Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Riggy Rebuts, Kinda

Well, the beat goes on with this Fairgrounds Sale issue. Every day seems to bring a new point of interest.

First, a couple tips of the old hat
to fellow bloggers for their on-going participation in the enlightenment of the community. Over at the Pacific Progressive Blog, Reggie has provided the best time line I've seen on this process. You can read it HERE.

And, our old pal, Vern (The Singer) Nelson at the Orange Juice Blog has signed in again with another excellent recent post on this subject. You will recall Vern's rendition of "Tainted Sale" he crooned to the Costa Mesa City Council a few weeks back. You can read his piece HERE.

If you read the comments on my last post you read Jim Righeimer's surrogate, CM Costa Mesa North, as he whined about my abuse of his pal. I won't
re-hash those - you can read them if you choose.

However, this morning I did get a call from Righeimer, who also complained about my observation of his column in the Daily Pilot last Saturday. He simply is unable to understand that his pursuit of this "story" as a Daily Pilot columnist and his job as a city official - Planning Commission Chairman - are conflicts of interest. He told me that when he received the information he referred to in his column that "someone at DGS" had leaked names of bidders
in the Fairgrounds Sale, "he just had to do something with it". I told him that he made the wrong choice - that he should have reported it to the authorities FIRST. After a prolonged conversation in which we each tried to make the other understand our points of view we finally agreed to disagree on this subject.


Riggy told me that "the
re's more to this story" - his allegation of collusion in the Fair Sale bidding - but refused to provide me with information to substantiate his claim. He told that he has now passed the information along to "authorities" for their action. We'll see..

Later today I spoke with Jeffrey Young, spokesman for the Department of General Services. He was aware of Righeimer's allegations and the column he wro
te. When approached by Riggy last week they told him they need credible information, which they will follow-up. He told me they are ready and willing to get to the bottom of this issue, but must have details to follow - not just innuendo. As of this afternoon they have had no information from Riggy or anyone else down here on the issue.


He also took the opportunity to criticize me for continuing to refer to him as a "carpetbagger" ev
en though he has lived in Costa Mesa for more than 4 years. Well, the fact is that he will not have lived in our city for four years until this summer. Three years ago - almost to the date - he was appointed to the Planning Commission, after having lived in Mesa Verde since July of 2006.


You will recall tha
t he was appointed to the Planning Commission by Allan Mansoor who had just won re-election with the help of Riggy's good buddy, Representative Dana Rohrabacher. Riggy was Rohrabacher's campaign manager in HIS recent re-election. Riggy had submitted his application for the Planning Commission after the deadline, yet was appointed ahead of loyal "improver" foot soldier Paul Bunney, who looked stunned at the council meeting where he was in attendance with a new suit and haircut for the occasion. Riggy denies that was political payback - Puhleeze! It couldn't have been more obvious unless Mansoor had announced it from the dais, for goodness sake.


Riggy continues
to proclaim that he has no broader political aspirations, even though he was a candidate, unsuccessfully, for Van Tran's Assembly seat while a Fountain Valley resident. Back when he was appointed to the Planning Commission I predicted, HERE, that he would run for City Council in two years - which he did, unsuccessfully. What's that old saw, "Actions speak louder than words"? Riggy just seems unable to comprehend how his actions are interpreted by some of us who actually pay attention.


Let me be clear, I don't think Jim Righeimer is a bad guy. He's an amiable guy with a lovely family. I do think he's a well-connected political opportunist and insider who will try to leverage his current position for higher office - no matter how loud he denies it. I think his life experience as a developer of retail and residential properties can be valuable to our community in his role on the Planning Commission. However, his heavy-handedness - I've written about it in the past - makes him less effective than he could be.


So, the drama of the Fairgrounds Sale continues. Riggy's allegations, if true, should be pursued by the legal authorities and perpetrators should be prosecuted. And, the Fairgrounds Sale should be canceled because of the stench surrounding it in so many ways.

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Anonymous Westside Improver said...

Hey Jeff,

You wrote Righeimer “was appointed ahead of loyal "improver" foot soldier Paul Bunny”.

Any chance you could spell the “ loyal foot soldier’s” last name correctly?

1/20/2010 12:25:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Westside Improver, good catch. Yikes - being rejected AND misspelled! Talk about adding insult to injury! My apologies to those offended by the mistake.

1/20/2010 07:50:00 AM  
Blogger Bruce Krochman said...


Jim doesn't really offer much in your report of your conversation. Other than to whine a bit. Come on Jim! Spill it already.

What is really more interesting is the whole issue of Dave Ellis making a stinking pile of excrement out of his attempt to cobble together this whole deal.

He must have a whole bunch of local heavyweight pissed at him by now. Not a smooth move for someone who relies on the political and money elite for support of his campaign and PR projects.

1/21/2010 11:44:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Bruce, as always, you make a couple astute observations. Ellis really did step in it this time - he's still probably trying to get that stuff off his shoes!

1/21/2010 11:59:00 AM  

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