Thursday, September 04, 2014

Of "Tabling", Train Rides, Field Trips And More

The Costa Mesa Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee met again last night before a much, much smaller crowd than attended the previous meeting in August.  This time around a total of, maybe, fifty people drifted in and out.  I counted 40 people in the seats at one time.  You can read the agenda for the meeting HERE.

Public Services Director Ernesto Munoz provided a short presentation on the plans for installation of a landscaped median along Placentia Avenue as it runs from Wilson Street to Adams Avenue past the park.  This $1.5 million project - $844,000 in grant funds - will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission at its October 23rd meeting.

During the Public Comments segment nine (9) people spoke to the committee on a variety of issues.  Most requested that the park be kept as-is, in a natural state.

The committee then considered the dozen items left over from the previous meeting.  Here is a list of those items and the action - or lack thereof - that was taken on each:

1 - Basketball/Handball Courts - Vice Chair Steve Smith suggested this be "tabled", joining several other items - all field uses -  previously set aside to be considered at a future, undetermined, date.

2 - Trail Exercise Stations - This received some discussion but nobody made a motion to move it forward, so it died.

3 - Dog Park -  Died for a lack of a second to Ron Amburgey's motion to move it forward for discussion.

4- Dry Land Wildlife Viewing Area - This item actually received enough attention that a motion was made to move it forward, but it failed on a 6/3 vote.

5 - Vernal Pools Preservation with /Cables, Signage and Delineation - After a lengthy discussion, including an attempt by member (and council candidate) Lee Ramos to sandbag speaker Sandra Genis with a question about a non-existent vernal pool study, this item died for lack of a motion.

6 - Retain the Elements of the Master Plan as it Reads Now - This question has appeared in previous discussions on the other three quadrants.  After serious discussion it failed to move forward on a 5/4 vote.

7 - Include a two-tiered building that includes an Interpretive Center and Terrace/Viewing Deck - This one died for lack of a motion.

8 - Improve Placentia Avenue with Cable and Post Delineation - After spirited discussion about appearance and public safety this item died for lack of a motion.

9 - Roller Hockey Surface - This item was tabled for the time being.

10 - Improve/Designate Bike Paths and
11 - Concrete Path from NW Traffic Signal to SE Traffic Signal at Estancia High School were combined and referred to the staff for some analysis and options to be considered at the next meeting.

12 - Nature Center, Bird Watching Platforms - Died for lack of a second.

The committee then discussed the possibility of including a Native Plant Nursery, to be used to propagate plants that would be used throughout the park as replacement plantings were necessary.  After some serious discussion of this topic, guided by resident Cindy Black, the committee voted, 8-1, to have staff perform a more detailed analysis for the committee to consider at a future meeting.

After a suggestion by Vice Chair Steve Smith, the committee voted, 8-1, to hold its next regularly scheduled meeting as a field trip to Riverside Live Steamers, where model trains and athletic field uses apparently happily co-exist, on October 12th.  The public is welcome to attend.  An agenda will be distributed as the date approaches.
Then there was significant discussion about the remaining meetings this year.  Smith suggested that the November meeting - scheduled for the 5th - be cancelled because it falls on the day following the election.  Smith, Amburgey and Ramos are running for office.  The next meeting would be December 3rd.  No decision was made - Chairman Dr. Richard Mehren will consult with staff and make a decision on the November meeting.

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