Friday, December 15, 2006

White Supremacists Snagged - Where's The CM Press?

The local media this morning reported that 57 white supremacists were arrested in sweeps throughout Orange County. The Los Angeles Times, here, and the Orange County Register, here, had basically the same story - 300 law enforcement personnel though out the county coordinated raids in several cities. Neither mentioned Costa Mesa.

However, our newspaper of record, The Daily Pilot, in a story by Michael Alexander, here, reported that 20 people were arrested in Costa Mesa as a result of raids on 17 locations. If these numbers hold up, this is big news. Nearly a third of the total number of people arrested in these sweeps around the county were snatched up in Costa Mesa. One would think any public spirited resident who professes to be pro-law enforcement would be all over this story.

However, the CM Press - a blog run by a guy who writes essays on far right-wing web sites - is curiously mute on this story. In the past he has been all over any kind of activity that might be a criminal act by the Latinos among us, but here is the biggest law enforcement sweep in my memory in our city going "unreported" by this hypocrite.

As the old saying goes, his silence speaks volumes.

And where, by the way, are the comments from our erstwhile mayor, Allan Mansoor, on this subject? In the past he's been out front whenever a Latino appears to be involved in a crime. You will certainly recall his insensitive comments following the murder of Israel Maciel a few months ago. Where is he on this one?

So, how do we interpret this silence? A cynical person might suspect that the CM Press is in support of those folks arrested, so wants to downplay it. Having read most of his essays in the past few years, he certainly does seem to be a kindred spirit to those white supremacists arrested.

This should give those 10,122 people who voted for Mansoor in the recent election some food for thought.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is The Circus In Town?

Will somebody please tell that clown who runs the CM Press that the election is over? Will you please let him know that his sycophants won, so he doesn't have to keep flogging the folks who didn't win?

In his latest bit of tripe he, once again, bemoans the air quality in Costa Mesa, postulating that it's dirty due to the industrial uses on the Westside bluffs. Of course, that claim was investigated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District at his demand, not request, a couple years ago and was refuted.

This is just another example of this particular guy fabricating issues that will facilitate the reduction of the Latino population in our city. Every time he uses the word "improve" he means "remove", as in "remove the Latinos".

In his latest blog entry this guy says the following, " The voters of Costa Mesa gave a mandate to Allan Mansoor and Wendy Leece to clean up and improve this city. Part of that mandate is to move at warp speed to revitalize the Westside and make it a nice and safe place to live--with clean air." That reference to "warp speed" should make every resident and business owner on the Westside very nervous. That tells me that he expects his chosen ones - Mansoor, Bever and Leece - to move with great speed to accomplish his goals. Of course, history shows us that Mansoor and Bever don't particularly care to follow the established rules and like to cut corners - like denying opportunities for the public to comment and cutting off other council members as they address issues.

As I've said many times in the past, you can't trust these guys, so don't turn your backs on them.

In the meantime, I hope Santa is watching so he can have the appropriate lump of coal ready for delivery to a certain home in Mesa North on December 24th. It will be the place where the owner looks very much like The Grinch. Feliz Navidad, Neighbor.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Your Neighbor" Keeps On Shoveling It

A guy who resembles my theoretical character, Your Neighbor, continues to flog the Costa Mesa Police Department in his blog. In his most recent entry today he speculates that the new police chief, Chris Shawkey, will probably not choose to live in Costa Mesa when he relocates from Arizona. He implies that if the new chief chooses to live in a neighboring city that somehow taints his authority and automatically renders him a less effective leader. What a steaming pile of manure!

This guy wouldn't be happy unless the chief decided to move his family into one of the apartments in what he refers to as the "Mendoza Slum", or somewhere deep in the bowels of the Westside. Only then, if you follow this guy's twisted logic, would our new chief be really qualified to lead his troops. More manure!

The way Your Neighbor shovels this stuff, I imagine his yard is a real garden spot. I sure wouldn't want to live downwind of him, though.

If Shawkey finds a home in Costa Mesa that he likes and can afford, that would be just dandy. If he chooses to look elsewhere, that's fine with me, too. Quite frankly, the nature of the job being what it is, I'd recommend that the chief find a place where he can relax and find some peace and quiet at the end of the day. Just because his job is virtually a 24/7 gig doesn't mean he has to sleep on a cot in the police building, for goodness sake!

I mean, can you imagine living next door to Your Neighbor, for example? In the past he's complained about some of his neighbors moving out of town. Well, can you blame them? Who would want to live next door to this guy who, apparently, spends much of his time tuned into his police scanner, listening for reports of marauding illegal aliens. When he's not busy composing one of his racist essays for publication on any number of internet sites he apparently spends much of his spare time on patrol in neighborhood parks, on the lookout for renegade soccer players.

