Monday, December 10, 2012

Newport Beach City Hall Sneak Peek

Tuesday the Newport Beach City Council will swear-in their newly elected members - they all ran unopposed! - in the brand, spanking new City Council chambers at the almost-open new City Hall over at Newport Center.  You can read more about that project at the Newport Beach web site HERE.

As most of you already know, it's taken the best part of the last decade to get this project completed, and it's grown from an idea to build a new City Hall at the site of the old, decrepit one to this magnificent edifice that Daily Pilot columnist Jack Wu has recently referred to as a Taj Mahal, HERE.  Well, old Jack may not be too far off.

At one point in the process renowned local architect and Americas Cup champion Bill Ficker scratched out plans for a nice, functional building that might have cost around $25 -  $30 million.  The project today is heading for $150 million and has had more bells and whistles added to it than most can even remember.  A "dog park"?  A bridge across San Miguel to reach it?  Really?

So, as the first curious folks enter that building Tuesday I thought I'd provide you with just a little perspective.  Back in 2005 - as this project was heating up - I wrote a little letter to the editor of the Daily Pilot which appeared on the Forum page on June 11, 2005.  In that letter I wondered why they were not considering what was obviously the best site in the city for the new City Hall.  I've kept a clipping of that letter as published and have reproduced it below for your reading pleasure. (click to enlarge image)
So, to all my friends in Newport Beach, I say "You're Welcome!"  I was happy to be part of the catalyst that produced your new, wonderful City Hall where it should be - in the center of the city, near excellent public transportation and the de facto center of commerce in your city.  I'm happy to be of service.

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Blogger just wondering... said...

Well, I can't say its the prettiest building I've ever seen. I get the wave effect, but the thing on the end looks like a capsized rowboat next to a row house. But I suppose it will blend well with a park atmosphere.

12/11/2012 08:59:00 AM  

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