Friday, January 09, 2009

Lies and Innuendo

Today, in his CM Press #577, The Mouth From Mesa North tip-toed right up to the line as he presented not-to-veiled innuendo about the possibility of criminal mis-management of funds by the Costa Mesa High School Foundation and the Costa Mesa Senior Center Board.

In his most recent rant he compares those two situations to the Stephen Wagner embezzlement from the Newport-M
esa Unified School District more than a decade ago. Wagner was sent to prison, where he died in custody.


This racist blow hard fancies himself, as Mike Scheafer said recently, as the guardian of all things in Costa Mesa and the reporter of all "facts", just because he played a reporter - badly - in a truly awful mid-1970s movie. In fact, he consistently gets his "facts" wrong. That seems not to bother him, because he simply makes up "facts" to fit his bias.


If The Mouth has proof of misconduct
by by members of the Costa Mesa High School Foundation or the Senior Center he is duty-bound to present that proof to the proper authorities. He should put up or shut up!


This buffoon tells us that, among the many failed careers he has had, was that of a lawyer. If so, he needs to go back and re-read the sections in his law books regarding libel and slander. Although he sometimes doesn't act like it, he is an adult and is responsible for his actions.


The really sad part about this guy's rants is that some of the weak-minded members of the City Council take what he says as the truth and act accordingly. They, with him leading the way, are turning our city into a place where governance comes with an iron fist. That's a shame.

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Blogger CM.unim.PRESS.ed said...

Lies and Innuendo... old Marin is the expert at that!

So we see you are our community crackpot blogger now... we didn't know that position was open or we would have applied!

We hope you got an increase in pay!

1/09/2009 03:25:00 PM  
Blogger CMTRUTH said...

Bruce, Mike & William are this clowns only motivation behind hind of this.

1/09/2009 03:52:00 PM  

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