Tuesday, November 26, 2013

City/CMCEA $600,000 Apart

In a very brief "report out" as a result of an approximately 90-minute Special Closed Session this evening, city negotiator Richard Kreisler reported to the public that the Costa Mesa City Employees Association and The City are still approximately $600,000 apart in the "cost" of the proposed labor contract.  Only Mayor Jim Righeimer, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Mensinger and Councilwoman Wendy Leece were in attendance for this very short meeting.  I don't know if Gary Monahan and Sandy Genis attended the closed session.

Kreisler referred to the November 21, 2013 "meet and confer" meeting, which he said would be posted online today.  He also made a cryptic remark that this included only the dollar difference in the contract and did not include "language issues" that are part of the ongoing meet and confer process.

So, we know we don't have a contract yet, but once we get a peek at the notes from that November 21st meeting we may have an idea of how far the sides are apart ideologically.  When we know I'll report it to you.

Separately, Helen Nenadal - President of the CMCEA - who has proudly served this city for more than three decades has decided to call it a career.  She will retire near the end of this year.  Helen has been a steady hand, a hard-working, dependable employee and an excellent leader of the association.  Her upbeat presence will be sorely missed.

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Blogger kwahlf said...

Helen, we will miss you!
You have persevered through the last tumultuous three years with grace and determination.
Thank you for your many years of service and dedication to our city.

11/26/2013 08:40:00 PM  
Anonymous seedling said...

gee-- labor contract or unneeded lights? Priorities of this city are mind bending to say the least

11/26/2013 10:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Skeptical in Costa Mesa said...

Maybe they could use the $600K to shed some light on the contrat?

11/27/2013 08:10:00 AM  

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