Tuesday, November 11, 2014

While You're Waiting... Other Election News

Since we have another seventeen hours or so until we get another tally from the Registrar of Voters, HERE,  here's some things to consider involving this year's election.

First, if you think that 21 vote margin between Jim Righeimer and Jay Humphrey is close, consider the race for the second seat available in Laguna Woods. (See below)  In this one Rae C. Tso leads Carol A. Moore by one (1) vote!  Yikes!
Back here in good old Costa Mesa, the two ballot measures of local significance are Measure O - the bastard child of soundly-defeated Measure V from two years ago - and Measure P, the unnecessary, insignificant advisory measure about the I-405 toll lanes.  Measure O suffered even a more severe beating at the ballot box than Measure V.  It is getting crushed with more than 63% of the voters saying not only NO, but HECK NO! - or words to that effect.

Measure P - the ego boost for Mayor Jim Righeimer - was supposed to provide overwhelming support for the Costa Mesa City Council's unanimous vote to oppose toll lanes on the I-405 Freeway from Costa Mesa to the Orange County/Los Angeles County line in Seal Beach.  However, somebody on the city staff botched the ballot language, placing two questions when there should have been only one.  The result must be considered "inconclusive" - the kindest way possible to explain the result.  I suspect Righeimer thought he'd get something like an 80% plurality, which he could wave under the noses of the officials making the decision on the toll lanes to demonstrate overwhelming public opposition.  Instead, because of the screw-up on the ballot we have a 54.5% - 45.5% result.  AND,  sources tell me it cost us more than $12,000 to put it on the ballot and probably at least that much to publish and distribute three (3) explanatory fliers to the voters attempting to mitigate the gaffe.  Incidentally, no other member of the so-called "corriedor cities" chose to place such a measure on the ballot.  Only down here in "Ego Central" was it done - badly!

So, dear neighbors, let's all just chill out a little and wait for the next batch of numbers from the ROV Wednesday afternoon.  I'll write about it when the numbers are released.

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