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Tuesday n
ight we saw an example of how public participation in the governance of our city can return a small semblance of sanity to the process.

The discussion was almost derailed, though, when Mayor Pro Tem Allan Mansoor tried to get the whole issue continued and deny the several dozen concerned residents the opportunity to be heard on this subject. He did this during the "Council Member
Comments" segment at the beginning of the meeting instead of waiting for the appropriate time in the agenda. Fortunately, Katrina Foley headed off this sleazy attempt to prohibit the public from speaking. It did demonstrate, once again, just how little regard he has for opinions of the residents of this city.

The issue at hand was the ill-advised attempt to impose draconian restrictions on the use of 28 of the 30 public parks in Costa Mesa. The City Council was to consider the recommendation of the Parks
and Recreation Commission to impose the designation of "Passive Park" on those 28, thereby effectively making law-breakers of groups who routinely use a few of the parks for recreation - like families on birthday outings, Boy Scouts on group activities, Home Schooled play groups, etc.

Fortunately, concerned and articulate residents chose to stand up and speak to this issue - including a couple of City Council candidates who have entered the race specifically because of this kind of overbearing action by the curr
ent council majority.

This issue, which has dragged on for years, has caused the expenditure of more t
han 400 hours of city staff time according to Peter Naghavi, Director of Public Services.


At the end, the council - following a motion by Katrina Foley and seconded by lame duck Linda Dixon - voted to simp
ly receive and file this report. This does not, however, prohibit the Parks and Recreation Commission from considering use restrictions on individual parks on a case-by-case basis.

Of course, this issue provided an opportunity for Foley and Mayor Bever - opponents in the current council race - to trade barbs. At one point I thought Bever might r
each over and slap Foley - he was really steaming. It made for great theater.

Do you remember how this all started? It was one man, determined to keep Latino men from enjoying kicking a soccer ball around Paularino Park after work, who fabricated a "safety" issue that forced the city to respond. Af
ter a couple years of debate and community outreach, the city finally designated Paularino Park as a Passive Park and installed boulders and trees to eliminate any possibility of anyone wishing to kick, throw or bat a ball around anywhere in that park doing so legally.

This, sadly, is just the most recent - and most visible - example of this man's influence
on the current majority on our city council. He's a clever, manipulative guy who will cajole and harangue the council and make veiled threats of "non-support" for re-election campaigns in order to keep them in line. His cancerous, pervasive, bigoted philosophy has infected the very fiber of this city.


Only a dramatic change in the November elections will keep this from perpetuating. Tuesday's co
uncil meeting demonstrated that it is possible to re-capture our city from the extremists who currently have it in a stranglehold.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look how fast the majority will run when they know they’re beat. Face it the city owes this victory to the courage of Linda Dixon. She alone stood fast when the majority was poised to cripple the parks. She also respects the spirit of the term limits law when she decided not to seek a third term on the council even though she was within the letter of the law.

9/17/2008 09:56:00 AM  
Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

Well, good old Martin "Banish Marauding Mexican Soccer Players from Paularino" Millard who refuses to allow commentary on his blog seems to be hung up again with peoples appearance instead of their thoughts. Doesn't he realize his neurosis is getting in the way of his gargantuan (by his account) intellect? Isn't it sad when a truly awesome human specimen wastes its talents the way he does? Too bad we will never find out what good he could have unleashed on the earth had he actually expelled his physiological demons instead of worrying so about racialist issues.

I was shocked at Mansoor's suggestion that the council should postpone the decision yet another week without getting the double barrel load that I am quite sure he knew was coming from the public.

Bever, telling me "this isn't about kids" got it all wrong. What he does not seem to understand is that measures restricting use to eliminate Martin Millard's Marauding Mexicans from our parks has a negative impact on ALL park users. And who are our park users? KIDS!!!! Get it? Come on Eric!

9/17/2008 10:21:00 AM  

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