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The Lemming's Roadmap

In response to recent comments posted here in which some purported "improvers" have taken me to task for accusing them of being led, at least intellectually, by a guy who operates his "little newsletter/blog" - the CM Press. This man clearly provides direction to the past and current city council majority and is obviously the source of many of the schemes espoused by them to "improve" Costa Mesa - read that, "Get rid of the folks with brown skin".

If you take them at their word, some state emphatically that they don't really care what kind of racist essays this fellow authors on numerous web sites. To them, it apparently makes no difference that his philosophical foundation is pure, unadulterated racism. Nope, they just think he has good ideas - no matter where they come from. It astounds me that, in this day and age, mature, intelligent people will actually fall for this guy's line and follow his lead like lemmings heading over the cliff.

I've read most of this guy's essays over the past few years, including many that go back several years. I must tell you that it's not for the weak of stomach. His views are so controversial that the Southern Poverty Law Center tracks him as a source of hate-speak.

So, as promised to my pals in the "improver" group, I hereby provide a list of links to some of his more incendiary essays. You can find the index of most of his writings on the New Nation News, here. Among them you will find the following essays, the titles of which are hot links that will take you directly to the essay:

Breeding Humans
Slow Breeding Whites And The New Plantationism
America Got A Lot Darker This Week
The White Tribe In A Brown Land On A Brown Planet
The Recessive Race
Bedroom Genocide
One Person's Racist is Another Person's Freedom Fighter
Race Doesn't Exist - Huh?
Bush The Blender
Non-Whites Telling Whites To Be White - Someone Has To Do It!
Frankenpeople, Nazi Dogs, And More Homos
Anti-White Bigots And Haters Lose One
Trouble At The Human Factory
The Gods Of Evolution
Snippets From The Gene Wars
Genes, Free Will, Sharks
The Return Of Slimy Brown Glop & Using Our Brains As We Should
Encroaching Darkness
Is The Mau Mau Machine Sputtering?
The Dark Age - Kill All Whites And Destroy All Reminders Of Them
Is The Swastika The Spirit In The Sky?
Ding Dong! The Whites Are Dead! Which Old Whites? All The Whites! Ding Dong, All The Whites Are Dead

If you go to the index you will find hundreds of other essay titles displayed, some of which are even more provocative and disgusting. I challenge each of you "improvers" to select one of the above and read it, then write to me and tell me honestly that it doesn't make any difference to you - that it is irrelevant. Read one of these essays, then look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you agree with it. If I don't hear from you I suppose I'll just have to assume you agree with the views expressed in the essays - a sad commentary on the state of our city, in my view.

The indifference reflected by some of the "improvers" is precisely how Adolph Hitler began his rise to power nearly a century ago. He gave the German people someone to blame their difficulties on - someone to hate. The result was WWII and the holocaust. Do I think the author of the CM Press is the reincarnation of Hitler? Not necessarily, but his tactics are exactly the same. Just because this man is a persuasive writer and speaker doesn't mean you should follow his lead in lockstep like a bunch of goose-stepping storm troopers.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your writing about Martin and Martin is writing about cleaning up my neighborhood. I just want the gangs removed, the cut through traffic slowed down to 25mph, and the public school brought up to a level of the Newport/Huntington Beach school district.
I don’t care if its Kim Dae –Jung leading the charge of improvement in Costa Mesa as long as someone steps up to the podium and continues to remind or elected officers that we need some help.

1/05/2007 08:42:00 AM  
Anonymous DVS said...

Well, I didn't know Newport/Huntington was a school district. I thought it was Newport Mesa. But I digress.

A good idea espoused by an amoral person (speaking of Kim Dae-Jung) is still a good idea. One just needs to be careful of the ulterior motive the provider of said idea may have had. So theoretically speaking of course, if an avowed racist said he was interested in cleaning up a gang problem, and then only focused on gangs made up of minority members, you can’t really attack the concept of cleaning up the gangs, but doesn’t that give comfort to the non-minority gangs? And wouldn’t those be there very gangs that would espouse said racist mantras?

I am going to go out on a limb here (not very far out though) and suggest that almost all gangs have same racial slant and I would guess even racist roots. Yes that is my Whitbread view of gangs. I only know what I read in the papers, so I may not be the best sociologist to dissect this topic.

