Monday, July 11, 2016

Special Council Meeting Tackles Two Issues

The Costa Mesa City Council will hold a Special Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12, 2016 in City Council Chambers.  This meeting will commence at a special time - 7:30 p.m. - and will be preceded by a Special Closed Session commencing at 6:30 p.m.  You can read the agenda for the Special Meeting HERE.  Because this is a special meeting there will be NO public comments on non-agenda items, so those of you wishing to address other issues or just blow off steam will have to wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Public Hearing  #1, HERE, is the Voting Districts Formation.  You will recall that at the last meeting Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer ignored the consultants and every member of the public that took time out of their lives to participate in this onerous process - one that is being forced upon us by litigation - and put forth a 6-district option which includes a directly-elected mayor.  I attended every meeting held on this subject and not a single member of the public expressed any interest in this choice.  Sadly, this has become typical of Righeimer and his buddy, Mayor Steve Mensinger.  They think they know what's best for us and NEVER bother to listen to public input.  Even worse, they chide members of the public with opposing viewpoints from the dais.

Please read the staff report on this very important issue.  The question of whether the City should present TWO options to the voters, bifurcating the term limits for a directly-elected mayor on the second option.

Also not clear to me is whether a council member with a term expiring 2019 could run for the directly-elected mayor position in the election of 2018 - the first time this issue will be contested based on the presentations being made.  Katrina Foley and  Righeimer will be termed-out at that time.  Could either of them run for the directly-elected mayor position?

It's going to be very interesting to see how Righeimer tries to manipulate this process tomorrow night.  It should make for some interesting theater.  As always, this will be televised live on CMTV and streamed live on the City website.

New Business #1, HERE, is the bogus attempt by the City Council majority to bypass the will of the people by presenting what they're saying is a competing issue to the initiative successfully circulated by the Fairview Park Preservation Alliance to restrict development in Fairview Park.  That initiative WILL be on the ballot.  The subject of this discussion theoretically tightens the focus specifically to a prohibition of sports fields in Fairview Park.  I suspect the council will approve this issue being placed on the ballot and will probably also spend $8,400 per flyer for three flyers to advocate to the public for this issue instead of the citizen-generated initiative.
I'm not sure how this meeting will go.  And, I'm not sure whether I will be in the house or watching it from home.  I suspect many residents will present their views for the council majority to hear - but not consider.  In any event, I expect to write about this following the meeting.  Stay tuned.

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Anonymous Heart for Costa Mesa said...

You were right to call last Tuesday "The...Worst...Meeting...Ever". I don't expect a lot from these guys but still I look for improvement in civility and respect toward others, and openness to take into account other views. Honestly, last Tuesday was a new low. It has never been more obvious how little they care what anyone thinks but themselves. I took the time away from chores an family to go to a districting meeting - but of course 160 people are "too few" and don't count. sheesh! Gary won his election by only 155 and Jay Humphrey was a teeny weeny 47 behind Righiheimer. 160 people count! I keep thinking how can they say and do this stuff and go home feeling good about themselves?

7/11/2016 04:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Heart, so true. I'm certain the citizenry of Costa Mesa are sick of dishonesty, sick of being lied to, sick of charter attempts (which is what is growth initiative is) and sick of Rig and Steve handing contracts to buddies. Isn't it coincidental that both of them are building homes larger than any of the others in the neighborhood? I don't see their lots being divided for the small lot ordinance. We haven't had a truly balanced budget in years. They pull money from one account to put in another to show what they want. Our self-insured fund is 7 million in the hole. 7 MILLION!! Fire Station 1 is falling down. We can't get our councilmen to work out a contract with our fire department. Yet we buy rocks for the middle of the streets. As Rig says, "This is just crazy".

I am looking forward to some intelligent, honest councilmen in the next election. Those that care for the city and not themselves. I'm voting for Genis, Humphrey and Stephens. All 3 of them are honest to a fault and will work hard to make sure our budgets are balanced, the reserves (which are now as low as they were during the last recession) are finally built up and get this city back on its feet rather than making it look like its ready for bankruptcy. Sick of people laughing at Costa Mesa because we have clowns at the helm.

7/12/2016 01:30:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

There is no such thing as being "honest to a fault"! Honesty is not a fault, it's a virtue.

7/12/2016 01:41:00 PM  

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