Friday, June 26, 2009

The Newport-Mesa Daily Voice Growing...

It's been an interesting couple weeks for my friends, Tom Johnson and William Lobdell, since they announced the launch of their new venture, The Newport-Mesa Daily Voice.

They've been busily snatching news for their online publication from other local sources - the Daily Pilot, Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times and a few others - and have included most of the Daily Pilot bloggers in their blog roll. Curiously, they've chosen not to link to Paul Anderson's very entertaining blog, Supplied To Anderson.

They've generated some breaking news coverage on their own - to be expected from such seasoned newsmen - and launched their daily weather report using neighborhood kids giving a video weather report... very cute. They are making creative use of locally-generated videos, too.


They were interviewed on Fox News about this new venture. As I watched the video clip I found myself wishing they'd tried to be just a smidgen less casual. I suspect some of the national viewers wondered whether they had just come in from a morning on the golf course for the interview. Don't get me wrong - as any
one who knows me can attest - casual is just fine with me, but I kept wishing they'd worn a dress shirt and tie above their shorts for the interview...


It's way, way too early to tell if this is going to be a successful venture, but it looks like it's got a shot. I keep wondering, however, what happens if local readers abandon the Daily Pilot for the Daily Voice - where will Johnson and Lobdell get their content if they drive their competition out of business? Just wondering...


And, it's been an even bigger week for Lobdell, who announced on his blog that his book, Losing My Religion..." is now in it's 4th printing. Way to go, Bill! I've read his book and found it to be a fascinating story of his journey to and from religion. And, since it's really a travelogue of his journey on that path and he's still got a whole lot of livin' to do, I suspect there could be a sequel somewhere downstream. If he, for example, decides Zoroastrianism is an interesting choice of theology, he might write about that. Regardless, Bill's book is worth a read.

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Blogger William Lobdell said...

we heart Paul Anderson's blog. Not using it was just an oversight in our rush to get things out. we'll get it listed. same with your blog.

three other things:

1) i think one of our best innovations is our DUI and police log that pinpoint what happened on Google maps.

2) with our mighty 2-person staff (for now), we've managed a number of scoops in our first two weeks AND made the DP a better newspaper. the pilot is really hustling now, which is good for everyone.

3) our plan is to add staff as our advertising gets into place (we sold four ads today!). so if the Pilot goes south, we'll have a staff in place to fill the news vacuum.

thanks for the forum, geoff. you are the best!

6/26/2009 09:24:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

I agree, the DUI and police maps are great... very helpful. And, yes, competition is good for the marketplace of news and information. Clearly, there's going to be plenty of news here in the land of Newport-Mesa as the months move on...

6/26/2009 11:07:00 PM  

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