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Boys & Girls Club Extension And Vrska Expulsion On Agenda

The Costa Mesa City Council will meet again on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 beginning at 5:45 in Council Chambers at City Hall.  You can read the full agenda HERE.  We could be out of there well before 8:00 p.m.
Early in the meeting Gordon Bowley will receive the latest iteration of the Mayor's Award.

Following Public Comments, Council Member Comments and the report from the Chief Executive Officer, Tom Hatch, the Consent Calendar will be considered.  There are eight (8) items listed on the Consent Calendar and, in theory, they are of routine nature and will not be pulled for separate discussion and be handled in one combined vote by the council.  However, if one of the council members, a staff member OR a member of the public wishes to pull one of those items for separate discussion, under the rules imposed by Mayor Steve Mensinger, it will be trailed to the very end of the meeting for discussion and vote.

Item #2 is Warrant Resolution #2552, HERE.  This represents nearly $4 million of our tax dollars spent and is interesting to just scroll down through to see who is receiving what.  Usually I'll give you a long list of things that caught my eye, either because of the amount of money involved or because of the nature of the item.  Today that list will be short.  Feel free to go to that link and take your own trip through millions of your dollars being expended.  Here's my list:
  • Costa Mesa Conference & Visitor Bureau - $198,346.11 - BIA Receipts for Dec. 2015
  • Johnson Favaro LLP - $98,857.20 - DD Library&Pk Impv
  • Mercy House - $40,000.00 - Grant for Homeless
  • National Auto Fleet Group - $178,525.08 - Five (5) new police vehicles
  • Newport Mesa Unified School District - $15,000.00 - Feasibility Study CMHS
  • West Coast Arborists, Inc. - $21,317.00 - Emerg. Remov. Hazardous Trees
  • Hilton Costa Mesa - $2,500.00 - Employee Svs Award Deposit
  • The Omega Group Inc. - $7,025.00 - Furnish & Install. (What?)
  • Jones & Mayer - $37,134.35 - Legal (Dadey)
  • Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth - $3,607.50 - Legal - various
I didn't list all the temporary service items, nor the consulting fees for things like Inspection and Plan Check services.  It was interesting to note that we apparently spent nearly $40,000 on one entry with Jones & Mayer, our contract City Attorney firm.  Anyhow, enjoy.

There are no Public Hearings scheduled for Tuesday night.
Old Business #1, HERE, is the second reading of a mandatory ordinance related to water efficient landscape plan and related guidelines required by new state rules.  This should take five minutes, tops.
New Business #1, HERE, is an interesting issue.  This is the lease agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of the Harbor Area, inc., and the City for property at 2131 Tustin Avenue.  The original lease was for a term of 50 years, with a proviso that the Lessee shall have the option to extend the lease for an additional forty-eight (48) years.  This is where we are today.  The new term would commence November 14, 2016 and expire November 13, 2064, with a rent rate of $1 per year.
New Business #2, HERE, is the vindictive demand by Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer for the removal of Anna Vrska from the Fairview Park Citizen's Advisory Committee.  No reason is required for a volunteer to be removed from a City committee, but this is clearly the result of Ms. Vrska's recent unfortunate use of the word "Nazi" when referring to the Sergeant-at-arms during the Planning Commission meeting on February 22, 2016.  Righeimer will likely deny it, but there is NO other reason for this action.  I wrote extensively about this in a recent post, HERE, so I won't say more now except that it demonstrates the petulant dictatorial behavior that we've seen by Righeimer ever since he took office five year ago.  Ms. Vrska subsequently apologized for her use of that word.  I published her apology verbatim in an entry HERE.  I won't be surprised if a few residents and others speak to this issue Tuesday night.
This meeting could be a short one, but one just never knows how long winded Righeimer might be, which stretches the time out.

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Anonymous Arthur Nern said...

Das Rigmarshal doesn't like it when the light shines on him.

2/28/2016 09:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Ken Nyquist said...