So from where I sit on my limb, I see a racially motivated mouthpiece for some segment of our community looking to clean up Latino/Latina/non-white gangs; the gangs themselves being made up of racist miscreants. Tough to take sides on this one isn’t it folks? You’re dammed if you do and damned if you don’t.

So I take the following position: I don’t like people in my community breaking the laws and terrorizing citizens (legal or illegal). I don’t like racists hiding behind law and order. Maybe my liberal public school education just slanted my vision, but it reeks of the segregated south to me. Well intentioned people making up laws and enforcing them to the detriment of another group of people.

When someone says, “I don’t care if Attila the Hun cleans up the streets I just want them cleaned up.” Please ask yourself, when Attila is done, what will he focus on next?

1/05/2007 09:47:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

OK, first, let's get our "Kims" straightened out. I suspect Len Bose (who appears above as "anonymous" due to a hiccup in the blogger system) was referring to Kim Jong Il, the diminutive ruler of North Korea, not Kim Dae Jung, the head of South Korea. Whatever, he made my point with his response. Apparently, it doesn't make any difference who carries the message to the "improvers", nor do the motives of the messenger make much difference, either. They apparently are willing to be led by the nose by the CM Press author wherever it takes them.

dvs makes an excellent point. A perfect example was the recent round-up of 57 white supremacists in Orange County - 20 in Costa Mesa at 17 different locations. These people fit any definition of "gang" that you choose to apply and had apparently put out contracts on law enforcement officers. However, the CM Press has been totally silent on this event. His silence speaks volumes to me. It tells me that he's a hypocrite and, worse, he likely holds sympathetic views about those arrested in that sweep.

Well, in my view, you can't pick and choose your bad guys. He and his followers keep bellowing about arresting alleged illegal aliens regardless the crime, yet remain mute when we're dealing with white supremacists intent on killing cops.

These are the folks the voters were conned into following in the last election. These are the people who gave us the new majority, so one might surmise that Mansoor, Bever and Leece are kindred spirits to their major supporters, right?

I'm still looking forward to hearing from more of you "improvers" once you've read one of the essays listed above. Len Bose apparently didn't need to - he'll follow the CM Press author right over the cliff.

1/05/2007 04:05:00 PM  
Anonymous dvs said...

Mea Culpa, that was my pejorative use of the wrong Kim. Thank you for correcting. Len's use was non specific and could have easily been intended as indicating any random individual, not necessarily a despot.

1/05/2007 05:31:00 PM  
Blogger Len Bose said...

Yep, I used the wrong Kim. Newport/Huntington Beach school district is a pun. Now should Attila clean up the streets I would thank him and ask him now to drop his whip his three minutes are up.
Your pitch has some good spin on it, but high and outside. Lets place one across the plate and you tell me how you would clean up Costa Mesa within the next eight years?

1/06/2007 09:02:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...


First, your name on your first comment somehow got muddled when I converted to the new "improved" blogger tool. Your name was dropped and you became "Anonymous" for some reason. Don't know why.

The "Kim" thing is no big deal - I understood your point. I disagree with it, which should come as no surprise. I don't think the messenger and his motives should be ignored just because you like his message.

As to your hanging curve ball, I can't answer the question. Of course, I would love to see the gang situation brought under control and it appears the CMPD is making headway. As former Chief Staveley told us, all the murders from last year have been solved - an amazing accomplishment for any police department. Too many people are looking for simple solutions to very complicated problems. I understand the frustration of those who live near neighborhoods where graffiti and gangs are a day-to-day problem. I'm confident everyone in city government who is in a position to work on the problems are doing so with great diligence.

I don't think tasking the CMPD patrol officers to snatch up loiterers, jaywalkers and those committing similar minor offenses instead of working the more serious crimes is a good idea. The mayor said over and over that he didn't plan for sweeps to be conducted. However, the net effect will be the same.

I understand the need to deport chronic criminals, but it's a completely useless exercise until the borders are secure. Yes, they can snatch up a repeat offender and send him off to jail, after which he will be deported. However, after a Cerveza or two, he'll be right back.

To properly answer your question I need much more information about budget dollars available, manpower deployment, etc. That's why we just hired a new police chief - to assess the situation and come up with plans to resolve it. Contrary to the author of the CM Press, I don't care where Chief Shawkey lives as long as he gets the job done. That's just another contrived issue to give that blowhard something to yap about. It's irrelevant to the issue.

Thanks for writing, again. Sorry about the name drop.

1/06/2007 10:53:00 PM  

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