Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Righeimer Spreads The Big Lie

As mentioned in my earlier post, Costa Mesa Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer made an appearance on "The Squawk Box" on CNBC this morning shortly before 9:00 a.m.  Considering what he had to say, I thought the name of the program seemed somehow absolutely perfect.

Righeimer, apparently in Chicago to celebrate his father's 80th birthday, used a couple minutes of valuable air time to perpetuate the myth of Costa Mesa's supposed insolvency for a national audience.  Granted, it's a small audience - miniscule by national television standards - but an opportunistic politician like Righeimer doesn't care as long as his face is on the screen.
In the preamble, where the interviewer wanted to identify Righeimer for his audience, he asked him "what's mayor pro tem mean because we don't have a mayor pro tem in Chicago?"  In his reply Righeimer said the following:  "I was elected to the council seventeen months ago and I'm, like, appointed by the council to be the number two person."  Well, that's accurate and, when I think of Righeimer, I certainly do conjure up the image of "Number Two".

When he was asked how he got elected he dove right into his "pensions are unsustainable" mantra and said, "We have arguably the number one sales tax generating, you know, shopping area, South Coast Plaza, on the planet and we can't slurry seal our streets."  This lie, from a guy who lives in a section of town that just had their streets not just slurry sealed, but completely repaved!  It takes giant cojones to tell such a bare-faced lie.  He probably assumed that nobody back home was watching.  Wrong, Jimbo!

The only positive element in his trip to Chicago is that he won't be at the City Council meeting later today.  Of course, that keeps him from having to vote to send himself and his buddy, Steve Mensinger, to Las Vegas on that "economic development" boondoggle.

As a reminder of just how pervasive lying has become for some members of the council, I present for your edification a short commentary issued by Eleanor Egan at the last council meeting.  As usual, she gets it right.

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Anonymous Royal Pain in the A$$ said...

The BS artist formerly known as Riggy is now emperor of Lower Mesa Verde.

His subjects named him Napoleon Spendboy Pinocchio The Last.

5/01/2012 03:03:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

God bless Eleanor Egan.
The "other guy" can deal with Righeimer and his Three Stooges.

5/01/2012 03:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Mary Ann O'Connell said...

Go, Eleanor!!

5/01/2012 05:26:00 PM  
Blogger Tina Wilcox Gold said...

So how do we get Eleanor on Squawk Box? JR shouldn't be allowed out without her.

5/01/2012 06:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Pants on Fire! said...

Riggy is a pathetic, liar. In some ways I feel sorry for him.
I bet he was bullied as a child.

So sad that he has become the bully of Costa Mesa.

5/01/2012 08:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Get Rid of the Council said: said...

Now thats telling them. They sound like total fools

5/01/2012 09:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Watchdog and Pony Show said...

John Moorlach's pension formula is 2.7% at 55, Costa Mesa City Employees are at 2.5% at 55 reformed for new hires 2% at 60. Shouldn't ole Johnny be screaming about his own pension? Shouldn't the taxwatchdog people being screaming how Johnny's pension is sucking the county residents dry?

From the County website (Johnny has it pretty good. No wonder he wanted to eliminate term limits and get 4 more years.)
MEMBER, BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 2nd DISTRICT 143,031.20 $ $ 25,122.60 $ 15,868.42 $ 40,667.48 $224,689.70

5/02/2012 12:50:00 AM  
Blogger Gericault said...

"We have arguably the number one sales tax generating, you know, shopping area, South Coast Plaza, on the planet and we can't slurry seal our streets." May 1st 2012

"South Coast Plaza is the No. 1 sales tax-generating mall on the planet, and we can't afford to slurry-seal our streets," he said. June 1st 2011

Jim Righeimer.....he has a story and he's sticking to it.

5/02/2012 09:30:00 PM  

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