Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bruce Garlich Resigns From Planning Commission

The Daily Pilot and the Orange County Register report today that, earlier this week, Planning Commissioner and former city council candidate Bruce Garlich resigned his seat on the commission for reasons of personal health. His term would not have expired until 2009. According to reports, his seat on the commission will be filled from the pool of applicants to be considered for the two seats available this year - those held by Chairman Bill Perkins and Commissioner Jim Fisler.

Having gotten to know Bruce over the past few years has been a high point of my life and I'm proud to call him my friend. He's a man of intelligence, energy and integrity and his mature leadership on the Planning Commission will be sorely missed, as will his participation in the numerous volunteer organizations that he serves. Hopefully, he will return to these activities in the near future.

This is bad news for the City of Costa Mesa, because Bruce's steady hand on the commission, both as a commissioner and as the chairman, kept it focused and on track. During his six years on the commission he set the example for others by doing his homework, acting as a mentor and always keeping the debate focused on the issues and not personalities.

Please join me in wishing Bruce and his wife, Marietta, the very best as they navigate through the next few months. We hope he has a speedy recovery from his ailment and is able to return to all his interests at full strength soon.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Lemming's Roadmap

In response to recent comments posted here in which some purported "improvers" have taken me to task for accusing them of being led, at least intellectually, by a guy who operates his "little newsletter/blog" - the CM Press. This man clearly provides direction to the past and current city council majority and is obviously the source of many of the schemes espoused by them to "improve" Costa Mesa - read that, "Get rid of the folks with brown skin".

If you take them at their word, some state emphatically that they don't really care what kind of racist essays this fellow authors on numerous web sites. To them, it apparently makes no difference that his philosophical foundation is pure, unadulterated racism. Nope, they just think he has good ideas - no matter where they come from. It astounds me that, in this day and age, mature, intelligent people will actually fall for this guy's line and follow his lead like lemmings heading over the cliff.

I've read most of this guy's essays over the past few years, including many that go back several years. I must tell you that it's not for the weak of stomach. His views are so controversial that the Southern Poverty Law Center tracks him as a source of hate-speak.

So, as promised to my pals in the "improver" group, I hereby provide a list of links to some of his more incendiary essays. You can find the index of most of his writings on the New Nation News, here. Among them you will find the following essays, the titles of which are hot links that will take you directly to the essay:

Breeding Humans
Slow Breeding Whites And The New Plantationism
America Got A Lot Darker This Week
The White Tribe In A Brown Land On A Brown Planet
The Recessive Race
Bedroom Genocide
One Person's Racist is Another Person's Freedom Fighter
Race Doesn't Exist - Huh?
Bush The Blender
Non-Whites Telling Whites To Be White - Someone Has To Do It!
Frankenpeople, Nazi Dogs, And More Homos
Anti-White Bigots And Haters Lose One
Trouble At The Human Factory
The Gods Of Evolution
Snippets From The Gene Wars
Genes, Free Will, Sharks
The Return Of Slimy Brown Glop & Using Our Brains As We Should
Encroaching Darkness
Is The Mau Mau Machine Sputtering?
The Dark Age - Kill All Whites And Destroy All Reminders Of Them
Is The Swastika The Spirit In The Sky?
Ding Dong! The Whites Are Dead! Which Old Whites? All The Whites! Ding Dong, All The Whites Are Dead

If you go to the index you will find hundreds of other essay titles displayed, some of which are even more provocative and disgusting. I challenge each of you "improvers" to select one of the above and read it, then write to me and tell me honestly that it doesn't make any difference to you - that it is irrelevant. Read one of these essays, then look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you agree with it. If I don't hear from you I suppose I'll just have to assume you agree with the views expressed in the essays - a sad commentary on the state of our city, in my view.

The indifference reflected by some of the "improvers" is precisely how Adolph Hitler began his rise to power nearly a century ago. He gave the German people someone to blame their difficulties on - someone to hate. The result was WWII and the holocaust. Do I think the author of the CM Press is the reincarnation of Hitler? Not necessarily, but his tactics are exactly the same. Just because this man is a persuasive writer and speaker doesn't mean you should follow his lead in lockstep like a bunch of goose-stepping storm troopers.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wise Police Policy Yields Results

Today the Los Angeles Times published an article entitled, "A hire that's a cold contrast", which dealt with the current police chief in Richmond, a tough city across the bay from San Francisco.

At 103,000 people, Richmond is just about the same size as Costa Mesa, but has a very different racial make-up. According to the Times article, Richmond is 36% black, 27% Latino and 21% white and is ranked among the most dangerous American cities. Based on the information in the article, in 2005 police made arrests in only 13% of the homicide cases they investigated.

