Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Technology Travails - A Message?

Your humble correspondent is not a happy camper these days.  It seems that two separate technology outlets that dominate much of his life have simultaneously let him down - big time!

First, Time Warner Cable, which in our neighborhood has been a loyal, trustworthy source of  television for several years, decided to have a grand mal seizure for the past two evenings.  No problem during the day - I checked, but I don't usually watch television while the suns still up.  However, for the past couple nights we've suffered through the pixelation of all pixelations, regardless of channel.  And, even worse, the stuff we program for later viewing was affected too! Grrrr.  So, tomorrow, a very angry customer is going to melt the ATT telephone lines to Time Warner to extract a pound of flesh - or something.

Then, the Facebook "comments" on Daily Pilot online articles has gone through a similar meltdown.  We are well into the second day of erratic behavior, which makes it impossible to 1) read comment threads in their entirety and 2) post words of wisdom for others to read.  My friends at the Daily Pilot tell me this seems to be a problem broader than just the Daily Pilot comment threads.  I did notice that the Orange County Register is having the same kind of problem.  Mark Zuckerberg and his minions at Facebook better quit counting their profits and trying to manipulate human behavior and begin providing SERVICE.  There was life before Facebook and there will be life AFTER Facebook, too.  This is REALLY frustrating because, as you all know, I'm just full of words of wisdom that simply must be shared! ;-)

I mean, how am I supposed to spar with Mesa Water President Jim Fisler?  How am I supposed to tease Mayor Pro Tem Steve Mensinger about his spelling deficiencies?  How am I supposed to play literary ping pong with my friend, Bruce Krochman?  And Howard Hull.. how am I supposed to razz him about his vocabulary limitations, where every person who disagrees with him is described as a "hater"?  Woe is me...  Oh, wait... I can do that here, can't I?

Maybe the electronic gods are trying to tell me something.  Maybe it's time for a vacation from technology.  What do you think?  Maybe the time is perfect.  There's only one more meeting this month - the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting tomorrow - that's it.  The Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Monday, July 28th, has been cancelled and the next City Council meeting isn't until Tuesday, August 5th, followed by the Fairview Park Citizen Advisory Committee meeting on the 6th.

So, I'm going to contemplate my navel while I plan my conversation with the folks at Time Warner Cable tomorrow and decide if I need to take a break for awhile.  We'll see.

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Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

Calm down and go enjoy an evening out! Leave technology behind for a while. All of the worlds problems will be there when you come back. I promise!

7/24/2014 07:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Geoff, are you sure the lack of ability to read the comments is Time Warner or the Daily Pilot/Time Warner? I've had that problem off and on for quite awhile, and I don't have Time Warner. I'm not sure the comments not opening is limited to the Daily Pilot or Times. I notice it frequently.

7/24/2014 07:09:00 AM  

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