Monday, August 24, 2009

Mensa Metamorphosis?

You all know
the high regard I have for our old buddy, "Your Neighbor" (The Mouth From Mesa North), or as he has referred to himself in the past, "Mr. U. Know-Who". I've written many, many times about him and his insidious influence on our city and his warped "if-it-ain't-white-it-ain't-right" philosophy.

I've written that I thought he has a prodigious intellect, but that it's been wasted on his attempts to sway public opinion against those who are not white. I've acknowledged that he's one smart fella, ( He purports to be a member of Mensa, among other things) but that his views are twisted by his obvious racial bias. He and I seldom agree on much. In fact, back when our local newspaper of record, The Daily Pilot, was publishing his submissions they would occasionally publish our separate views juxtaposed on the same page. That was fun.

Our old pal continues to stand before our city coun
cil and other public bodies and spew his venom about whatever his cause du jour happens to be. And, it appears, he does continue to influence a few folks around town, including some elected and appointed officials. It's sad..


Lately our pal
seems to be undergoing a metamorphosis. You know that word, right? One definition of that word is, "A change in an animal as it grows, particularly a radical change, such as the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly." In my view, though, this metamorphosis is more likely to result in a cockroach than a butterfly.

Our old buddy seems to be shifting gears these days. His pathetic blog, the CM Press, has become a kind of Drudge Report wannabe - an aggregator of "news"
. Except our buddy has chosen to insert radical racial articles that support his warped view of the world into his aggregations. Rather than focus on local news he's taken to trying to solve the world's problems as a blog poster.

Even more interesting is a site I discovered that he's been authoring for many mo
nths. Here's a link to it. Before you go visit this site, understand that it appears to be a "work in progress" - well over 40,000 words so far, and counting! I visit it every now and then and it seems to be in a constant state of flux. My take on this lengthy bit of propaganda is that our pal has finally gone off the deep end and now actually believes he's a deity! Yep, God, himself!


Of course, that explains a l
ot of what he writes and says. Except, he's not the benevolent "God" one hopes for - he's an impatient deity, who suffers no fools. That must make it tough for him, because he apparently views every other human being to be inferior to him. As he stands before the city council, for example, he will frequently refer to them using such terms as "stupid", and other terms of endearment.


So why, Potstirrer, do you write about this guy? Glad you asked. Un
der most circumstances I would simply ignore his perverted pontifications. I wouldn't give a hoot that David Duke, former head of the KKK, thinks he's a great writer - which he does, according to his web site. I wouldn't care about the hundreds of essays he's had published online on sites like the New Nation News web site, HERE, and many others over the past decade. I wouldn't give a second thought to the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers him a dangerous fellow and has developed a sizable file on him and his writings. After all, he's just one pathetic, misguided guy, wasting his prodigious intellect trying to spread hate in the world.

Except - and that's a BIG EXCEPT - his vile pronunciations contaminates my city. When he growls like an angry gorilla before our city council about issues using all his skills developed as an ac
tor - which are not much, believe me - he does influence decisions made by our leaders. When he was appointed by his sycophants on the council to the powerful 3R Committee he was able to manipulate the process used to distribute government funds to charities in our city to the detriment of those that serve our large Latino population.

When he decided that he didn't want hard-working Latino men kicking a soccer ball around a neighborhood park near his home he raised the specter of children being injured by errant balls, ad
ult men defecating in the bushes, etc. Sure enough, even there was no evidence that this was happening, he frightened enough people that he successfully had the park turned into a passive park - where no one can actually go to engage in active recreation. If you want to go sit and watch grass grow, Paularino Park is the place for you.

Several years ago he was almost successful in his move to abolish the Orange Coast College Swap Meet - a weekend venue of low-end commerce frequented by many of our Latino neighbors. He painted a picture of invading hoar
ds of terrible Santa Ana residents, driving on our streets and wearing them out. It almost worked until wiser minds prevailed and his move, championed on the city council by then-rookie councilman Allan Mansoor, went down in flames.


More recently his bleating before the Parks and Recreation Commission about a contract with the
Santa Ana-based Aztec Basketball League in which he painted a similar picture for them of gang-bangers and ex-cons invading our Downtown area every Sunday, terrorizing our women and children caused the commission to turn to stone when it came time to vote on the contract. Only after much community outcry did the commission re-hear the issue and the contract was approved. That only happened after the issue was passed upstream to the City Council and Mansoor required the owner of the league to change the name of his business to eliminate the offensive "Aztec" reference. Such is his influence over some of our weak-minded leaders.


Those are just a few of the reasons I've written this little essay. I could write about many, many more - and may do so one day. I don't know why "Your Neighbor" has such a strong, deeply-rooted hatred for people of co
lor, but his actions clearly tell us he does. Perhaps he or a member of his family has had a bad experience with a member of a minority group and that has caused him to spew his hatred for so many years. Perhaps he views Costa Mesa as a place where insufficient intellectual horsepower is found in our elected leaders, which makes it easy for him to sew his seeds of intolerance. Maybe it's all of the above and more.


Whatever the reasons for his actions, it is my opinion that his ongoing presence in municipal matters is an insidious influence on our city. It does not serve the residents of our city well. I can only hope that the current council - at least a majority on the council - will finally have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this bully, and that future elected leaders will do the same.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, thank you for your attention to the local hate scene. Not anything I want to know, but one has to know anyway.

That religious site... wow. He's like the evil Dr. Bronner.

8/24/2009 10:37:00 PM  
Blogger Humberto said...

Geoff, I'm glad you continue to raise consciousness. When I got involved in local politics, and found out that Millard was part of the 3R committee --appointed by Mansoor and his friends--, I was totally surprised and disappointed that our community had actually allowed a racist individual to be appointed to a position of power. It was something to celebrate when residents, particularly the Latino community, including the Latino media, did everything to get his ass out of that committee. Martincito knows he will never have another opportunity to be in the local government, unless, of course, Costa Mesa turns into the Fourth Reich. That will never happen.

8/25/2009 10:27:00 PM  

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