One city councilman is quoted as saying, "Somebody got shot and killed and 50 people were watching but 'nobody saw nothing,' "

Then the city hired Chris Magnus, a white man who came from Fargo, North Dakota - a city almost entirely white - as their police chief.

The story goes on to detail Magnus' approach, reinstatement of what is commonly knows as "community based policing" and giving senior officers responsibility for specific area within the city - a beat of their own. According to one officer quoted, "The chief gave us voice mail, email and cellphones.", which dramatically improved communications between the officers on the beat and the residents of the city. Because the officers were more visible and accessible to the community in a positive way, communications improved and more crimes were solved.

Contrast this to current day Costa Mesa, where our mayor and his majority seem determined to drive wedges between the police and the community, particularly the Latino community. There are many of us hoping that our own new chief, Chris Shawkey, can re-establish the lines of communication within the community that were shredded a year ago when our young jailer/mayor proposed his plan for cross-designation of Costa Mesa officers as immigration screeners.

Quite honestly, I don't think that's going to happen. I think that the current make-up of the city council, with the automatic acquiescence of Wendy Leece replacing the occasional voice of moderation Gary Monahan provided, practically guarantees even more draconian approaches to resolving conflict in this city. I guess we'll find out soon enough as this council gets it's game plan in place - perhaps as early as the meeting tonight.

The constant drumbeat of the blog CM Press, the bible for many of the self-anointed "improvers" in town and the song book for the Mansoor majority, continues to pound out it's anti-Latino rhythm with the persistence of a Chinese water torture. It apparently influences many people in this town who either don't care, or are too lazy, to assess the reasons behind the author's invective. They don't take the time to read his broader essays, which are an open window into the warped mind of this man. If they did, the readers would repudiate his mantra instead of taking every word he writes and every comment he utters at the speakers podium as gospel.

The Times article chronicles for us the success possible in very difficult situations when intelligent application of good community communications exists. Trust of the police by the residents creates sources of information which aids them in solving crimes. Thanks to the mayor, in Costa Mesa we have just the opposite - fear of the police, which dried up sources of information, which has led to an increase in violent crimes.

The aforementioned CM Press, in it's most recent posting, lists applicants for the Planning and Parks and Recreation Commissions, the openings on which will soon be filled by the City Council. I perused those lists with great interest and found among them names of some of those "improvers" mentioned above. Based on their public pronouncements, published viewpoints and actions over the past several years, I personally don't think some of those people will represent the interests of all residents of Costa Mesa on those commissions. I think they will represent only the narrow views of their cadre of malcontents which have orchestrated control of this city. However, should a couple of them gain appointments it will likely make for some interesting ingredients in the stew we stir here. They will go from private citizen to public figure and the spotlight that goes with such positions. They will no longer be able to hide behind pseudonyms while voicing controversial viewpoints on blog postings, for example. Nope, the light of day will be upon them and they will become fair game. Whether the public pays attention remains a big question. Only time will tell.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions? Maybe...

Well, here we are in 2007 already, all set to make resolutions that we have no chance of keeping. For example, each year I resolve to lose those extra pounds I gained over the past year and, each year, those pounds are joined by others. So, I've decided not to make such a foolhardy resolution. Instead, I've resolved to continue to be built more for comfort than speed - a resolution I know I can keep.

I thought about making a resolution to avoid critical comments about our local politicians, but realized that would almost certainly be one I couldn't keep. Instead, I've resolved to continue to pay attention to what they are doing and to comment as the mood moves me. That's another resolution I know I can keep.

There are those in our community who seem determined to solidify it as a bastion of intolerance. As they make their pronouncements I'll try to provide a counterpoint. If you only listen to them it would be easy to assume that every voter wants to expunge every Latino from our city. I don't think that's the case.

At a time when our world is filled with turmoil and uncertainty, I wish our young men and women in the armed services a quick return home to their loved ones, knowing full well that some will not escape unscathed. The newspapers this morning chronicle the fact that 3,000 Americans have died in those distant places so far - a terribly unhappy benchmark for us all.

I'd wish for world peace, but we all know that is not possible. As long as arbitrary political borders supersede historical tribal and ethnic boundaries strife will exist in this world. As long as politicians attempt to enforce harmony among historical enemies strife will exist.

Instead, I wish for our politicians to, somehow, acquire the wisdom, determination and patience to find a way to mediate a successful solution to the turmoil in the mid-east while keeping our country safe from further attacks.

I also wish that our elected leaders will be able to find a way to secure our borders and craft a good resolution to the current and on-going illegal immigration issue. Despite what some would have you believe, it's not a simple issue - if it were, it would have been resolved long ago.

So, on this first day of January, 2007, I wish for you and yours a year filled with love and accomplishment.