Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pilot Profiles Bever - U. Know-Who Provides Direction

The Daily Pilot provided a very nice profile of new mayor Eric Bever today. You can read it HERE. It was a fairly benign piece which tended to be quite positive. Only one mildly negative comment was included, and it was more a generic criticism of the entire council than a shot at Bever. As you read the article scroll down to the comments posted for a view of a few suggestions I provided to our new mayor as he
goes about leading our city.

Meanwhile, in the north part of town, Mr. U. Know-Who responded to the profile w
ith a set of specific instructions for the new mayor in a blog entry of his own, which can be read HERE. As you will see, in it Mr. Who bemoans the lack of sufficient action by the city council on issues he feels are important. As you read through his little rant you will notice the common thread in his "suggestions" is the displacement of the Latino population in our city. This, of course, is nothing new. What has changed is that he has a council majority that believes his crap and follows his lead on these issues.

For further amplification of Mr. Who's philosophy, just click HERE for a view of one of his most recent rants on the New Nation News web site - the repository of many of his "anti-blender" essays. It's just a darn shame that this guy and his perverted view of our society holds such a positio
n of influence over our council majority. It's very sad, indeed.

I keep hoping the electorate will wise-up and realize what these people, under the
direction of U. Know-Who, are doing to this city. However, as long at the illegal immigration issue gives them an emotional foothold in the campaigns I doubt we will see any change. As long as there are brown backs on which to climb I fear that the current majority will continue to control our lives here in Costa Mesa and continue to aim it backward to a time when discrimination was a way of life in parts of this country. It's very sad, indeed.

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