Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dorner Demise Update

The Orange County Register updated their story on the probable demise of Chris Dorner this morning with news that his ID has been found in the burned-out house.  Read it HERE.  Positive identification of the remains in the house is still pending.

A couple very fascinating video clips have surfaced in the wake of the events yesterday.  Matt Drudge included these two on his Twitter feed.  The first, HERE, is a short clip snatched from a live video taken from a KCAL 9 telecast.  The second apparently came from someone monitoring the tactical audio feed, HERE.  The five minute clip puts you right in the heads of the law enforcement personnel as they move to extract Dorner from the cabin.

Recent news reports this morning indicate that some of the protection teams have been removed from some members of the LAPD members mentioned in Dorner's manifesto.  In case you have not read the more than 11,000 word rant, you can do so HERE.  Be warned - parts are pretty frightening, but will help you understand why finding and stopping Dorner was so critical to all southern California law enforcement.  I suspect you'll find the names of those he admired to be very interesting.

So, now we wait - as the funeral service for the first police officer he killed in his murderous spree is about to commence - for the final chapter to close on this tragic event.  It's going to be very interesting to see what kind of changes, if any, are demanded at the LAPD and elsewhere as a result of Dorner's acts.

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Anonymous Rabbit said...

Glad it's over! And glad it won't be long ordeal in The courts,costing us tax payers months and millions!

2/13/2013 10:54:00 AM  
Anonymous sad Tom Egan said...

Re Dorner’s Manifesto:

I read it and I came away with a different picture of him from what the news media has painted. It was eerie to see such an intelligent and rational piece of writing by a man who has been portrayed as a lunatic scumbag.

Overall summary: If only 0.1% of his complaints about the LA Police Dept. are true, then LAPD is one sick and lawless organization. If 100% of his complaints are true, the LA City Council should have the entire command structure of the LAPD fired, and all the rest of the PD requalified.

While his final acts – murdering and wounding humans – are unforgivable and easily labeled, in these days, as deranged and senseless, his writings are not those of a deranged man. And they make a lot of sense. Of course, it’s only his side of the story, so it’s hard to know what is true. But, he freely lists dates, names, even video evidence from his hearing and implores journalists to go to the sources. That certainly lends credence to what he says.

By repeatedly stating that the LAPD stole his honor, leading to the ruination of his life, it’s clear that he saw himself as an honorable man and that meant more than anything to him; an honorable man who blew the whistle on a fellow cop who committed a felony (although nobody else in the establishment, including an Appeals Court, believed him or the video of the kicking victim’s and his father’s testimony).

Because of the slant of the news reporting, I expected to read the rantings of a madman. It turned out to be the final testament of a very smart, savvy, and very, very angry man.

He wrote that he was going to off a bunch of LAPD-related people in order to force the establishment to clean house in the LAPD. He also wrote that he didn’t mind dying because the PD already took his life from him on the day they fired him.

He reminds me of the Tibetan monks who self-immolate to protest political/economic problems. Trouble is, this monk poured gasoline on several other people and set them on fire, too.

2/13/2013 06:31:00 PM  

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