Tuesday, September 02, 2008


As we involve ourselves in the turmoil of political campaigns these days, and rocks are tossed around at various candidates for their political leanings, sometimes it's necessary for us to step back and consider important things around us.

A friend sent me this LINK, which will take you to a 6 minute video that is certainly worth your time in these hectic days. I think it's particularly relevant now, considering the positions taken by certain local politicians and many of their supporters vis a vie the less fortunate among us.

Watch the video and tell me what you think...

As much as it pains me to admit fallibility (satisfied, Marty?), in the commentary I wrote to the Daily Pilot that appeared today I published incorrect information. I said that the show of hands by the nine council hopefuls at the first Candidate Forum on August 21st on the question of whether they supported a bridge over the Santa Ana River at 19th Street was unanimously against it. I was incorrect. The vote was 8-1. Eric Bever did not raise his hand and the moderator, Jay Humphrey, didn't comment on it. When I glanced up from making a note I didn't see Bever's hands still on the table in front of him. My bad! I apologize for that - my only mistake ever! :-) Several friends wrote to me to point out my error. However, Mayor Bever has not written. I guess he, among all the candidates, doesn't really care if increased traffic on 19th Street will create major problems for residents. I guess I'll have to check his campaign contributor list to see which developers support his return to office.

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