Sunday, March 31, 2013

Short Council Agenda Tuesday

It looks like the Costa Mesa City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd, may be a short one.  The agenda is small and (knock on wood) none of the items appear to be terribly controversial.  You can read the agenda HERE.

The Consent Calendar has three items - two warrants and a report on the plans for the city's 60th Anniversary celebration.  Unless someone "pulls" an item for separate discussion they will be voted upon as a whole.  Actually, the 60th Anniversary report is pretty interesting, HERE.  In it there's a discussion of conceptual plans, a resolution designating street closures for the kick-off event, approval of sale and consumption of alcohol and fireworks permits.

The only Public Hearing on the agenda is the appeal of a planning application for a project at 1259 Victoria Street, which replaces an existing church with a 17-unit detached residential common interest development. HERE.  Some of the units have only 6 inches between them!

There is one Old Business item - the second reading of the new ordinance on Camping and Storage of Personal Property, HERE.  The staff report outlines eleven (11) significant changes to the municipal code as it pertains to this issue.  Click on the link to read those changes.

The final item on the agenda is New Business #1, Selection of Supportive Housing Team, HERE.  The staff report provides a comprehensive analysis of each entity that was considered to be part of this operation.  The upshot is that the "staff recommends that the City Council select the development team comprised of Wakeland Housing and Mercy House Living Centers to assist the City and Housing Authority in providing permanent supportive housing to the Costa Mesa homeless population."  It's going to be interesting to see where this "team" goes with this assignment.  For example, where will they propose permanent supportive housing for homeless folks be located?  Might it be at the location of one or more "problem motels"?  You know - those places that might be subject to "node zoning" - a special, specific set of zoning rules for each of the nearly one dozen of those places.  Might the council try to use eminent domain to run some of those places out of business under the guise that "supportive housing" qualifies as a municipal use for the greater good?  And, you recall that Mayor Jim Righeimer was on the board of Mercy House for years... not that it necessarily means anything now.

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Blogger Gericault said...

On the artist rendering for the Victoria Street project , they've used some, lets call it "artistic license". They show a thirty foot block retaining wall looming over the sidewalk yet it seems in the rendering to be made out of sod. I wonder what it would really look like.

4/01/2013 09:17:00 AM  

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