Monday, August 29, 2016

Short-handed Planning Commission Approves Code Changes

Monday night the short-handed Costa Mesa Planning Commission - Tim Sesler and Stephan Andranian were absent - made quick work of two items on the agenda.

I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of the images.  Because I attended another event - see next post - that was held a few yards away from this one, I had to photograph the images from my recording of this event.
Chairman Rob Dickson, back from his vacation, guided the discussion, although Commissioner Colin McCarthy did nearly all the heavy lifting on these items.
Beth Refakes reminded us, once again, of the drive currently being held by the Military Affairs Team for Ball Gowns and accessories for the women of the 1/5 Marines for the Marine Ball coming up in October.

An unidentified speaker told the commission of problems with a new night club on 19th Street - The Holiday - and advised them of recent noise complaints and that they are operating outside the permitted uses.

Public Hearing #1, was bringing the various sections of the Municipal Code for two overlay zones approved in the General Plan for 2015-2035 into line with that General Plan.  After a short staff report the following speakers addressed this issue.
Jay Humphrey was concerned about the codifying unreasonable density in these areas.
Linda Teng, representing the Kennedy Commission, asked that at least 20% of these developments be designated for Affordable Housing.
Rick Huffman was concerned about taking of viable businesses for high density housing.  He said although this had been portrayed as a way to get rid of "Whores, Pimps and Drug Addicts", it was really a thinly veiled land grab that will displace existing businesses.
Cynthia McDonald was grateful that we had no "live/work" units in these plans.  She was concerned about the 4-5 story units that will pop up.  She said the only way to stop this kind of development is to vote YES on Measure Y - the Smart Growth Initiative.
Chris McEvoy asked the commission to stop approving high density housing.

After a very short discussion the commission voted, 3-0, to move this forward to the City Council.

Public Hearing #2 was a similar item, which brought the zoning requirements for the 100 acres of the Fairview Developmental Center into line with that new General Plan.
Dan Inloes conducted this staff presention and used this chart to show how the General Plan - and the codes that will be changed - would slice up the existing property.  It's pretty self explanatory.
Many of the same individuals who addressed the first item spoke on this one, too.  Jay Humphrey was concerned that the plans might include demolition of a perfectly good facility that might be used for some of the proposed plans.

Linda Teng again was concerned about affordable housing.

Cynthia McDonald was concerned for Affordable Housing for women veterans.
Jonathon Fletcher emphasized the need for Affordable Housing, particularly for Vets and Senior Citizens.  He was concerned about squandering a valuable resource.

McCarthy again took the lead on this issue and reminded us that the State has control of this process, but these changes can provide a roadmap for any future developers.  The issue passed on a 3-0 vote and the meeting adjourned until September 12th after only 65 minutes.

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Anonymous Casual Viewer said...

Rumor or true - There is no overlay zone where Gary's tavern is located.

8/30/2016 07:19:00 AM  
Anonymous lovemygarden said...

@ Casual Viewer Draw a 500 circle around Gary's business and home and you will see there are no spots in the rezoned area. The entire length of Newport Boulevard was, at one time, slated for rezoning, but that changed when they figured out they weren't going to have the 3 required votes unless Gary could participate.

What we learned last night from Colin McCarthy is that the problem motels aren't the real reason for redevelopment. These areas were targeted long ago, and Righeimer and Mensinger just used the motel issue to push through what the developers wanted. Vote YES on Y!

8/30/2016 09:27:00 AM  

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