Friday, August 16, 2013

A BIG Week Ahead

After what felt like a vacation last week, with only one big meeting - the Charter Committee - held during that five-day span, next week is going to make up for it - in spades!

Here's the schedule of events that face us next week


The Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee will meet again in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) adjacent to the Police Department from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.  You can read the agenda for that meeting HERE.  Following presentations by representatives from the Harbor Soaring Society and the Waldorf School there will be a discussion of roles and responsibilities of the Committee and the Parks and Recreation Commission, which have appeared to be slightly out of sync recently.

The committee will then review the Park Master Plan, focusing on the Southwest Quadrant this time.

This meeting, as all are, is open to the public, so anyone interested in the future of Fairview Park is encouraged to attend and address the committee at the appropriate time.

A General Plan Roadshow will travel no farther than Conference Room 1A on the first floor of City Hall, when members of the Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbors Group will be given an opportunity to express their collective and individual views on issues they feel should be considered in the pending General Plan update.  This meeting is scheduled from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  The public is welcome at this meeting, too.  You can visit the city web page dedicated to the General Plan meeting/roadshow schedules HERE for information about this meeting and others in the future.

In an effort to schedule General Plan meetings at times, and with amenities, that meet the needs of busy families so their input can be taken for this very important update process a "Live Puppet Theater Show and General Plan Land Use Alternatives Workshop" will be held beginning on the lawn adjacent to City Hall at 6:00 p.m.  The puppet show will also begin at that time.

At 7:00 those interested can adjourn to the Emergency Operations Center, right next door, for further information on the Land Use Element of the General Plan.  Refreshments from Starbucks will be served for both the puppet show and the meeting.  See the flyer below for information. (click image to enlarge)

The Costa Mesa Parks and Recreation Commission, led by Chairman Byron de Arakal,  will meet beginning at 6:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers at City Hall.  You can read the agenda HERE.  The meeting will have a presentation on  the Costa Mesa Country Club Entryway Improvement and deal with several requests for tree removal.

The big item on the agenda, though, is the only Old Business item on the agenda, the Fairview Park Entryway Concept Plans, HERE.  This one is a return visit due to the controversy about the number of parking spots planned for the original idea.  This one has been modified with what looks like the same parking lot footprint, but fewer actual spaces indicated.  From what I read in the staff report, this seems like a good solution and provides for future possible needs. (click on image to enlarge)
Unless there is something of a breaking news nature, this will be the only post for this weekend, except for, perhaps, one more late Sunday.  This one will contain big news about A BUBBLING CAULDRON, so please look for it later in the weekend.  That's it for now.. have a great weekend.

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Anonymous resident spring said...

I see the rapid response jeff west has already criticized and denigrated the mayor and his forthright letter in the pilot. that was quick. and soon to follow a rebuttal letter from the minions, perhaps second lillypad Mooney?? of course alf and Fuqua will have quick comments too, the call has been made for comments. looking more foolish everyday. the residents know that employees have it too rich. a good issue for Riggy. Remember, this is the first offer in negotiations. try and hold it together and craft a businesslike response. hysteria shows you as weak.

8/16/2013 07:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Puppet Show said...

"I see the rapid response jeff west has already criticized and denigrated the mayor and his forthright letter in the pilot"

Congrats! You started licking before your master even got his boots on. If you're really quick, does Fred Flintstone let you do his laundry? Other than drink and supplicate yourself, what do you DO all day?

8/16/2013 09:27:00 PM  
Blogger kwahlf said...

" hysteria shows you as weak."
Remember that when you submit your comments here.

8/16/2013 09:32:00 PM  
Anonymous question? said...

what/who is bomops? that guy uses it a lot lately but can't find it anywhere. Someone told me it was:

Bi**ches Of Mean Organized Per Sandra?

Someone else said it was about the person who used it:

Beginning Of My Own Paranoia Syndrome (others used Sickness as last word). why would someone tag themselves like that at every post? for sympathy?

Either correct? why and who are they? and who is Sandra?

I know about frogs, sychophants, puppets, trolls, minions, witches, bootlickers, kool aid drinkers. that is just what you say when you don't have a factual rebuttal and are frustrated, such as children do. but bomops is something I have never heard until recently.

Beware Of Minority Of People Screeching?
that's it! right? very good, we should all start out saying BOMOPS before our posts or should be used when addressing council. "Good evening Mr. Mayor council: BOMOPS, I am here to complain about everything....."

8/17/2013 05:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Party Planner said...

