Thursday, March 25, 2010

Parks & Rec. Leadership, Fair Board Lack Thereof & Journalism

Last night the Costa Mesa Parks and Recreation Commission elected new leaders. Vice Chair Mike Brumbaugh was elected Chairman and long time resident and activist, Terry Shaw, was elected Vice Chairman. Commissioner Jeff Mathews was nominated for Vice Chairman by Kurt Galitski but no second was put forth. It will be very interesting to see what impact this new leadership has on the activities of the commission, which meets only every other month now.

At it's meeting today the 32 Agriculture District Board (Fair Board) the five members in attendance voted unanimously to spend $3,000 for a security system at CEO Steve Beazley's Costa Mesa residence. According to Mona Shadia's Daily Pilot report on the meeting, HERE, the expenditure was authorized even though no testimony either in the staff report or otherwise, made a link to the vandalism and harassment experienced by Beazley and his family to his position at the Fairgrounds.

An interesting sidebar to this story - neither Board Chairwoman Kristina Dodge nor the Vice Chair, Dave Ellis, attended the meeting today. That's more than a little curious, since Dodge was scheduled to pitch the need for Beazley's security to the Board. I guess they didn't want to be personally associated with this controversial subject. That's "leadership" for you.

According to Shadia's article, some good news finally came out of a Fair Board meeting. Today, on a vote of 4-1, the board agreed that sub-committees should be at least three members, which requires them to be subject to open meeting laws. Previously only two members were required in sub-committees. Hopefully, this will lead to more open discussion of important issues before the Fair Board.

Well, now, this issue got much more interesting with the publication of Tom Johnson's column in the Daily Voice, HERE. Seems that, during the meeting at which the Fair Board agreed to follow the open meeting laws, several of them admitted to a major violation in the case of the Beazley Security System issue! According to Johnson, one Board member, Gary Hayakawa, sent an email to ALL the other Board members about this subject - a clear violation of the Bagley-Keene act. Even more astounding is the quotation by Johnson of a comment attributed to Dale Dykema, who acted as moderator of the meeting due to the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair. Once he finally admitted it was a violation of the "Brown Act" (it's really the Bagley-Keene Act), Dykema said, "but, in this case, this is different - this is a human thing." Good grief! These people really are clueless! I sure did get it right with the title of this post! Just put that on the list with all the other reasons this Fair Board should go - regardless what happens to the Fairgrounds!

An observation: It's hard to understand how some local stories simply don't seem to reach publication by the "real" media until well after the date of occurrence - if ever. For example, Amy Senk over at the Corona del Mar Today blog reported the failure of a structural beam above the council chambers at Newport Beach City Hall, including photos of the failure that will deem the chambers unusable for some time while it is repaired. You can read Amy's report HERE. I have yet to see any mention of this situation mentioned by the Daily Pilot nor the Orange County Register.

I'm turning the old cauldron down to simmer for a few days while I take a little breather. Comments might be delayed as I try to find my way to a computer to approve them, but they will eventually be posted. We'll be back at full steam before the next council meeting, returning with our heads full of March Madness. In the meantime, you might wish to re-visit a little piece I wrote on March 22, 2006 to keep your juices flowing. Just click HERE and fasten your seat belt.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Jeff Overley wrote a little story today about it. Not the Pilot. Thanks for the mention and have a great week!

3/25/2010 06:16:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Just read it.. yours was better. :-)

3/25/2010 09:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike Brumbaugh said...

I am honored to be a part of the P&R Commission and especially honored to be the Chairman. Kurt did a great job taking the past lead. We have a good team and I know we all hold Costa Mesa close to our hearts. We as a team have a goal this year to solicit more community input. We want to hear what people like/don't like regarding CM parks and rec programs. In 2008, we toured all parks in CM and received public input as to what was good/bad in their neighborhood park. It was a valuable experience. On our own time, we as small groups will once again tour the parks. More info to come. My desire to be on the commission is to make sure the youth of CM always have constructive activities to help them grow in a positive direction. Richard Gomez (CMHS) is a great example of someone who cares about the youth and we as commissioners should exemplify the same. I will never claim to have all the answers but I will do my best to help our youth and make CM a great place to raise a family. My challenge to the public: give us (P&R) your input regarding parks and rec programs. We have limited authority but will listen and do what we can.

3/26/2010 06:47:00 AM  
Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

Good for Amy! I met with Don Webb last evening for a scout function and he told us all about it. I also chatted with him briefly about Banning Ranch. It was good to hear his thoughts. I think I will try to meet with him and just soak up his knowledge on traffic and development issues that affect Newport Mesa one of these days.

The fair board is kind of in their own little world aren't they? The whole alarm thing is... well... alarming.

3/26/2010 10:33:00 AM  

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