Friday, May 17, 2013

Gary Armstrong To Replace Peter Naghavi***

According to announcements in media from San Benito County, their Director of Planning and Building Inspection Services, Gary Armstrong, has resigned his position to accept the position of Economic And Development Director/Deputy CEO in the City of Costa Mesa, replacing recently-retired icon, Peter Naghavi.

There are two accounts of Armstrong's resignation from San Benito County media, HERE and HERE.  According to those, he has been the Planning Director for San Benito County for three years and has strong ties to Newport Beach.

San Benito County, HERE, and HERE, has a population of around 55,000 people - roughly half the population of Costa Mesa -  and the most populace city is Hollister, which sits astride the San Andreas Fault.

It had been previously announced that Naghavi's replacement would start on June 3, 2013, so we'll just assume that information is accurate.  No information is yet available as to what kind of compensation package Armstrong will receive to take this job.  No one from Costa Mesa government was available for comment.

The City of Costa Mesa announced the hiring of Armstrong in a message Monday, May 20. 2013, HERE.  According to that announcement, Armstrong will earn $177,000 in this new job.  According to CEO Tom Hatch in the announcement, "We are very fortunate to be able to bring someone like Gary on board.  He has the character and experience for the job, in addition to having deep roots in this community.  He's a perfect fit."

As an aside, I attended a social event over the weekend where several attendees knew Armstrong and his family.  I heard nothing but high praise about him at that event.  Everyone was looking forward to re-kindling their old friendships with him and his family.

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Anonymous welcome to hell buddy said...

This poor sap doesnt know what hes getting into. Or perhaps he does and was hand picked by camp riggy. Who in their right mind would work for this city? How the spineless 5th floor crew and those who support riggy sleep at night is beyond comprehension.

Total compensation package: Im going to guess in the neighborhood of $300,000. Since the public can believe a maintenance worker makes $100,000, $300,000 for an executive position shouldnt be too hard to swallow.

5/19/2013 09:10:00 PM  
Anonymous one poor sap to another said...

We like it. Haters hating on city employees. No wonder they like Genis leading the charge against city employees

5/20/2013 08:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Heart for Costa Mesa said...

177K a year is not a bad gig. I'd put up with a little heat for that! It's about the same as Lobdell and Joyce are getting, isn't it? I think the position of Economic and Development Director/Deputy CEO carries a lot more responsibility than Lobdell and Joyce have! They got the sweetheart deals and I still can’t figure out why.

5/20/2013 07:31:00 PM  
Anonymous 177k YesMan said...

Wow. He has both deep roots and experience? Can we say 5th floor YesMan?

5/21/2013 06:53:00 AM  
Anonymous 177k YesMan said...

Duh...Lobdell and Joyce do PR for the city right? PR like demonizing city employees and sweeping things like the Huy Pham tragedy under the rug and making bumper stickers. How can that not be important for the 3 boy council?

5/21/2013 06:57:00 AM  
Anonymous needed pieces said...

lobdell and joyce have very important jobs "heart". they serve in a well respected job discipline that every government agency of any size has. their salaries are in line with what the positions pay elsewhere.

5/21/2013 07:22:00 AM  
Anonymous 5th Floor = $$$ said...

@ needed pieces-- they may serve an important role and are paid in line with similar positions in other Cities, but i'm sure that those other positions weren't just handed out and given to them as political favors.

Lobdell was brought in the back door of City Hall and given a nice salary and benefits package right before all the new pension formulas went into effect for new employees.

5/21/2013 09:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Common Sense said...

"Lobdell was brought in the back door of City Hall and given a nice salary and benefits package right before all the new pension formulas went into effect for new employees."

Lobdell is one of only a few local media people with the skills to expose government excesses. Not a coincidence that Team Piggy got him on board.

Fitzy was second choice but his tongue got stuck on Jimbo's boot.

5/21/2013 10:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Who all went to Vegas? said...

Sure is a lot of back door action on the 5tu floor...

5/27/2013 08:08:00 PM  

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