnacharter said...

cm resident: riggy IS leading by example, he does not take any medical benefits while leece cashes hers in. Mensinger and Riggy take the least generous pension offered. I only commented on a charter, in general, as a good thing. Our City cannot possibly write a charter that pleases all our residents as we have a minority who oppose anything this council does and spout off about "corruption" as if it is a given. I believe any corruption will lead to recall or jail. Just repeating the big lie of corruption does not make it true. The howls of protest that the charter is a cut and paste job is hilarious. Of course you would cut and paste! You cut and paste items that have been proven lawful and survived court challenges. This is a smart and efficient way of doing it. Anyway, It's A Great Day in America with the election results for Mansoor, Scott Walker, and the pension votes in San Jose and San Diego. The OCGOP did an outstanding job here locally and will continue with it in November. Our message resonates with voters despite CM4RG and their malcontents with their pro union, no growth philosophy. Cm4RG woke up today with a common refrain: "oh oh". We have a great council and planning commission and are truly blessed with their leadership and willingness to take a position and hold it despite all the name calling and false accusations. Vote for Krup if you wish, it is a wasted vote. (Google him for some very interesting info)

6/06/2012 10:30:00 AM  
Blogger Mike H. said...

First, Magna, or Jimmy, or whoever you may be, a word of thanks. That's CM4RG and you can google that to find a much saner, more reasonable take on the charter and city government.

Second, we missed you at the council meeting last night. The public's discussion was made up of mostly CM4RG members and volunteers bringing up verifiable facts against the charter. Where were you and your supporters?

Finally, even though the Treasurer of CM4RG, Jay Humphrey, has repeatedly said CM4RG does not take union money at city council meetings, and the disclosure documents verify this, it seems that you and Mr. Righeimer have a tough time believing that crystal clear fact. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

My mother is proud of me, too.

6/06/2012 12:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Redemption said...

"..It's A Great Day in America with the election results for Mansoor, Scott Walker, and the pension votes..."

So "Fitzrigheimer" admits today that it IS all about Wisconsin in Costa Mesa, just like all the "malcontents" have been saying. It's always good to finally see liars come clean.

6/06/2012 12:55:00 PM  
Blogger CM Resident said...

@ Magnacharter: using the argument that we could resort to legal action and/or a recall after corruption has occurred is absurd. That’s exactly why we’ve had to spend hundreds of thousands(!!) of wasted dollars over the course of the last few years.

Pushing through a Charter that is not thoughtful, well reasoned, has checks and balances, and is bullet-proof and is more likely to avoid help us avoid additional wasted legal fees and harm the City is what people will support. Voters are not going to get behind something that could allow this CC or any other to operate outside of reasonable limits.

How ironic that the Councilmen say they want to run this City like a business. They are not operating like any successful business I’ve been associated with for 25+ years. And… I’d venture to say that I could fairly put my own personal experience with successful businesses up against yours or frankly, any of the Councilmen’s’ or our “CEO” who is no leader. (That title for that position is hilarious in and of itself).

No one in their right mind and/or with a straight face can say this CC is “fiscally conservative”. Their actions do NOT represent those supposed Republican values. Their actions speak louder than their words.

6/06/2012 03:15:00 PM  

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