Wednesday, February 13, 2013

May He Burn In Hell!

A little after midnight Wednesday, February 13, 2013 the Orange County Register updated their story on Christopher Jordan Dorner by stating that the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department reported that charred human remains were found in the cabin that burned to the ground this afternoon in which Dorner was presumed holed-up.  You can read that story HERE.

We can only hope that, in fact, Dorner was in that cabin yesterday.  I watched the news coverage of the remarkable events yesterday off and on - I had to attend the council study session late in the afternoon, just as the reports of his probable demise were coming in.  More shoot-outs, including one unbelievable video scene where automatic rifles were reproducing scenes from an action movie.  You can read all about the day in the Register article - and thousands of other reports throughout the internet.

Sadly, Dorner took the life of another law enforcement officer - a San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff was killed in the cabin shoot out and one of his comrades in arms was wounded and is under care at Loma Linda University Hospital.

Does this mean an end to this week of terror in southern California, where every police officer was on edge and members of the LAPD law enforcement family were ALL in fear for their lives?  I guess we'll have to wait for the identification of the charred remains from the fire.  I hope so.

This has been such a terrible 10 days in the lives of southern California law enforcement personnel - many of whom are my friends - that when I heard the cabin was on fire my immediate reaction was, "Good!  Throw some more wood on that fire!"  I don't apologize for that reaction.  Regardless what may have triggered Dorner to snap, his senseless slaughter of innocent people and his cowardly murdering of police officers is inexcusable.  May he roast in the fires of hell...

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