What a damn mess Costa Mesa is in. I had a hard time admitting that leaving Costa Mesa would ever be a good idea for me, but time has proven that I was correct in my assumption of where Costa Mesa was headed in 2000, and I am also correct in where it is headed now. Tower crane rentals should be a big business for the next 30 years...You used to drive Santa Ana Canyon Road just like I did Geoff, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back on the way to Riverside, or Corona, or Palm Springs...Newport Blvd all the way up through Orange and beyond..I miss the old days sooo bad. Nice people all around the Newport Harbor area, and the Bluffs...The class is gone at Costa Mesa City Hall, and that is why we moved 120 miles away..I still suggest a 7 person council to help balance the power, along with a requirement that a majority is in place during any planning meeting. No more if the vote is 2 to 2, with a member abstaining or absent from the bench, that something the Sandpiper or CMMI...slick shit that got pulled off during the CEO raids, on our properties.
I am happy to have moved back to the mid 60's slow pace of what if it hit 125 on my porch last summer a few times..better than letting the Mafia kill me off in a car accident...
The Planning meeting must have been an unexpected turn of events for Ms. Vrska, who will probably have her character slaughtered during the trial on Tuesday..
I remember you being accused of calling Righeimer a Nazi back a couple of years, and I do recall that you only went so far as to call him a dictator, which could be Hitler, could be Mussolini, could be so and so etc...Righeimer called out folks names during a council meeting, some in the crowd, some not, that had supported your refusal to apologize, in a Daily Pilot commentary, if I remember right. I just happen to be one of those people who thought you had a right to call him whatever you wanted, so long as you believed it to be true. That cost me, but it was worth it in the end...Now in Ms. Vrska's situation, she called a CMPD officer a NAZI, and if she thinks that guy was harsh, she missed the 50's, 60's and 70's 1st Ammen rights and true racial issues in this country. I called the CMPD and NBPD pigs for a few years of my life, and I regret that kind of disrespect.

Ms. Vrska, whom I have only seen and heard on CMTV during a broadcast, will be excommunicated from the cult, now and forever...good luck to her...

2/28/2016 06:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Ken, you couldn't be more wrong.

2/29/2016 03:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Ken Nyquist said...

Where's My Coffee?
I am at a disadvantage here, since you know who you are, Geoff knows who you are, and I have no clue, who you are, but you know who I am. I have read your stuff a bunch over the years and thought better than to try and figure out which shadow you may be, and I may have responded to a comment you made before, but not likely. My 16 years on all types of message boards, tells me who you are, even if I don't actually know you. I never felt a negative towards me from your shadow before, but here we go.

Please...type away behind your screen name and elaborate on which part of my little rant is wrong...I'm just dying to read all about your right versus my wrong. I hope you are someone I know and respect in real life, rather than a screen name with an opinion. What's wrong with my post? Did Geoff actually call the then mayor a Nazi or something? Maybe I never drove to Palm Springs using Santa Ana Canyon Road?I will admit that tower cranes would probably be a mistake if the growth initiative passes. Ms. Vrska will be treated fairly and be able to remain on a committee, or better yet, get appointed to the planning commission or something? 7 people on the council too many?
Maybe there are still some people left who have class at City Hall? Maybe I should narrow that down to the 5th floor to help show my concern for correctness.

2/29/2016 07:41:00 AM  
Anonymous davidonlorenzo said...

It would be nice if we could have a breakdown of the charges from Jones & Mayer. With all the work that they do, are they running the city?

2/29/2016 09:24:00 AM  
Blogger zennymoon said...

Ms. Vrska will be the topic of a Riggy rant, while the mayor sits and keeps himself busy with his phone and texting finger. The three stooges are a treat, indeed, a Tuesday night fiasco, featuring The Riggy the ringmaster; Mensey the trained monkey and and skosh in clown attire.
They need to sell peanuts and popcorn and the mayor can be a barker for beer at Monahan's.....

2/29/2016 05:28:00 PM  

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