Friday, July 19, 2013

Moorlach's Pension Dance

Almost everyone who opens their eyes in the morning these days is aware of the difficulties most governmental entities face with the looming pension crisis.  In Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer has used it as a cudgel to bludgeon us during almost every meeting.

The Pension Oversight Committee, stacked with several of Righeimer's pals, continues their exercise in futility - they can do NOTHING about municipal pensions except worry about them like the rest of us.  They have, though, recently heard a primer on Municipal Bankruptcy, conducted by one of their members - Rick Kapko - who apparently has expertise in bankruptcies.  One could probably accurately assume that our Mayor is laying the groundwork for a bankruptcy action for Costa Mesa - the ONLY real way to resolve the unfunded pension liability obligation that exists in a timely manner.

Then, today, Norberto Santana, Jr., over at the Voice Of OC presents us with an interesting essay regarding our termed-out supervisor, John Moorlach, and his personal waltz with pensions as a county employee.  Read it HERE.

In my view, although I'm not happy he's so tightly snuggled up to the OC GOP power elite, Moorlach has done a pretty good job as a public servant.  However, he seems now to be  trapped in that quagmire and is looking for another seat when the music stops in November, 2014.  Read the Voice of OC piece and see if you think Moorlach's pension situation squares with the position of his other OC GOP pals.

You know, you just couldn't make this stuff up!

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Anonymous Naught said...

I like the Voice of OCEA. They present a perspective that supports unions. They are funded by unions. We need more of that

7/19/2013 05:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Somethings outta whack! said...

So Moorlach gets a tax payer sponsored 401K and a 2.7 @ 55 pension and they said he doesn't pay a dime except for the retroactive enhancement. This is the pension reformer attacking 70K a year public employees who most I know get 2.5 @ 55 and no 401K sponsored by the taxpayers.

"However, by some estimates (figuring his pension plus a taxpayer-funded 401(k)-type retirement account since 1995), he is likely to end up with a retirement payout eerily close to what a public safety officer would receive after a three-decade career."

7/19/2013 08:32:00 PM  
Anonymous The Rich Always want More said...

Lets no forget that this is the same Moorlach that went after the OC Sheriffs Department for their pensions, and after he was told many times by many lawyers that he would lose and waste a ton of the taxpayers money doiung so, he went out and lost a ton of the taxpayers money. There must be something in these hard core OCGOP members blood that makes them tune out good judgement and like to waste the peoples money.

7/20/2013 12:07:00 PM  
Anonymous total cost matters said...

how many moorlachs are there we are paying this rate to? and how many cops? which group costs the most?

7/21/2013 07:27:00 AM  
Anonymous question 4 ya said...

Why is the Committee more worried about the health of pensions than employees and public safety?

7/21/2013 02:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Heart for Costa Mesa said...

Total cost, you are comparing apples to orangutans. Totally different groups. I’m not denying that pensions need adjusting in the public sector, but get real, one group protects our lives and controls crime in this City as well as they can with the limited resourced they have been allotted. The other doesn't put their lives on the line yet adds a big expensive layer that makes Big Government BIGGER. I thought you GOP fringe faction followers were against big government. In your little corner of the GOP is independent thinking forbidden?

Both groups get Cadillac pensions. Maybe there's a reasonable way to approach pension reform without the extreme and polarizing failed tactics of the local control-freaks. For that to work we need to vote reasonable people into office.

Moorlach used to have my highest esteem. But now…just another opportunistic politician. How contradictory that he should lose millions of Orange County taxpayers’ money trying to trim public safety pensions while he got just as juicy a deal. There is some justification for providing early retirement for public safety. Firefighters and cops are pretty worn out at 55. Is the Supervisors’ work so strenuous and stressful that they are physically burned out at 57?

FYI you don’t have a lock on all our brains and you sure don’t speak for all of us. A lot of us Republicans aren’t baugh sheep.

7/21/2013 02:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Dump him now said...

Total Cost: what a stupid thing to say. If one government pension is too much, then they are all too much. One cannot logically or ethically argue that "theirs" is too much, but "mine" is okay. That's just hypocritical and sleazy and shows Moorlach for what he is.

7/21/2013 03:42:00 PM  

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