No, I wouldn't blame Chief Shawkey if he looks for a home outside our city limits. Every person should have that right - to choose to live where they please. Except, according to Your Neighbor, people with brown skin and Hispanic surnames.

I wonder just how smart it is to keep poking the local cops with a stick the way Your Neighbor has been doing. For an alleged Mensa member, sometimes he just doesn't seem very smart.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

"Sore Loser" Speaks Out

Returning from a weekend out of town I found most of a commentary of mine, here, published adjacent to a nice, conciliatory editorial in the Daily Pilot, here. I say "most of" because the editors trimmed about a third of what I sent them, most likely in the interest of community harmony. That's OK, though - my point was made.

Their editorial made many excellent points, the most important of which was their observation that Mayor Mansoor and his majority should consider issues beyond their political base as they go about governing the city. Sounds good to me.

Some writers have taken exception to my post-election demeanor, accusing me of being a "sore loser". OK, I admit that I haven't taken the return of Allan Mansoor and the election of his chosen running mate, Wendy Leece, to the city council very well. The fact is, I don't think they were the best choices available to the voters. I've covered my reasons for feeling that way for several months ad nauseum.

Now, I understand the "wisdom" of extending the hand of congratulations to them and trying to make the best of a very, very bad situation - as both Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon have done. However, the first council meeting following the coronation of Mansoor and Leece proved to us that it will not only be "business as usual", but that there will be even less civility on the dais for the next two years. Mansoor has already demonstrated to us that he will be even less patient with opposing views than before and showed us that he's willing to circumvent the public process by ducking public comment on important issues.

By having Mansoor and Eric Bever re-elected to their positions as Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore respectively it only affirmed what I had been saying for months - that Leece is there only to echo the opinions of the other two. Gone is Gary Monahan's savvy grasp of the process and occasional voice of reason and mediation. If Leece expresses an original thought during her tenure I will be very surprised - pleased, but surprised.

This is bad news for residents of this city, and for those folks who plan to do business here. We've already seen Mansoor and Bever attempt to micro-manage potential new developments and change the rules on others.

I have this image floating around in my head of Mansoor, Bever and Leece caucusing with their merry band of former malcontents (I say "former" because it's likely they all are happy as clams now following the election) over the holidays to chart their course for the direction of this city over the next decade. I expect they will be considering a clean sweep of the Planning and Parks and Recreation Commissions, backfilling the vacancies with eager members of the "improvers"- payback for those who take credit for getting them elected. I wouldn't be surprised to see one particularly controversial activist considered for another appointment now that the election is behind us. Heck, I wouldn't even be surprised to see other members of his family appointed, too.

I expect to see the same thing happen as vacancies occur on city committees, too. We've already seen Bever's penchant to try to stack the deck based on his peculiar view of life. There will be nothing to stop him now.

I will be very interested to see just how the outside influence (and money) that found it's way into the Mansoor/Leece campaign plays out. Jim Gilchrist, the Minutemob head honcho, and some of his minions have already come to Mansoor's defense in post-election letters to the editor recently published in the Daily Pilot.

Of even greater interest to me is just how brazen that certain virulent activist mentioned above will become. Based on my read of his recent blog postings and subsequent actions by our young jailer/mayor, it's clear that Mansoor is singing from the activist's songbook. It might be a coincidence, but I doubt it. Of course, they don't care what I think - or what any other resident thinks, for that matter. They have the majority, so they can - and likely will - do whatever they darn well please.

The activist in question, who very much resembles my theoretical character, Your Neighbor, has taken a particularly aggressive position regarding the Daily Pilot, the newspaper of record for our area. On one hand, he complains about the editors not printing his submissions, then proceeds to figuratively poke them in the eye with a stick. For the past couple weeks he's shredded the editors and publisher in his blog. If he seriously wants to be published in the Daily Pilot, wouldn't you think a more conciliatory posture might work? Of course, this relationship is nothing new. For years he's sparred with the editors and reporters of the Pilot. Ironically, he complains when the Pilot pays attention to him, then gripes when they don't print his drivel. What a buffoon! For a guy who claims to be a Mensa member, he sure can be stupid!

Speaking of the Daily Pilot, they've begun permitting comments to many of their articles in the online version. This has made for some interesting exchanges by readers. One guy recently used this facility to whine about the Pilot not printing letters to the editor he submitted. Aw, poor guy! I've had a similar experience over the years. I'm sure there are many reasons for the editors to not publish submissions - too little space; too many letters saying the same thing or, just plain bad writing. Such is life. The guy should get over it and/or start a blog so he can vent. Works for me.

Since nobody else seems to care about what's going on with our new city council following the election, I guess I'll just have to keep watching and writing. I hope you'll keep on reading and commenting. Grumpy signing off for now.