Do you see the plan? Make the parking lot bigger but only stripe if for the 10 approved spots. Then during the night the Pop Warner parents can teach their kids how to cheat the system and bring their kids out in the middle of the night and stripe another 35 parking spots.

Striping Party at Fairview Park. Whoever brought the decomposed granite the last time can you pick up some white paint? Everyone be sure to wear your white hoodies! Fitzy bring the alcohol.

8/17/2013 01:03:00 PM  
Blogger kwahlf said...

either you just signed on to Geoff's blog which I doubt or you aren't paying attention.

I have explained more than a few times who BOMOPs is and what it is- an acronym for
Boy Of Multiple Online Personalities (disorder).
That would be Riggy & Co.'s head troll here.

Write it down so you don't forget.

8/17/2013 01:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Apples and Oranges said...

I sure hope the big news is that this blog is going mainstream. It is the only place to you can get the full story.
The Daily Pilot has become more of a mouth piece for the city than a journalistic paper. The information from city hall, although claimed transparent, is really only transparency for what they want to release.

I also have been reading, in regards to the recent CMCEA contract, a lot about how the average Costa Mesa income figures (which by the way vary greatly from claims of $38,000 to $68,000) should dictate how much we pay our city employees. They are also used to attack our city employees as greedy and overpaid.

There is so much that is faulty with this reasoning. First is, if you base all city employees salaries everywhere on the average of that city, think about what that would do? Huge problems arise. If Costa Mesa pays its engineers less than Newport because the average household salary in Costa Mesa is less then who is going to get and keep the best qualified for those positions? Are we saying Costa Mesa deserves less paid, less qualified and less experienced people because the average base Costa Mesa salary is lower than Newport?

Second is if you look at that base salary average comparison it is very misrepresentative of the reality and the big picture. The types of jobs that are included in the Costa Mesa averages include a higher number of lower skilled and less education requirement jobs than the city requires. This skews that number greatly.

There are no dishwashers or fry cooks being paid for those duties at the city. Those are honorable jobs but the fact is they a lower paid jobs and skew the numbers.

What we do have at the city for CMCEA covered workers, and its very interesting some of it, are many highly skilled positions that require more education and experience than the average worker living in Costa Mesa.

CMCEA has about 180 current employees.

About 44 of those are interestingly enough from the Police Department. There are supervisors, specialist, investigators, custody officers and records. These are the bulk of them.

About 25 are various engineers and planners related positions.

About 22 from IT and Finance. Specialists, supervisors and analysts.

17 appears to be the number from Communications or dispatch.

Maintenance is around 36 positions and includes the mechanics, senior staff, supervisiors and the leads.

Then there are many I couldn't figure out where they go.
1 Fire Protection, 6 code enforcement, 2 video, 4 office specialists, 1 graphics, 1 misc. executive secretary, 1 building tech., 6 admin secretaries and some others.

The numbers are probably off just a bit because I took them from the 2012 PDF on the city's webpage and some positions people left and some were filled and it was hard to pinpoint those that were filled, left vacant or what. But it's going to show basically the same information that the city's needs are for higher educated and experienced people on a much greater percentage than what is included in the average wages of Costa Mesa residents.

So as you can see it's disingenuous to compare the average salary of Costa Mesa or any cities residents to their city workers average. But the numbers because of education, experience and type of jobs is always skewed and that drives some to hate and anger of others. It is used because it works for them and their agenda.

The salaries and benefits should be sustainable and within reason and that should be the debate and not this misleading attempt to create hate and anger.

8/17/2013 03:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Just Curious said...

Another thought on the subject of salaries and benefits is if for some reason the City is able to implement those drastic compensation cuts for general employees, what about the executive staff (managers and directors)? From what I get tell they are unrepresented. Most are highly educated with advanced degrees. I believe only Tom Hatch and maybe Rick Francis have an actual employee contract. Hatch for example may of agreed to some concessions for an increase in salaries, but he would get a huge severance package if he left the city. I can't imagine the executive staff having to agree to what is being offered the general employees? Other than police, fire and Hatch who have separate agreements, do the managers and department heads have to agree to the same cuts presented to the general employees? At my company, executives and managers get a much different compensation package than hourly and front line employees. Because of their increase level of responsibility and knowledge, they get more perks. All of them can cash out their sick and vacation when they leave or they can roll it into their 401K. I am just curious because I am not familiar with the rules for government employees not represented by a union.

8/17/2013 04:23:00 PM  

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