Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Field Use And Fairview Park Top Parks Commission Agenda

The Costa Mesa Parks and Recreation Commission meets for the first time this year on Thursday, January 28, 2016 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers at City Hall.  The agenda for the meeting may be found HERE.

There is one tree removal request, HERE, for a pretty nice looking Canary Island Pine tree at 2743 Gannett Drive.  The staff recommends denial, but the commission could authorize the removal.

Next up on the agenda is the 2015 Fall Field Audit Report and proposed amendments to the Field Use And Allocation Policy (FUAP).  You can read that agenda item and the report HERE.  This could be a very interesting discussion.  As a result of the audit several adult groups were bounced from the fall schedule and youth group Friday Night Lights failed to meet the membership standards, too.  I suspect we'll see representatives of many of these groups in the audience to discuss the changes being proposed.

The final item on the formal program is the Fairview Park Annual Report, HERE.  I won't try to cover everything on the report - it's an easy staff report to go through.  Most Fairview Park lovers will find it of great interest.  I find myself wondering if the initiative to protect Fairview Park from development for which petitions are currently being circulated will get any discussion during this meeting.  We'll see.

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Anonymous Terry Koken said...

The FPPA is hard at work gathering signatures, and it looks like there will be a measure on the ballot. God willin' an' th' crick don't rise.

A little to the south, Banning Ranch is coming up in March before the Coastal Commission, once again, with six hundred McMansions (or is it 800, or 1175? lots of blue smoke here) proposed. Politics has reared its ugly ophidian head with a move to oust the executive director of the Coastal Commission's staff, Charles Lester. In yesterday's Times, there were articles by Steve Lopez and Steve Blank in support of Lester. In fact, there seems to be a groundswell of support for the man: There will be bus service to Morro Bay for a lot of us who wish to speak in his support, and a letter-writing campaign is under way. Steve Kinsey may have bitten off more than he can chew here.

Steve Blank, you may remember, is the former coastal commissioner who quietly and genteelly reduced the head of the TCA to a quivering blob of jelly over the extension of the 241 Toll Road to Trestles surf break.

Thank God Charles Lester has decided to stand his ground and fight. He deserves all our support.

1/28/2016 10:55:00 AM  
Anonymous davidonlorenzo said...

There is currently a crime spree going on in the Mesa del Mar neighborhood.

The Costa Mesa chief of Police is trying to talk his way out the problem.

"Sharpnack said it would be difficult to determine what effect a fully staffed department would have on local crime, adding that he thinks some of the problems extend beyond the control of police."

The article in today's Register was both embarrassing and discouraging.

1/28/2016 11:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

David, I saw that article also. Sharpnack is covering his butt. You'll notice the comment section is disabled? Prop 47 didn't help, but crime was rising before that occurred. These ridiculous councilmen have turned this city into a flipping' mess. This is where we raise our families. Righeimer seems to have a desire to attack this town. He and Scott Baugh brought the sober living homes here. He has refused to do anything to alleviate that problem. He decimated the police force, and now crime is rising because the criminals feel a sense of safety without police. Great. This used to be a wonderful place to raise kids. Not anymore. Every night we set alarms, check the outside sensor lights, lock all the cars, even in the garage, dead bolt all doors and windows. Its insane. This is not downtown Los Angeles. Why do we have to daily face hookers, drug addicts, derelict alcoholics sleeping on the sidewalks, cars broken into for stuff to sell for drugs, drugs being sold out of the houses in our neighborhoods, and in our shopping centers? Sick and tired of the excuses given to the residents. We know who is at fault. And we know what to do about it. Can't wait until November. VOTE THEM OUT!

1/28/2016 10:03:00 PM  

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